Kik Statistics You Should Know In 2023

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Ten years since its launch in 2010, Kik has been gaining traction - from 2,000,000 monthly active users in November of 2013 to 300,000,000 users in 2023. 

The traction was partly attributed to the app's focus on anonymity, which gained popularity among users. However, it also became the subject of criticism. 

Cyberbullies took advantage of this feature, as 41% of US adults experienced online bullying, and children were virtually harassed. This led Kik Interactive to implement safety features like the "Report Button." 

With these changes over the years, let's learn more about Kik's traction with its users. 

Editor's Choice

  • The 8th most popular messaging app in the US is the Kik app.
  • Kik active users spend an average of 36.5 hours on the app monthly. 
  • There are 2.5 million daily active users on Kik.
  • 70% of Kik users account for the age group of 13 and 24 years old.
  • 6 billion emojis are sent daily on Kik.

How Many Use Kik App?

Infographic about Kik’s ranking in the US

Kik has over 300 million registered users worldwide. With Kik's increasing popularity over the years, the messaging app has developed more features to give options to users. Aside from being a messaging app, it became an alternative platform for advertising and even dating. 

The following statistics will show how well the Kik app is doing. 

Kik App Usage Statistics

Infographic about the percentage of traffic from mobile devices

The website version of Kik has had over 4 million visits in the last three months. Most of the traffic for Kik comes from mobile devices, accounting for 87% of the total visits

With this, let's check out how the app version is doing through its usage statistics. 

1. Kik active users spend an average of 36.5 hours on the app monthly.

(Earth Web, Forbes)

Active users spend an hour daily in the mobile app with 2.24 minutes per session. That's around 74 minutes per day. This shows that the Kik app is still widely used amidst the rise of other messaging apps. However, note that the app does not support end-to-end encryption for your messages.

2. There are 2.5 million daily active users on Kik.

(Search Logistics)

Globally, Kik has 2.5 million people who use the app daily. This growth in daily log-ins has been credited to the people who make Kik their central messaging app.

Pro Tip:

Suppose you are using Kik as your primary messaging app. In that case, there are various Kik scams that you need to be aware of like someone asking you to click on malicious links that can lead to downloading spyware on your device

Always remember not to click on malicious links, to trust a stranger that is too friendly, and not to give your personal information.

3. 70% of active users account for the age group between 13 and 24 years old.

(Earth Web)

Infographic about Kik users aged 13-24

These statistics display that users with age 13 to 24 years old occupy three-quarters of the total active users of the Kik app. The Kik app is popular among teenagers in the US, compared to Facebook, where most users are aged 25-34

4. 6 billion emojis are sent daily on Kik.

(How To Apps, Kik)

Over 3 billion people use messaging apps globally, and since teens widely use the Kik app, it's no doubt that they frequently use emojis in their messages. According to Kik, 6 billion emojis are being sent daily using the app. 

In the summer of 2017, the most famous emojis to use were the "face with tears of joy," "red heart emoji," and "kissy-face emoji." Meanwhile, the skull emoji has evolved into a different meaning. Instead of being associated with death or scary things, the “skull emoji” replaces laughing emojis

Pro Tip:

If you want to express frustration and distress, use the upside-down emoji in your chats. You can also express sarcasm, awkwardness, and panic by sending it. Lastly, you can send an “upside-down emoji” to end a tiresome conversation

(Earth Web)

Infographic about Kik’s ranking in the US

In 2019, Kik was the top 8 most popular messaging platform in the United States. The app also ranked 11th as the most popular social networking mobile app in terms of average session length. Kik was initially founded in Canada but quickly gained traction with US users. 

In a Nutshell:

The Kik app is still relevant, depending on the user’s demographics. Teens widely use it as their primary messaging app. However, you have to take note that there are still online scams that can penetrate the platform. It is crucial to stay vigilant while using the Kik app.


Kik still has a long way to go to catch up with other messaging apps like WhatsApp - the most-used messaging platform worldwide. But regardless of that fact, Kik has also proven to niche down the target audience it serves. Currently, the app is popular with teenagers; for sending messages, dating, and even brand awareness. 

The app also has a community unique to what other apps have been serving. Although, with its anonymity feature, people must be more careful using the app. Others may use this feature of the Kik app for malicious gains.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who primarily uses Kik?

The majority of Kik's active users are teenagers. 

How many people use Kik in 2023?

Kik has 15 million active monthly users. 

Do people still use the Kik app?

With its 15 million active monthly users, Kik's steady development has been astounding. However, when competing with messaging app giants like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Kik still has a long way to go.

Is Kik 100% Anonymous?

Kik has been popular due to its anonymity feature. The username is the unique identifier in its system. Other details such as phone number and email address don't allow Kik to identify any user in its designs. 


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