Things that Happen on the Internet Every 60 Seconds in 2023

Teodora Dobrilova
Teodora Dobrilova

Updated · Jan 12, 2023


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Wait a minute.

(No, that’s not a Bruno Mars song.)

While you’re waiting, let me tell you what happens in that minute.

By the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, the world will have changed subtly, but irrevocably.

There will be 267 babies born worldwide, 2 auto thefts committed in the USA, and 116 people will get married around the globe. That’s just in the real world, though.

Now let’s talk about what happens on the internet in real-time for the same time period.

  • Currently, there are 4.45 billion users on the internet and the number grows every second.
  • There are 3.8 million searches made on Google.
  • People create 380 websites.
  • 400 new users make an account on Facebook.
  • People send 41.6 million messages on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Twitter accounts generate 87,500 tweets.
  • Users upload 100 hours of new video material on YouTube.

A minute might seem like a second when you’re having fun with your friends.

A minute might seem like an eternity when you’re doing exercises at the gym.

A minute might change your life. It might not.

But it surely changes the internet scenery a lot. For example, for the minute it took you to read those sentences, 380 new websites came into existence.

Right now, there are around 4.45 billion internet users. Wanna see what they can do in just a minute?

For your entertainment and mine, coming up next is a lot of fascinating information about what happens on the internet in 60 seconds.

Ready to see the life on the internet in real-time?


Get your snorkel and let’s dive straight in the vast ocean of internet statistics.

Search engines

Have you ever paid attention to how many times a day you open Google? Or how many search inquiries you make?

Let’s check together.


People perform 3.8 million Google searches for a minute. Bet most people use search engines to check words they’re not sure how to spell.

I am most people.


What exactly are they looking for? Well, the keywords most often entered are “facebook”, “youtube” and “amazon”. At least it’s not ‘google’, I suppose.

Google also acquires around 240 new users for sixty seconds. It also gets around 4,320 unique visitors in the same timeframe.

It probably knows everything about them.

Finally, if that’s not enough, it earns $128,234 in revenue for only a minute.

It’s no wonder it’s the biggest search engine.


There are approximately 352,134 searches made on Yahoo for a minute.

While there seems to be no information online about what they are, it wouldn’t be a shock if they’re about Facebook and YouTube too.

Yahoo gets around 4,680 visitors every minute, while it earns $9,452 in revenue for sixty seconds.

It’s not quite on Google’s level, but still impressive.


There are approximately 574,026 search queries on Bing every 60 seconds. The top three searches there are “facebook”, “youtube”, and, ironically, “google”.

Do people use Bing as spell check too?  Guess we’ll never know. What we do know is Bing earns $7, 812 for a minute.

Which makes me wonder about...


For a minute, there are approximately 188,621 searches made on Yandex.

Pierogi recipes maybe?

Kidding, kidding.

There are also 10,527 emails sent and 105,028 emails received in the course of sixty seconds.

Apparently, a lot happens in internet communication in real time. Humanity struggles to stay quiet even online.

Okay, we covered search engines. How about we move on to something else?

Cloud storages

These days more and more businesses are relying on clouds to store their information. Same goes for regular Joes and Janes. Just think about how many of your photos are stored on clouds.

Let’s see what is happening on the internet right now cloud-wise.


There are approximately 101,270 files shared on Dropbox for a minute.

8,479 files are being uploaded and 24, 400 edited for the same time frame.

One new user signs up for Dropbox in every 60 seconds.

They earn $976 in revenue every minute.

Google Drive

According to internet usage statistics, Google Drive makes $773 in revenue for a minute.

It acquires 120 new customers in the same time frame.


iCloud makes sales for up to $695 a minute.

It also reminds me to update stuff around 4312 times every ten seconds. And I ignore those reminders every single time. But I digress...

61 new users sign up for iCloud every minute. More people to ignore the update reminders, yay.

Every sixty seconds, it earns around $7, 869.

Social media

Do you know how many people are on social media currently?

Wanna see what they do online in real time?


There are 1 million people logging onto Facebook every minute. For that same minute, there are 400 new users registering on the platform.

Funnily enough, people tend to claim it’s the young generation that’s addicted to Facebook. Recent research, however, shows most teenagers are actually abandoning the platform.

That doesn’t really mean Facebook is turning into a content desert. In fact, the ones still using it seem to be having a blast.

211,792 - the number of photos uploaded on Facebook every minute. 4,201,362 posts get likes in only sixty seconds.

Well, Facebook might not be the trendiest social media right now, but those numbers sure aren’t humble.

Let’s move on.


347,222 people are scrolling Instagram every minute. So worry not, people will see the photo of your cat.

And if you’re wondering - the number of visitors probably doubles around lunchtime, which is the best time to post on Instagram.


Internet live stats can make you think weird thoughts.

Have you heard about the thought experiment regarding observation and perception? It raises a simple question.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

To put that in Instagram words - if you eat delicious lunch and don’t post about it on social media, does it really count? Or something to that effect. Feel free to get creative with this analogy.

It seems a lot of people have taken this philosophy to heart.

So many, that there are approximately 44,469 new photos uploaded on Instagram. Every minute.

