Pinterest Statistics 2024: Everything Marketers Need to Know

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Understanding and explaining what Pinterest really is can prove to be a difficult task. Is it a social network, or is it an album of random images that random people like?

Pinterest can be explained as a catalog of ideas whose main goal is to inspire users to improve their environment and lives. There are some aspects of a social network contained within the app, but, at the same time, Pinterest is far from being just a social network based on images. To prove it, here is a short list of impressive facts about the platform.

Striking Pinterest Statistics

  • 78.3% of Pinterest users in the US are women. 
  • Pinterest is the number one social media in terms of mobile engagement.
  • 1 of 2 Pinners makes a purchase after seeing a promoted Pin.
  • 59% of users use Pinterest to find more info about their purchases.
  • Pinterest's mobile app has 60 million active monthly users.
  • Pinterest made $1.69 billion in 2020.
  • 80% of users access Pinterest via smartphones.

In order to find out why hundreds of millions of users visit the app and use it daily to find inspiration, here is the most comprehensive list of Pinterest statistics.

Pinterest General Facts and Statistics

It took years for Pinterest to become the social media superstar it is today.

1. Pinterest was founded in 2009.

(Source: Business Insider)

Founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp back in 2009, Pinterest has grown to be one of the most used social networks in less than a decade. Starting with just 5,000 users, the management has led the company to the present day status of a social media giant in all aspects of the industry.

2. In 2020, Pinterest reported value was $38 billion. 

(Source: Investorplace)

Pinterest went public in April 2019 at an estimated $12.7 billion value. It traded at $19 per share, and it has experienced mixed fortunes since then. 

However, in 2020, Pinterest experienced an upward trend due to more user engagement and adoption worldwide. In December 2020, one share sold as high as US$68.53, putting the company’s value at $38 billion.

Despite Pinterest’s good fortune, it still doesn’t measure up to Facebook’s initial estimate of over $100 billion.

3. There are more than 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Based on Pinterest user statistics, there are over 200 billion pins. They are saved to more than four billion boards across the platform.

How did they achieve this?

Most Pinterest users pin every day, with small businesses and new pinners pinning one to five times daily. Pinning less is more effective and more likely to get better results. The key is focusing on quality and relevance.

4. 1.5M businesses use Pinterest each month.

(Source: Pinterest)

With over 1.5 million businesses active on Pinterest, this platform represents an excellent market for any company looking to advertise. Facebook has over 50 million businesses advertising on it, so the issue of reaching target demographics is far more complicated than it is with Pinterest.

5. 85% of Pinterest users access the platform via mobile.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Pinterest trends show that 85% of users choose their smartphones over desktops. That increased from 80% in 2018. On the other hand, Facebook statistics show that the number of mobile users in 2020 is 79.9%.

6. Pinterest generated $1.39 billion in ad revenue in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

Pinterest ad revenue statistics place the platform almost on the same level as other social networks when it comes to yearly advertising income. In 2020, Pinterest maintained its billion dollars profit, adding some extra figures to it.

While this is encouraging, Facebook remains at the top level. eMarketer states the company netted $33.48 billion in US ad revenues in 2020.

But based on Pinterest analytics, the next few years should be more lucrative for the company. There’ll be a reduction in the gap between Pinterest revenue and others in the social networking industry.

7. Pinterest’s revenue is estimated to grow to $3.5 billion by 2023.

(Source: Forbes)

The years have been kind to Pinterest. Things were shaky for the company for some years. But Pinterest revenue has been growing since 2017, and by all indications, will continue to do so.

8. The average time spent on Pinterest per visit was 4.45 minutes in February 2021.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

As Pinterest stats for 2021 shows, the average time spent on Pinterest sits around 4.45 minutes per visit. To put it into perspective, in 2020, Facebook users averaged 58 minutes on the network per day, with multiple visits.

9. The average pin is repinned 11 times. It takes a pin 3.5 months to get 50% of its engagement.

(Source: MarTech)

An average Pin is repinned 11 times on Pinterest. There are over 200 billion Pins on the network, with each user having the ability to save up to 200,000 Pins. The time it takes for an average Pin to reach 50% of its engagement is 3.5 months.

10. Pinterest is #1 for mobile social media, with 64% of referral traffic being driven by smartphones and tablets.

(Source: Omnicore)

Pinterest mobile statistics show that the app is leading the race when it comes to mobile social media use. No other social media network comes even close to 64% of mobile referral traffic that Pinterest has.

(Source: Statista)

The list of the most popular mobile social media platforms in the US has not changed for a while. The data released by Statista in September 2020 showed Facebook as the most popular mobile social app. It has close to 170 million monthly users.

Instagram follows with a little over 121 million, and Facebook Messenger takes third place at 106 million monthly users. Twitter is fourth with 81.47 million users. Pinterest is fifth, followed by Reddit at 47.87 million.

