How To Watch PPV On Firestick [Paid and Free]

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Are you excited about the next Royal Rumble in January but can’t get access to the live event, or you’re not sure how to make it work on your device? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you how to watch PPV on Firestick

Pay-per-view events used to be sold by cable operators. If you’re among the 31.2 million US cord-cutters, then you’ll know that now you can watch them on streaming devices like Amazon’s Firestick. You might just not know how it works. 

Here’s how to do it.

Why Are PPV Events Excluded from a Normal Streaming Service Subscription?

Pay-per-view events include exclusive sports events such as combat sports, promotional fights between celebrities, and popular sporting events. PPVs are like your tickets to live games in an arena. To gain access to feeds of events like NBA games, Wrestlemania, NFL games, or the Super Bowl, you need to pay

To stream a single PPV event, you’ll generally have to pay $55 to $60, and if the event is more popular, the price will be even higher. These exclusive events are blocked for regular subscribers who still need to pay extra to access PPV content. And what’s the reason for these additional steep prices?

Large sports events can be extremely expensive to organize. As such, broadcasters can’t afford to include them in a normal monthly subscription. There are also advertising and other production costs that need to be covered. Network providers can’t make profits if they air these fights with just your monthly subscription and must thus distribute them via PPV. 

How To Watch PPV on Firestick

You can’t simply buy the PPV and play it on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. First, you’ll need to download and install the relevant app on the device. Most streaming services have their own apps available on the Amazon Appstore. Open it, search for the app you want, and you’ll be able to download it to your Firestick.

Next, visit the company site to buy the PPV event. Open your Firestick account to find it. Some apps like FITE TV allow you to buy the event directly through the app. Meanwhile, on other apps, you’ll need first to purchase the PPV from the website.

You’ll also need a stable internet connection to stream the PPV event without any issues.

If you’re not in the US and want to watch the PPV fight, you’ll need to install a VPN on your Firestick. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider and set it up on the Firestick and your computer. This way, you’ll bypass geo-restrictions and connect to one of the servers in the US.

Now you’re ready to enjoy the upcoming PPV event no matter where you are. A VPN will give you a new IP address and encrypt your browsing activities on the Firestick. Not even your ISP will have access to data pertaining to your online activity.

How To Watch Pay-Per-View on Firestick for Free

Are you wondering how to watch pay-per-view fights for free? Here’s how you can do it.

Kodi Addons

Kodi sports add-ons are options that can provide free pay-per-view streams for major events. You can use Kodi on your Firestick to watch sports, movies, TV, and PPV.  First, you need to install the Kodi app on the Firestick.

However, we recommend installing a good VPN, too, because your ISP monitors your online activity. If you watch copyrighted content, you might get into legal trouble.

With Kodi, you can use some of the most popular PPV-featuring add-ons like Mad Titan Sports, FightTube, Purely Wrestling, and more.

Sports Streaming Websites

Another free option to watch PPV on a Firestick is a sports streaming website. It’s an alternative that comes in handy as a last-minute solution if you haven’t tried other options. 

However, they don’t run as smoothly as apps do, and some websites are full of ads and trackers that could pose potential security risks.

Stick to well-known websites like CricHD, YourSports, and FootyBite and look for them using the built-in Amazon Silk web browser, and you won’t have any problems accessing them.

You might be interested in: Best sites to stream UFC.

Free Live TV Apps

Another way to watch PPV for free on a Firestick is to use one of the hundreds of free live TV apps available online. These apps can provide live channels and free PPV on your Firestick. However, they’re sometimes unreliable and known for distracting buffering, but they’re a good backup choice. 

Some of the most popular free live TV apps include Swift Streamz, TVTap Pro, LiveNet TV, Ola TV, HD Streamz, and many others.

Best Apps To Watch PPV on Firestick

Most of the streaming services and apps allow you to easily access PPV events on Amazon’s device. Here’s how to get pay-per-view on Firestick using some of the best apps currently available.


DAZN (pronounced DA-ZONE) is a dedicated streaming service that offers sports content for a minimal fee. It has both live sporting events and an on-demand library of replays and other exclusive content. The main focus is on fighting sports, including boxing and MMA. 

