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Updated · Jan 27, 2023

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Creating a logo is a subtle, but important art.

The logo is the most immediately recognizable part of your brand. It’s the first thing newcomers will notice and what everyone will recall when your business comes to mind. 

A great logo can create a strong first impression, while a poor one means less brand recognition.

Nowadays, there are tons of online tools for designing logos.

The bad news is, these alone won’t get you anywhere unless you know what makes a good design.

When it comes to logo design ideas, all you have to do is look at some famous examples. Examine what makes them stand out and apply the same concepts when creating a logo for your own brand.

This is exactly what we’re going to do in this article. By the end, you’ll know how to whip up expertly designed logos in no time.

Best Logo Design Ideas

A company logo is like a mascot.

It is what presents your brand to the outside world in a whole variety of different scenarios. This is why a logo has to be simple, but unique. It also must be recognizable in both small and large formats. 

Simply put – the best logos are the ones that anyone can draw from memory.

Here are some examples of famous brands whose logos tick all the right boxes.


McDonald's logo

A classic example that is instantly recognizable.

McDonald’s unique design logo is unconventional — it isn’t circular or square-shaped like most logos. Instead, it features a big yellow M, drawn in a skewed, almost cartoonish way. It’s incredibly simplistic - even a child could draw it by hand.

It’s easy to spot from a mile away on a highway, and it’s impossible to mistake it for anything else.


Apple logo

Apple’s logo has remained pretty much unchanged since the 70s. 

It’s smooth and minimalistic, and it stands out even if you shrink it down to just a few pixels. What’s more, it’s very close to a circle shape. This makes it convenient to tack onto the back of any device and it won’t ruin the aesthetics. 

It’s undoubtedly the best logo design of any tech company out there.


Whatsapp logo

When you see the WhatsApp logo, you immediately know what it’s about. Its text messaging and phone calls are symbolized by the stylized text bubble and phone. Moreover, its circular shape makes it look nice on your phone’s home screen.

But most importantly, it’s distinctive enough to be recognized even in an extremely small size. This is important when you receive a notification — you can tell that it’s from WhatsApp right away.


Nirvana logo

A bit of an unconventional example. 

Nirvana’s custom logo is so popular that it has almost outgrown the band itself. It’s perfect for T-shirts and merchandise, with its vivid and distinctive yellow-on-black color combination.

Meanwhile, the wacky smiley face lets you know what kind of atmosphere you’re in for. Non-serious, rebellious, and no-nonsense. A perfect portrayal of Nirvana as a band.


Mercedes Benz logo

It took many decades for the Mercedes-Benz logo to reach its current simple design. But the end result is near-perfection. Not only does it represent the brand of the car manufacturer — but it’s also part of the automobile’s design.

Today, it’s an unmistakable emblem that is associated with luxury and quality. A fantastic reflection of the elegance of its logo.

Logo Design Ideas For Different Industries

The easiest mistake you can make with your logo is making it too basic.

Your logo needs to reflect your attitude as a business and as a brand. And naturally, this varies depending on the industry.

Photography Logos

Photography is a creative process — but so is coming up with an appropriate logo. You might be tempted to go for a classy-looking logo with fancy letters. But don’t be afraid to come up with something different.

What do I mean by that?

If you seek logo inspiration, think about your brand. If you focus on a particular subject or style of photography, try to incorporate that idea. It will give your prospective clients a better perspective of what you do.

Restaurant Logos

In the restaurant industry, first impressions are absolutely crucial. Customers either like your offer, or they don’t and continue searching for another place to eat. 

Your logo is one of the first things they’ll see. So think about it. Are you going for elegance or something more casual? Think about: 

  • your decor
  • price range
  • the type of food you serve 
  • the region you specialize in
  • and so on

A bright and bold logo might work for a bar & grill, for instance, but not for a more relaxed café.

Jewelry Logos

When exploring jewelry branding logo ideas, you might want to focus on creating a memorable emblem. Try to create something simple, but effective.

Another important aspect is the font of your text. The typeface itself conveys meaning. Whether this meaning is elegance, simplicity, or trendiness, is up to you.

Fitness Logos

There are many different types of fitness services. Many gyms and fitness centers use the equipment they work with as a motif for their branding and logo inspiration

So it’s worth evaluating your fitness brand’s scope. Is it focused on muscle strengthening? Aerobics, cardio, or even combat training? If so, definitely look for elements that would convey this message to your potential clients.