12. 80% of new signups on Pinterest are from outside the US.

(Source: Newsroom)

Pinterest is truly a global network. This statement is best supported by the fact that 80% of new users joining Pinterest are located outside of the US. When it comes to older signups, less than half of all users are located within the US.

13. Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.

(Source: Omnicore)

Pinterest statistics for business show that this website happens to be one of the most influential websites out there when it comes to referral traffic.

(Source: Omnicore)

The men using Pinterest are most fond of food, drink, and technology categories. Pretty much as in real life.

15. The average number of pins made by an active female user is 158.

(Source: Omnicore)

Pinterest demographics show that most users are female. What's more, every female Pinterest user has 158 pins saved on her boards.

16. There are more than 1.7B recipe pins.

(Source: Marketing Land)

Cooking is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. With more than 1.7 billion recipes available, everyone can find a dish for themselves. From beginners to professional chefs, Pinterest is one of the best places online to improve your cooking skills.

17. 12% of Pinterest searches contain a spelling error.

(Source: Search Engine Watch)

Pinterest’s keyword search engine had to be altered in order to account for users’ spelling errors, as 12% of searches contain at least one spelling mistake. The Pinterest search spelling correction works in the same way Google searches do, with similar spellings and results suggested at the top of the results.

18. Images without human faces get pinned more often.

(Source: Social Media Perth)

Pinterest statistics show that the Pins that don’t include human faces are pinned more often than those containing human images.

(Source: Hubspot)

Back in 2017, a study conducted by Statista placed Art, Art Supplies, and Hobbies category as the most popular on Pinterest. Things have changed since then, with Travel taking the number one spot. 

According to Marketing, two times more travelers use Pinterest to find places to visit. In 2019, Travel + Leisure had over 7.3 monthly viewers than 2.9 on the Travel Channel. The number now stands at ten million-plus monthly views.

20. 90% of pinners say Pinterest fills them with positivity.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest co-founder, Evan Sharp, said that the social media platform might be the last positive corner of the internet. Nine out of ten Pinterest users state that it fills them with positivity.

Pinterest User Statistics

Who uses Pinterest? Let's take a look at the facts.

21. 29% of American adults use Pinterest.

(Source: Pew Research Center)

Nearly a third of American internet users over the age of 18 are using, or have used Pinterest. This number is even considered low, compared to other social networks. Facebook, for example, is used by nearly 69% (seven-in-ten) adults in the United States.

22. Over 4 million Australians use Pinterest.

(Source: Statista)

Pinterest user growth statistics released by Statista in January 2021 showed that about 4.3 million Australians use the social platform.

23. As of January 2021, there were over 100 million Pinterest users in the United States.

(Source: Statista)

Even though there are over 50% of Pinterest users from other countries, the United States still ranks first. At 100.75 million, the US has the most Pinterest users on the planet, followed by Germany at over 17 million. France has 12.22 million Pinterest users, and the UK ranks fourth with 10.75 million.

24. 34% of US adults who use Pinterest are aged 18-29.

(Source: Statista)

The number of young adults from the US who are on Pinterest is 34%. Recent Pinterest statistics show that people between the ages of 30 and 49 make up 35% of all Pinterest users. 27% of users are aged 50 to 64. Users aged 65 and above stand at 15%.

25. The median age of a Pinterest user is 40; however, the majority of active Pinners are below 40.

(Source: Omnicore)

Pinterest metrics for 2022 show that the average age for all accounts ever created on Pinterest is 40. However, not all of those accounts are active. If the inactive accounts are disregarded, the median age of Pinterest is under 40. This number seems to be the norm across all social media, as Facebook’s median age is 40.5, with 65% of users being older than 35.

26. As of January 2021, 77.1% of all Pinterest users are women.

(Source: Statista)

The fact that 77% of all Pinterest users are women shows how prominent the female presence on Pinterest is.

27. The number of male Pinterest users is growing.

(Source: Sproutsocial)

While men are far behind the female population on Pinterest, the number of them is growing. With a 50% year-over-year growth, they are becoming more active on the platform.

28. 40% of new signups on Pinterest are men.

(Source: Newsroom)

The numbers seem to be improving for male presence, as 40% of new Pinterest signups are men. This number is higher than ever, as the platform has always been even more female dominant.

29. Male users on Pinterest experienced an all-time high of 120% in 2015. 

(Source: Pinterest)

A piece of Pinterest user growth statistics you might find interesting. Men started to see the appeal of the network back in 2015. During that year alone, the number of male users on the platform increased by 120%.

30. In 2020, Pinterest saw a spike in usage from millennials and Gen-Z users.

(Source: Sproutsocial)

While Instagram and TikTok are often more popular for the Gen-Z, Pinterest saw a massive spike in usage among the group during 2020. Millennials also used the platform more.

31. 32% of those who attended college in the United States use Pinterest.

