Music Torrent Sites That Still Work in 2023

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Feb 07, 2023


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Torrenting is a shady business.

Most torrent sites come with geo-restrictions, malware links, spammy ads, and a few other problems.

That’s why we did our research and found a few malware-free, less spammy torrenting sites for music:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Turlock
  • Torrentz2
  • LimeTorrents
  • Tokyo Toshokan
  • 1337X

Before diving into the details, a few notes:

NOTE: Downloading content from torrent and P2P sites is risky. To protect your privacy and prevent tracking, you should consider a VPN. Based on our research on the best VPNs for torrenting, the top VPN provider for torrent users is ExpressVPN.

LEGAL NOTE: The legality of torrenting varies from country to country. So do the copyright laws. Please look into the copyright and torrenting laws of your country before torrenting music.

Also, we, at, don’t endorse or encourage illegal torrenting.

Why These 6 Sites Are Better for Music Torrenting

Here’s what these music torrenting sites have to offer: 

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and longest-running P2P file-sharing platforms.

Due to the site’s popularity, music torrents tend to have a large number of seeders and quite a few leechers. In addition to the choice variety — you can find any genre you can think of– most users go back to Pirate Bay because the average download speed for music files is 6 MB/s.

Note that this also depends on a variety of factors, such as your network equipment and Internet plan. If you’re using Wi-Fi, here’s how you can improve your Internet speed.

The site is also user-friendly and easy to navigate: All you need to do is to type the title and the artist’s name in the search bar. You can download high-quality FLAC format music and discover new titles and artists by browsing the Top 100 category on the site.

The downside is that, with the vast selection of titles, it can be challenging for users to distinguish good from bad torrents. To combat that, you should consider using antivirus software. Here are our top 10 picks for the best antivirus software


Torlock may not be as well-known as Pirate Bay, but it’s one of the largest torrent sites in the world, with a library of more than 50 million torrents in different categories.

The site prides itself on weeding out fake torrents and even pays $1 to users for each fake torrent they uncover. It also supports instant downloading and the average download speed is 4.6 MB/s.

Torlock’s music selection is vast and the site makes it easy for users to find and explore different types of music. On top of that, each torrent comes with a list of specifications, including the size, the number of files, seeds, peers, torrent health, and when the torrent was added to the site.

The only drawback is that the site is not exactly pop-up ad-free. But, in the torrenting world, this is a small price to pay for a website that’s actively working to protect its users from bad torrents.


Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine in the EU region that indexes more than 60 million active torrents, including movies, TV shows, games, and anime,  from other websites and gives users 

Although Torrentz2 allows users to search for different types of content on the site, music torrents are its forte. It has a separate music section that lists trending torrents, alongside their size and upload time, and records an average download speed of 2.5 MB/s.

Music search results on Torrentz2 come from over 90 popular torrenting sites.

The best part about Torrentz2 is that it gives users a choice when browsing; In a regular search, the site shows users results that include both verified and unverified torrents. But, if you want to browse on the safe side, there is a page on Torrentz2’s website where you can search for verified torrents only.

On the downside, the site also has a lot of random ads and pop-ups. 


LimeTorrent has a massive library of around 10 million available torrents. 

With an average download speed of around 2.8 MB/s, the site mostly links to verified, one-click torrent files.

LimeTorrent does not have advanced search filters, but it divides torrents into six main categories (movies, TV shows, music, games, app, and anime.) Those looking for other types of content can check the Others category on the site.

The music page lists nearly a million torrents. Every result features the size, number of seeds and leeches, date of upload, and the health of the torrent, which you can click on to sort your search results. 

You can’t filter torrents by genre (unless you get creative with the search option), but LimeTorrents does maintain a Top 100 music torrent page on the site.

What it lacks in search features, it makes up in the ads department: The site doesn’t have any pop-up ads.

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan specializes in Japanese media; If you’re a fan of anime music or K-pop, this is a site worth considering. 

The site keeps track of any major update introduced and the type of features that was added to the site, which it displays on the homepage.

One of its best features is the simple and well-developed UI that allows for easy navigation. You can search for torrents by size, name, comment, and uploader (marked as “Submitter” on the site). 

The search function supports metadata hashes and the site lets users mark entries as “seen,” which allows them to focus their search on new content.

Tokyo Toshokan also categorizes content by type,  links to both music files and music video files, doesn’t have any ads, and you can find the top searches on the homepage.


1337X is a modern-looking website where you can find high-quality torrents in a variety of music genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and classic, with an average download speed of 4.2 MB/s. 

The music category page is more advanced than that of other torrent sites. At the top of the page, you can find trending titles and the Top 100 tracks for the month.

The search results display the torrent size, the number of seeds and leeches, and the type of file the torrent contains. The site even lets you browse results on Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RARBG, and 123Movies.

One of the most useful features is the comment section where you find personal reviews from users who have already downloaded the file. You can see reports on low sound or video quality, malware, or viruses. 

Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Random Torrent Sites

Torrenting is a fast and effective way to download files online, but it’s also a gray area and comes with some risks, including:


Some torrent files are laden with malware and other viruses that can wreak havoc on your computer and its network. To prevent this from happening, you should consider scanning the file with a trusted anti-virus program before downloading it.

Data safety

Downloading torrents without a VPN leaves you vulnerable to hackers and snoopers. Browsing VPN-free also means that your ISP can monitor your online activity and throttle your Internet speed. If you’re not a fan of VPNs, here are other ways you can torrent anonymously

Torrenting itself is legal, but downloading copyrighted material can get you into serious trouble. The legal risk is bigger for the site that’s hosting the torrents, which is why it’s best to stick to sites you can trust.

How to Download Music on Torrenting Sites Safely

Even if the torrenting site you’re using is making efforts to keep users away from bad torrents, you can still stumble upon torrents that can cause trouble. 

To stay on the safe side:

  • Choose your torrent client and site wisely: A trusted torrent website is a must, but you should also stick to well-known clients, such as uTorrent and qBittorrent.
  • Download verified torrents only: Some torrent sites offer verified torrents but if the torrent site of your choice doesn’t, you can look in the comment section for reviews or consider the number of seeds and leeches to get an idea about the torrent’s health.
  • Stay away from imposter sites: There are a lot of copycat sites, which can go after your data. Sometimes, this can rank higher on Google than the official site.
  • Use an antivirus program: Not all torrents are safe. That’s why it’s best to scan every file you download even when you trust the torrent website.
  • Use a VPN: VPNs come with a lot of perks. They encrypt your data, hide your IP address and location, and come with advanced features that can improve your online security and privacy. Popular options are Surfshark, an affordable tool with more than 32,000 servers, and TunnelBear, a user-friendly VPN.

How Can a VPN Actually Help With Torrenting Music?

The best way to avoid the risks of torrenting is to use a reliable VPN.

When you download a music torrent, your device is connected to the other seeder’s device who has the part of the torrent file you need. 

A VPN encrypts your data and makes it impossible for snoopers to monitor your online activity or gain access to identifiable information, which makes you more vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, and phishing scams.

The same applies to your ISP. If you inadvertently download a file that contains copyrighted material, your ISP can report you to the authorities. If you use a VPN, your ISP won’t be able to see any of your torrenting activities.

Finally, a good VPN will hide your IP address, which lets you access geo-restricted content.

Once you get a VPN, make sure you always connect to the server before you visit a torrent site or download a torrent file.

Bottom Line

Torrenting is a great way to download music or any type of content for free, but it can be risky. It’s illegal in some countries and you may download copyrighted material unintentionally. The good news is there are good torrenting sites where you can find verified torrents.


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