30+ Awesome Instagram Usernames Ideas To Make You Stand Out

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Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Did you know that Instagram founders planned to call the network Codename?

For me, codename is literary the point of Instagram usernames. Haven’t you asked yourself why all Instagram usernames are so unique? It has something to do with codes.

Just like you cannot write the same code twice, Instagram usernames are one of a kind. Once you create it – it’s yours for life.

But selecting the right username is not that easy. That’s why we created a list of ideas for Instagram usernames to help you out.

What are Instagram Usernames?

Everyone has a creative soul deep inside. Instagram is one of the places where we realize that. When people create Instagram Stories and pictures, some take a lot into consideration – from aesthetically pleasing feeds to sassy captions. Others even consider the best time to post to get the most views.

But, it all starts with finding the perfect Instagram username. And it’s not a cakewalk because most of the cool Instagram usernames are already taken!

Instagram user and display names aren’t the same thing.

The display name appears under your profile icon. It doesn’t have to be unique, but you can capitalize it, leave spaces, and add special characters or emojis such as a flag or a heart.

Instagram usernames, also known as handles, are the names that identify your account, link to your profile, and convey your personality to your followers. It appears at the top of your profile. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 non-case-sensitive characters. You can use letters, periods, numbers, and underscores. You cannot include special characters or other punctuation marks.

A piece of cake, right?

But, is it really?

Actually, the best usernames for Instagram shouldn’t use:

  • Dots
  • Numbers
  • Or underscores

Which leaves us just the letters!

And it’s better if you keep it as short as possible and even avoid consecutive vowels. 

So, the “new rule” for clever Instagram names is: Be very creative with letters! It’s like playing Scrabble with your actual name, that of your company, or the thing you’re going to share.

Why Is Your Instagram Username Important?

Some people don’t care what their handle will be and go with the first one suggested – usually a combination of their first and last names.

However, selecting good Instagram names can greatly impact your account engagement.

This year, more than two million advertisers used Instagram to drive business results. So choosing the right username for your business is of utmost importance. Instagram is the place where people come across and follow various brands.

If your company’s Insta has a catchy handle, followers can:

  • Easily find your content
  • Track you down on other platforms
  • Tag you for word-of-mouth marketing
  • Recognize your brand

A creative Instagram username is a powerful tool that businesses use to boost brand awareness.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so use it wisely. 

What Makes An Instagram Username Good?

As I mentioned, good Insta names are probably already taken, so you need to be creative when thinking of yours.

We’ve prepared a list of tips for you to follow when doing so:

  • Think about the type of your Instagram account:

  • Personal: If you want to use it for following someone and not so much about being followed, then a combination of your name and surname should be enough. However, if you want to make a brand of yourself, then again, use your personal name or a shortened version.

See how celebrity Johanatan Van Ness has picked an acronym (@jvn) instead of his full name. It’s a great alternative if your name is already taken. Such short variations can create some cool Instagram names.

  • Business: Your username should be relevant so people can easily associate it with your brand. You would want to be recognizable and relatable. So, if you put random words in your username, people will think you’re unprofessional. The name of your brand and just another keyword related to your business are enough.
  • Curation:  Profiles that share specific content should choose a relevant username. If you plan to post healthy food and your handle is @afashionnerd, then you’ve made a mistake. People will instantaneously hit the unfollow button because they expect fashionable outfits, not a smoothie recipe.

The profile @healthyish.healthyish saw that the name was already in use and decided to write it twice. And, of course, it posts only sugar-free desserts.

  • Make sure your username is simple

Less is more. This is applicable when choosing the best usernames for Instagram accounts. People will easily remember yours if it’s:

  • Short – you don’t have to use the maximum of 30 characters. If you get a longer handle with numbers and underscores, it might be difficult for people to tag you.
  • Unique – avoid underscores and dots unless they’re part of your name. Be as creative as possible with your words.
  • On-topic – use words that people can associate with your brand.
  • Use keywords related to your niche

Are you going to use your profile to post niche-specific content? If that’s the case, then using the most obvious and direct word that comes to your mind is probably the best option. In this situation, you’re using a keyword relevant to your audience. You can spice it up with your brand’s name or some adjective.

For instance, if you want to sell your own clothes, the words “clothes”, “apparel”, or “fashion” should be part of your username. The profile @seta_apparel added just the brand’s name and a word related to their niche. People can easily find it in the search results. 

  • Try to be consistent across all platforms

Most people use multiple social media platforms. If you own a website with your brand name, try to synchronize all your other accounts. Your brand’s identity should be recognizable and professional.

If your followers locate you on one platform, they expect to find you under the same name (or something similar) on another. In addition, they’d be able to tag you more easily.

  • Make your username harmonious and memorable

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought! When brainstorming Insta username ideas, always remember what Albert Einstein said. There would be tons of pages that have the same content as you.

But your username should fit your identity.

It should be fun and easy to remember. Moreover, it should contain at least one word that matches your content.

Best Instagram Username Ideas 

In a world of sameness, everyone wants to stand out. You can achieve that by choosing a good Insta name.

We want to help you in that quest by listing some suggestions for the best Instagram names.

  • @another_braid

Nice way to put a keyword of your niche in your username but not an ordinary one but another one.

  • @wolfcubwolfcub

In just a few characters, this memorable Instagram username perfectly embodies power and freedom.

  • @queerbrownvegan

A strange combination of adjectives explains the identity of this Instagrammer.