It’s no wonder Instagram’s generates $2,867 in revenue for the same amount of time.

Finally, every minute, 244 new users sign up for the platform. Each of them eager to contribute to those numbers.

I am thrilled to watch even more people become obsessed with Instagram. So is Mark Zuckerberg probably.


We all have opinions and we all love sharing them. That’s why Twitter was created.

Oh, wasn’t it? Well then, look at how the tables have turned.

87,500 users tweet in a minute.

That’s not all.

122 new users create accounts.

The microblogging platform is getting more and more popular, which leads to greater ad revenue. Right now it’s at $4,982 every sixty seconds.


Tumblr might as well be the millennials’ way to create an alternative universe.

The platform gets around 243 new users a minute. The userbase creates 121 new blogs for the same amount of time.

Although there is a noticeable decline in active users after Verizon Media bought it, there is still an impressive number of posts being published every minute - 37,329.

You can never tame fangirls. Or censor their internet activity. Especially when it comes to making TV show GIF sets or writing slash fanfiction.

With the recent changes made in the site policy and the ban on some erotic images, it is expected that the user base will continue to decrease. Kids these days seem very attached to their NSFW content.

Still, for now, Tumblr’s revenue continues to be at $182 a minute, so let’s avoid being too worried about them.


Approximately 105,896 people are using Snapchat every minute. 2.1 million Snaps are created in the same timeframe.

You know there are three types of selfies - the ones you send your best friends, the ones that go to your significant other, and those that shall never be seen by anyone else but you. That could be why only 534,357 Snaps actually get shared. You do the math how many Snaps were from that third type.

As a sidenote, I also wonder how many users abuse the filter with the dog ears...

It’s not only photos though. Snapchat users watch more than 4 million videos every minute.

Those numbers are, of course, bound to change as every minute, 24 new users sign up for Snapchat.

Video Streaming Services

Video streaming is getting more and more popular. As for December 2019, SVoD segment come to around 120 million actively paying customers. According to Statista, a share of 57% of video streaming services users are 25-44 years old.


Did you know it takes the world just a minute to watch 4.5 million videos? That’s mind-blowing.

Not only that, but users upload 100 hours of new material on YouTube in just sixty seconds.

It’s not only musicians and influencers - we’re talking all users.

That shouldn’t be this surprising, given the fact that I’ve been on the dark side of YouTube. Oh, the weird things my eyes have seen…

Still cringing internally. Anyway, moving on.

For a minute, YouTube generates $7,838. And just for fun - every minute, Gangnam Style gets 1,213 views.


Every 60 seconds, there are 694,444 hours of content on Netflix.

Have you ever sat on your sofa, surrounded by food and had Netflix ask you if you’re still watching? If not, it’s probably because you have some self-control and don’t binge watch shows like it’s your job.

Or you just don’t have Netflix. If it’s the second one, I suggest you join those 182 million subscribers and enjoy the best streaming service out there. Who needs a social life anyway?

This could be why Netflix generates $14 every sixty seconds.


Gotta give it to Disney, these days they’re literally everywhere.  They even have a share of Hulu.

Every 60 seconds, 6 new users sign up for Hulu. They earn $3, 070 in the same timeframe. Given their recent deal with Lionsgate, that number is surely going to grow.

Amazon Prime

We cannot not mention Amazon Prime when talking about video streaming services.

For every minute, Amazon Prime generates $5, 755 in revenue. In the same time, 30 new users sign up for the service. Most probably to watch “Good Omens”.


On HBO Go you can find record-breaking hits, such as “Game of Thrones” and “Chernobyl.”

So it isn’t really this surprising that their revenue grows by $9, 091 every sixty seconds. The platform generates $3, 869 in revenue for the same amount of time.

HBO might not exactly be the leader of the pack, but we can’t deny that it’s given us quite a few quality shows to enjoy.

Text messages and emails

Еvery minute, the world sends an average of 18.1 million text messages. On top of that, another 41.6 million texts sent every sixty seconds on WhatsApp and Messenger combined.

Face it.

Millennials and the younger generations just hate talking on the phone. We even refuse to ring on doorbells. We just text ‘Here” and that’s about it.

Besides, texting lets you hold numerous conversations at once. Can you imagine talking to ten people at the same time on the phone? A nightmare, truly.

Also, texts are quite easier to ignore when you’re not in the mood.


Another interesting fact is that for every 60 seconds, people send 188 emails. I’m pretty sure most of them start with “As per my last email…”


So. That’s the internet in 60 seconds for you.

As we can see, the internet landscape is ever-changing. The web looks tangibly different now than it did when you started reading this article.

While it might be difficult to keep up with everything that happens on the internet in real time, hopefully, I’ve managed to uncover the secrets of how fast online numbers are growing.


Teodora Dobrilova

Teodora Dobrilova

Teodora devoted her whole life to words – reading, writing and trying to be original on social media. She got certified in digital marketing but still feels she’s not cool enough to be an influencer. (We all disagree – she influences the team pretty well.) She finished a master’s degree focused in Literature, Publishing, Mass Media. Her hobbies include traveling, and reading. Teddy hopes that yoga will be the thing to finally teach her some patience and show her the path toward world domination. Maybe modern tech can also help her with that.

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