18 Shocking OnlyFans Statistics to Show How Big It Is [2023]

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Jan 12, 2023


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll almost certainly have heard about OnlyFans. 

As is underlined by a host of fascinating OnlyFans numbers, the internet content subscription service has changed the digital landscape.

And while it has been largely associated with sex workers, it’s also a platform for fitness instructors, musicians, tutors, and so much more. 

Check out the most intriguing OnlyFans stats to see how it has impacted the way we consume and create PPC content forever.

Eye-Popping OnlyFans Statistics

Wondering just how big the platform has become since launching in 2015? These quick OnlyFans facts should provide a clear indication:

  • Over 170 million users have registered an OnlyFans account, including 1.5 million creators.
  • An additional 500,000 new users sign up to the OnlyFans per day.
  • The OnlyFans platform grows at a rate of 70% per month!
  • In total, OnlyFans pays out over $5 billion to its collective of content creators each year.
  • Bella Thorne made over $1million in her first 24 hours of having an account.
  • The average age of paid subscription members is 35-44.
  • The average OnlyFans content creator only has 21 subscribers.

General OnlyFans Statistics

Below are some general OnlyFans stats that highlight the platform’s growth to this point and its ongoing development.

1. OnlyFans has over 170 million registered users. 


That’s more than 2.5x the population of the UK and over 50% of the population of the US. While it’s not quite the same volume of users as Facebook or YouTube, it’s a massive audience for what is primarily a PPV platform.

2. OnlyFans is one of the top 50 most visited websites worldwide.


In 2022, OnlyFans was ranked 47th worldwide. This makes it one of the most popular sites of all and easily the best of its kind. 

3. The average OnlyFans content creator only has 21 subscribers.


Despite the huge number of OnlyFans accounts and subscribers, most creators have a small following. Growing a regular fanbase of loyal subscribers remains the toughest challenge for creators in 2022.

(Quantum Marketer)

This says a lot about the platform’s ability to become a hot talking point for public discussion. Thousands of additional stories are posted each day, making it a much bigger cultural influence than any of its competitors. 

5. OnlyFans takes a 20% commission from its creators.


This figure means OnlyFans earns millions every day. However, paying the lion’s share to creators is one of the chief reasons it has remained the most popular platform for creators around the globe.

OnlyFans Revenue Stats

The incredible growth of OnlyFans has also resulted in huge revenue opportunities for creators and the platform owners alike. These OnlyFans profits stats confirm it:

6. The OnlyFans platform grows at a rate of 70% per month!

(Follow Chain)

This fact shows that OnlyFans is one of the fastest-growing online companies on the planet. It also proves that the earnings from OnlyFans are both lucrative and stable for content creators who successfully build a solid fanbase.

7. In total, OnlyFans pays out over $5 billion to its collective of content creators each year.


That’s mainly due to the high engagement rate on the platform. For example, 60% of a creator’s audience sees and interacts with each new post, making the average earning on OnlyFans more exciting than ever before.

8. 82.4% of content creators charge under $20 per month.


Almost two-thirds of all creators charge between $5 and $15 as of 2020, and this trend has continued since then. Naturally, this has a huge influence on the average income on OnlyFans for all creators.

9. In 2021, top creator Blac Chyna was worth more than $20 million through OnlyFans alone.


This placed the creator at the top of the pile with the most subs on OnlyFans. Next up are Bella Thorne and Cardi B., with $11 and $9 million in payouts from the platform, respectively. The average OnlyFans female income outperformed men’s, but rapper Tyga has forced his way onto the list at number 4.

10. The average creator earns a reported $180 per month.


The figure varies greatly from one person to the next and is influenced by follower count, OnlyFans rates, and how many tips they gain. 

OnlyFans Demographics

OnlyFans isn’t just men paying to see female models in lingerie. However, the following demographic insights show that women are still more successful on the platform.

11. OnlyFans is primarily female creators and male audience members.

(Star n Gage)

There are many male creators and female subscribers on OnlyFans. Nonetheless, it’s clear that female creators have a greater success rate, with a 69%-31% male-female split of fans on Instagram.

12. The average age of paid subscription members is 35-44.

(Grow Following)

This shows that the PPV social media platform is aimed at an adult audience. Since older users have the money to pay creators, this boosts the average OnlyFans income too.

13. Google contributes the greatest level (20%) of traffic.

(SEO Bounty)

While Google delivers the most traffic, Twitter (9%), YouTube (6%), Instagram (5%), and Linktree (5%) all provide a good amount of visits too. This info helps creators know where to reach fans and boost their OnlyFans subscriber count. The platform’s engagement on social media also shows increasing popularity with millenials and Gen Z audiences.

14. The OnlyFans audience grew by over 500% during the early stages of the pandemic.

(Business Insider)

The rate of OnlyFans growth was at its highest earlier in the pandemic, highlighting the much-needed entertainment it provides. 

OnlyFans User Facts

Wondering just how many people are joining OnlyFans and who the biggest users are? Here’s what you need to know about OnlyFans users:

15. An additional 500,000 new users sign up to OnlyFans per day.

(The Small Business Blog)

OnlyFans user statistics show that half a million new fans join the party every 24 hours. This means more income opportunities for content creators ranging from global to niche stars.

16. Bella Thorne made over $1 million in her first 24 hours of having an account.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

By charging $20 for access to her content, the actress/singer/model gained over $1 million on her first day before quickly reaching $2 million. Despite her success in 2020, she soon quit to pursue other goals.

17. Roughly 70% of all content is deemed NSFW.


While not all content is adult in nature, as OnlyFans likes to point out, the majority remains NSFW, while most content creators with a monthly income of over $100,000 on OnlyFans fall into this category too.

18. The top 1% of creators generate 33% of the revenue.


For the average content creator, OnlyFans is a great side hustle that boosts their monthly income. However, the statistics show that the top creators can make it a full-time job, even if they fall below the millionaire level.

Wrap Up

Despite still being in its infancy, the OnlyFans platform has created a lot of noise in recent times, and the above OnlyFans statistics show why.

There are a lot of creators and a lot of subscribers willing to pay for access to exclusive content. 

Moreover, the company is growing by the month, so these OnlyFans numbers will only continue to soar.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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