To get access to the content on DAZN, you’ll need to pay $19.99 per month or $149.99 for the annual plan. If you choose the annual plan, you’ll get a full year’s worth of fight nights and sports for about the price of one major PPV event. 

The DAZN app is accessible on a Firestick, and events may be viewed in resolutions up to 1080p. Live streams are available on two devices simultaneously with a single subscription. Besides fighting sports, DAZN offers coverage of soccer, cricket, darts, esports, table tennis, and more.


Showtime is another streaming network that allows you to stream action-packed sports, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more. 

The service offers a variety of sports content, particularly MMA fights and live boxing, which are included in your subscription. In the streaming library, you’ll find a variety of popular original titles and sports documentaries.

Additionally, it also offers PPV content. You don’t need to be a subscriber to get access to PPV events. You need to download the app on your Firestick before the fight, search for the PPV banner on the home page and follow the on-screen instructions to get access to pay-per-view content.

Currently, Showtime has a promotional subscription price of $3.99 a month for six months until January 3, 2023. After this period, it’ll return to $10.99 per month or $99 per year.

The service is available on many TV streaming platforms. It’s only available in the US, but you can always bypass restrictions with the help of a reliable VPN provider.


ESPN+ is a sports streaming service that offers everything from baseball to cricket to MMA. It offers live game coverage, articles, and clips for both the popular sports and the more obscure ones.

It might not provide live coverage of NBA and NFL games, but you can watch MLB and NHL games, lots of soccer, and a bunch of college sports. On top of all this live content, ESPN+ has an extensive collection of on-demand content, including previously aired sporting events and news programs and archives of prestige shows such as 30 for 30 and E:60.

To get ESPN+, you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. If you’re a UFC fan, then you might already have ESPN+ because it includes lots of UFC analyses and news, plus some fights. 

However, there’s a catch. ESPN+ and UFC have an exclusive deal that covers the PPV of the biggest matches. You need to have an ESPN+ subscription to watch them, but they’re not included with your subscription. After you subscribe to ESPN+, you’ll need to pay extra for the PPV event

ESPN+ is available on many platforms, including game consoles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and streaming devices. You can get it directly on your Amazon Firestick without sideloading.


Fite TV is another great way to watch your favorite sports online. It includes boxing, wrestling, MMA, football, and more. If you’re a boxing fan or prefer other combat sports, you should consider subscribing. You can stream a large number of PPV events on Fite, in addition to live sports and over 10,000 hours of free content.

There are several subscription plans, both monthly and annual, in addition to the option to purchase PPVs individually.

For example, Fite+ costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. It offers access to numerous boxing, MMA, wrestling, and related events, including Star Boxing, Celebrity Championship Boxing, Unified MMA, Top Rank, and Shamrock.

Additionally, you have on-demand access to select pay-per-view events 30 days after initial airing without additional cost. Your subscription also includes $2 in credits every month that go towards live PPVs. You can get the Fite app on the Amazon Appstore and purchase PPVs from the dedicated section. 

As long as you’ve paid for the PPV event and the service you’re using to stream PPV on Firestick is official and legitimate, then it’s 100% legal.

However, if you decide to watch PPV events through unofficial and free sources, the situation is different. You might be exposed to risks if your chosen sources don’t have proper licensing for broadcasting the event in question. 

So, do you need a VPN for watching PPV on Firestick? In the second scenario, where your sources aren’t authentic and verified, it’s definitely a good idea to protect yourself and your streaming activities with a VPN

Bottom Line

Pay-per-view events can be watched on your Firestick using many streaming apps, such as Showtime and ESPN+, if you decide to stream them through official platforms. You can always choose the free options, but then you should also use a reliable VPN provider to avoid legal troubles and potential security risks.


What sports are commonly covered via PPV?

PPV commonly focuses on live event programs and combat sports, including boxing, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling.

Is there a pay-per-view option in multiple languages?

Some premium live events have multi-language support available on Amazon Fire TV and other apps. You just need to check the language settings in the app you use.

What websites can I watch PPV on without signing up?

If you’re wondering how to watch PPV on a Firestick without signing up for a service, there’s a number of sports streaming sites you can try, and a few good ones are Stream2watch, VIPRow, FootyBite, LiveTV, and Fromhot. Remember to use a VPN when you stream.


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