Gaming Logos

If you have an online presence, a striking logo is vital to your brand. 

If you’re running a gaming-centric website or you’re a content creator, start by looking at what you specialize in. Is it a particular genre of video games? Are you focusing on journalism for a specific platform or game console?

These can all be sources for your logo symbol ideas.

Are you a development studio? Then don’t be afraid to get creative. Your logo is the thing everyone will associate your business with. If you specialize in a particular genre or style of games, try to incorporate that into your logo.

Business Logos

A business logo doesn’t necessarily have to be super serious and neutral.

More often than not, that translates to boring design. Instead, try to capture your brand’s name, atmosphere, and central ideas. Sometimes, that means having a literal picture as your main symbol.

And if you feel stuck, don’t be afraid to browse logo ideas from similar companies for inspiration.

Boutique Logos

If you’re running a boutique business, your logo is an essential part of how you bring new customers through your doors.

That’s why it should be representative of the items you sell. Is it clothing, accessories, jewelry, or something else entirely? Whatever you do, make sure to reflect that in your logo. 

Color is also important. If you’re selling articles in a more traditional feminine style, for example, go for more subdued, subtle colors.

Say you have no shortage of cool logo ideas. How do you turn the idea into reality?

You’re in luck.

Nowadays, professional logo maker software like Wix Logo Maker or Logaster are everywhere. And they’re excellent tools for creating your logo.

Here is how to start from scratch and end up with an excellent logo.

Select a Logo Style

Remember, your logo style is a symbol of your brand. 

If your logo design is wacky and non-serious, that’s the overall vibe you are presenting to the world. Your custom logo has to reflect the general values and atmosphere of your business.

But it also conveys what you do. A tech-oriented company will have a vastly different logo than a restaurant, for instance.

So pick a general direction for yourself, and work your way up through the next steps.


Once you’ve settled on a direction for your logo, what next?

You can either start sketching your design from scratch or review some logo examples and ideas. Then build from there. Many logo creation programs have hundreds of presets and templates for you to choose from. 

So explore your options and see which option fits your company best.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with:

  • shapes
  • fonts
  • colors
  • motifs

Sometimes, experimenting is what it takes to get the creative ideas flowing.


Once you’ve settled on a final design, it’s time to take one final look.

Try to picture how your new logo ideas will look in context. Is the logo meant to be displayed on a website, on merchandise, or as an app icon? Take into account things like: 

  • aspect ratio
  • symmetry
  • whether it fits with the overall concept of your brand 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even create website or merchandise mockups with the new logo. This will give you the best idea of how it would appear in context with everything else.

Wrap Up

It has never been easier to make your own logo. Whether it’s by hiring a professional designer or making use of the countless programs available.

The importance of logos is hard to overstate.

It’s the first thing new arrivals notice about your brand. It is also one of the first things that come to mind when they think about your business. That’s why a good logo has to reflect your brand’s values. Simplicity and memorability are key.

And what better examples to learn from than the logos of the most famous brands in the world?

Take a look at what they do and how their logos reflect their brand’s character. 


How do I design a logo idea?

You can make your own logo by using templates or starting from a blank canvas. Many logo design software options have vast libraries of presets and icons you can use. Creating a design with such programs is super easy and straightforward.

What are the 3 rules of good logo design?

The three most important things to keep in mind when creating your logo are:

  • Simplicity: an overly-complicated logo is easy to forget. 
  • Character: a logo that is too simple can look generic and bland. 
  • Relevance: your logo should fit the overall idea and vibe of your brand.

What are the 5 things a good logo design should be like?

Every good logo is simple but memorable. It needs to be clear and noticeable, even if you shrink it down to a small size. Finally, you need it to reflect elements of your business or brand name. This is how you create an association between your logo and your company.

What 4 things make a good logo?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’ve come up with a good logo. Your logo design ideas must not be overly complicated, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be too basic either. A good logo is one that you can easily draw from memory

Another tip — use colors that are representative of your brand’s character and sphere.

Keep all of this in mind and don’t be afraid to experiment — you’ll come up with something unique with a little practice.


Georgi Karaivanov

Georgi Karaivanov

My fascination with technology began from quite an early age thanks to computers and video games. Nowadays, I love anything related to music production and astronomy. Coincidentally (or is it?), both of those have a great deal to do with tech. Honestly, most of the stuff that can be accomplished with modern electronics kind of seems like magic to me. This is why I feel this strong need to constantly learn more about it and talk about it, almost to the detriment of others.

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