  • @accidentalinfluencer

The name is intriguing enough to make you open the profile and “accidentally” find out more about this person and their journey on Instagram.

  • @iamwellandgood

Creative Instagram names often have a full sentence that’s simple and unique. This username is positive and inviting.

  • @doyoulovethe2000s

An example of how asking a question in your Instagram username can draw potential followers in and make them say “Yes! That’s me!”

  • @whowhatwear

Excellent use of alliteration to create a compelling Instagram username.

  • @sincerelyjules

It’s like signing off your letter, but users are compelled to first open up your profile to “read the message”.

  • @ihavethisthingwithceramics

A memorable Instagram username that perfectly summarizes what the account is all about.

  • @girlwithnojob

This is a great Insta handle that reveals the nature of its posts. The content is humorous, which is a perfect match for the name itself.  

Cool Instagram Names

We’re always attracted by cool people in the real world. Coming across a witty and memorable Instagram profile is a real treasure. Here’s a list of cool Instagram names that can inspire you to think outside the box. 

  • @textsfromyourex

This account uses a half-rhyme to instantly summarise the content they post — which makes for a memorable Insta name.

  • @latenightsinthecity

The cool vibe this profile has is evident from the name. 

  • @coyoteflowers

Just like a bouquet of buttercups (Coyote’s eyes) says “I am dazzled by your charms”, this Instagrammer dazzles you with their cool name.

  • @iblamejordan

A fierce and boyish Instagram handle that’s perfect for when your name is already taken.

  • @thefeedfeed

This memorable username provides content on food. It also has feeds with delicious recipes. How ingenious!

  • @ihateblonde

Especially when you’re a blonde. And they don’t really hate blondes; they just want people to visit their profile and find out what’s behind that bold statement.

  • @ssense

When the name of your brand is already taken, you can create something that sounds the same when pronounced.

  • @scarymommy

Mommies aren’t usually scary, but this one for sure is scarier than others. This profile has the perfect Insta name. It attracts your interest and draws in followers.

  • @snarkitecture

A cool name for your business, not just an Instagram username.

  • @jimsandkittys

This is a fun name if two people share the same account. 

Cute Instagram Names

The name of your Instagram account can be refreshing and cute enough to hook audiences to your profile. With our list of Instagram usernames ideas, you can have a cuteness overload. Take a look for yourself. 

  • @saltsandandsmoothies

Another alliteration and nice nouns in the handle to make you follow the profile. This name instantly takes you to the beach.

  • @hazelandpine

A combination of words that have a different meaning but, when connected with a linking word, make one cute username for Instagram.

  • @kissesandmartini

Who wouldn’t want to be kissed? And have a martini in between or after that? Bingo! You’ve got yourself one of the best Instagram names

  • @blousesandhouses

Rhyming words is always the winning combination. What’s more, two words that aren’t usually related sound cuter.

  • @twinsforfashion

What an interesting way to show the audience what your content will be, plus showing you’re not one of a kind!

  • @randomactsofpastel

The combination of color and words in this name sparks images of romance and spontaneity. Many nice Ig names use some color. What’s yours?

  • @forgoodluck

This positive and memorable Instagram name perfectly matches the profile’s content but not in the most direct way. 

  • @isntitdarling

A catchy name that melts your heart when someone tells it to you.

  • @booksandpeonies

Books and flowers are always romantic. This name will make you smile when you see it.

  • @moonjuice

When your cosmetics collection has this name, then your handle is already a brand. It’s catchy and attractive.

Fun Insta Names

Stay foolish to stay sane. Most unique Instagram names are hilarious and witty. We need to use every opportunity to give someone the giggles. Hence, our collection of funny Instagram names can make your day!

  • @eatingupwiththehanashians

This funny Instagram username is very similar to the cultural phenomenon but is way more creative. It reveals the content they post and the name of the sisters who run the business. 

  • @arianagrandesponytail

Since Ariana Grande is one of the most followed celebrities, putting another word next to her name attracts attention. This strange extra word adds a hilarious note to this Instagram account. 

  • @ineed2p

This username is not insulting at first glance. It’s just 2 clever and funny.

  • @shaquilleoatmeal

When your name is similar to a celebrity’s, why don’t you make an interesting combination that sounds like a famous name? That’s what we mean when talking about creative Instagram names.

  • @loli.ate.your.cat

This clever username used a simple sentence that’s untrue but very funny.

  • @unfinished_sentenc

How clever not to finish the word when your username is an unfinished sentence.

  • @regina_phalange

Do you remember Phoebe Buffay’s fake name? Why not use it as your Instagram handle?

  • @adistraction

A powerful username for a brand, but funny enough to make you follow it when you see it.

  • @i.drink.chocolate.milk

A funny, simple sentence is always a nice username. You can create good Insta names with simple and often meaningless sentences.

  • @pnut

Finding the short way to write a word you like, but is already taken, is both funny and clever. 

Wrap up

Well, now that you’ve looked at our ideas for Instagram usernames, you’re more than ready to start telling your story.

Instagram usernames are the cover of your book. If people like it, the chances of buying it are greater.

Don’t be lazy and rack your brain just a little bit!


Velina Nenova

Velina Nenova

Velina describes herself as passionate media savvy and a versatile individual with numerous different interests, most a result of her Media & Communications BA. She has also developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing and Advertising. Her never-ending desire to constantly learn new things and enrich herself and her ultimate dream to go around the globe before 45 are her driving forces.

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