Know the Risk: Is 9AnimeTV Legal in the US?

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Platforms charge $6 to $15 per month for subscriptions. With such prices, most anime viewers turn to websites like 9AnimeTV.

Unfortunately, 9AnimeTV is illegal and has no distributing license, but it is one of the best free streaming websites due to its extensive library. However, some shows on the platform are only available to select countries due to geo-restrictions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the risks of using 9AnimeTV and its legal status in the US.

📝 LEGAL NOTE: Each country has different VPN regulations. We do not encourage illegal behavior, so check your local laws before using the apps or websites mentioned in this article. 


🔑 Key Takeaways

  • 9AnimeTV provides a vast library of anime shows, offering a treasure trove of entertainment without subscription fees.
  • While exploring the world of free streaming on 9AnimeTV, it's essential to stay informed about potential security risks, including malware, advertisements, and potential identity theft.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while streaming on 9AnimeTV can enhance security and privacy.

Is It Safe to Watch On 9AnimeTV?

Free streaming sites come with many threats and concerns due to their penchant for containing lots of sketchy ads and, occasionally, malware. Records show that 3.029 million people who streamed using illegal sites were hacked. Unfortunately, an additional 5 million became victims of identity theft

9AnimeTV itself is a safe platform to use. However, with many mirror sites popping out of nowhere, it is still possible to come across potential threats. 

Below are some factors to consider before using 9AnimeTV:




Free streaming sites often come with malware and viruses. 90% of Windows computers are especially vulnerable to varying malware since there are more devices with this operating system. 

Antivirus software can help protect your computer, but choose one that gives the most protection. 


You will encounter many advertisements when using free sites. Unfortunately, ads usually ruin the viewing experience. 

Over 763.6 million use them monthly, so you can go ahead and install one yourself for a good streaming experience.

Identity Theft

Some websites try to deceive users by posing as 9AnimeTV and stealing their information. 

Remember that you can watch on 9AnimeTV without providing personal information or credit card details.


Hosting copyrighted content is illegal, but viewers are not at risk of legal consequences as long as they don't download illegal files. 

In the US, unauthorized streaming is not generally prosecutable. However, viewers should always be cautious and comply with local laws.

Using a VPN when watching videos on 9AnimeTV guarantees higher security. Continue reading to know how. 

👍 Helpful Article: Clicking on a suspicious link can install malware on your device. Read these awesome guides to add a level of protection to your viewing experience.

Easy Steps To Stream On 9AnimeTV Safely

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) reduces the potential privacy risks of free streaming sites. It creates a secure and private internet connection by hiding your IP address. 

Below are simple steps to watch on 9AnimeTV safely in almost all web browsers:

  1. Download and install a reliable VPN service.

Download and install a reliable VPN service

Pro-tip: You can try Windscribe and TunnelBear. These are great VPN options that you can try for free. 

2. Connect to a server. For best results, select Japan as your server. 

3. Open your browser and go to 9AnimeTV. Avoid clicking on any suspicious pop-ups or links.


4. Search for your favorite anime title. Start streaming.

Start streaming

Note: You can use your browser's incognito mode if you want more privacy.

Illegal streaming and torrents have become a significant threat to the manga industry. Manga, a form of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, has gained widespread popularity worldwide. However, the rise of illegal streaming sites and piracy has posed serious challenges to the industry and its creators. According to Nikkei, the Japanese manga industry suffered a significant loss of 800 billion yen (equivalent to 6.95 billion USD) from piracy between January and October 2021.

It is still best to use legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Netflix to show support for the industry and fight piracy.

Pro Tip

If VPNs aren’t legal in your country, check out some of these cool alternatives:

Bottom Line

9AnimeTV is a viable option for streaming anime shows of all genres. Despite the potential legal concerns, its extensive collection of high-quality content makes it one of the best sources out there. 

Make sure to use a VPN whenever using the platform for a more secure and private viewing experience. You can even choose a provider with built-in ad-blocking and anti-virus features.


Does 9AnimeTV have a mobile app?

The 9AnimeTV app is available on both iOS devices and Android apps. However, 9AnimeTV is not its original creator. Be careful since the application can be unsafe.

What other issues may you encounter when using 9AnimeTV?

Other issues you may encounter while using 9AnimeTV include page crashes and video buffering.

Has 9AnimeTV ever been taken down?

No, but it experiences outages at times.


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