(Source: PewResearch)

38% of people holding higher degrees are using Pinterest, whereas 32% of those who attended college use it. On the other hand, 19% of adults who have a high school diploma use the platform.

32. 41% of adults in the United States who earn over $75K use Pinterest. 

(Source: PewResearch)

18% of those making less than $30,000 use Pinterest. And Pinterest is also used by 27% of people who earn between somewhere in between.

33. 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100K.

(Source: Pinterest)

One of the major population groups on Pinterest are the users who earn more than 100,000 dollars per year, and they make for 40% of users. By all accounts, they belong to the upper-middle class, and they are the ones who spend the most on products they discover, even though there are pay groups with a higher presence on Pinterest.

34. Users are 2x more likely to say time is well spent on Pinterest vs. on other platforms.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest users seem to enjoy their time spent on this social network more than the users of other platforms do. According to statistics, the Pinterest users are twice more likely to find their time spent on this platform enjoyable and not wasted.

35. 50% of Pinners plan to spend more on food than people who don't use Pinterest.

(Source: Pinterest)

Half of Pinterest users took inspiration from their boards and plan to spend more money on cooking than their peers who are not on Pinterest spend for the same purpose. Pinners seem to be more prone to experimenting with their cooking, as well as more willing to invest in healthy foods.

36. 77% of Pinterest users are women, and 14% are men.

(Source: Statista)

When it comes to the gender of its users, Pinterest trends are in favor of the female demographic. Males are outnumbered, with 77% of users being female. Women also seem to be the ones who pin the most stuff to their boards, as men account for just 7% of Pins.

37. 60% of Pinterest households have children 5 or under.

(Source: Pinterest)

The majority of the Pinterest audience are married adults, or adults in domestic partnerships, with children aged 5 or under.

38. 250M people use Pinterest every month.

(Source: Statista)

The latest Pinterest stat tells us that this inspirational platform has 458 million active users. The number might be huge, but the platform remains near the bottom of the top 20 most used social networks.

39. Every day nearly 2M people pin product-rich Pins.

(Source: Marketing Land)

Close to 2 million people are saving Pins with advertised products to their boards. This happens every day, with the number of people, and Pins saved, increasing month to month.

Pinterest and Millennials

Millennials are embracing Pinterest like no other user group. Check out the stats!

40. 1 of 2 millennials is using Pinterest every month.

(Source: Pinterest)

People born between the 1990’s and 2000’s constitute the majority of Pinterest users. Otherwise known as millennials, 50% of members of this broad age group are on Pinterest at least once a month.

41. 63% of millennials say Pinterest helps them discover new brands or products to buy.

(Source: Pinterest)

The majority of millennials on Pinterest agree that this social media platform helps them discover new things to buy. Pinterest ads, as well as other users’ posts and recommendations, are found helpful by 63% of millennial users.

42. 86% of millennials use Pinterest to plan life moments, big and small.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest engagement statistics point that 86% of all millennials present on Pinterest use the platform when planning events. Whether it’s searching for birthday party theme inspiration, wedding locations, decorations, or holiday destinations, millennials commonly turn to Pinterest for help with planning big and small milestones in their lives.

43. 50% of millennials on Pinterest have an annual household income of over $75K.

(Source: Pinterest)

In addition to constituting most of Pinterest user demographics by age, millennials who earn more than $75,000 per year are the majority of the Pinterest base when it comes to income. This is the exact age and income group that Pinterest and businesses advertising on this platform are targeting. The picture of an average Pinterest user is a person in their thirties, belonging to the middle of the middle class, and looking for ways and motivation to slightly improve their life.

44. 50% of millennials say Pinterest inspired them to make their dreams come true.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest is a unique platform in many ways, and it definitely has the ability to improve users’ lives. No other social media platform can brag that it helped make 50% of its millennial users’ lives better by helping them find inspiration and motivation to pursue happiness and make their dreams come true.

45. 43% of millennials claim Pinterest helped them easily find ways to use different ingredients in food.

(Source: Pinterest)

Top Pinterest category statistics put cooking near the top of the list of the most commonly visited categories among millennials. 43% of Pinterest millennial users claim that they discovered new ways to incorporate different ingredients into their cooking while browsing their boards. An average cook who uses Pinterest can improve his/her skills drastically by discovering numerous styles and cuisines in just a few clicks.

46. 54% of millennials say Pinterest inspired them to buy extra items to spruce up their homes.

(Source: Pinterest)

More than half of millennials on Pinterest couldn't resist buying extra home decor items after seeing them on their boards. Even those who aren’t looking for new home decorations are persuaded to buy something new after seeing how good it looks on others’ Pins.

47. 53% of millennials say Pinterest inspired them to buy more things to complete a look.

(Source: Pinterest)

Nearly the same number of Pinners bought clothing items after seeing them in a Pin as they did with home decor items, Pinterest sales stats claim. 53% of millennials on Pinterest saw a look on the platform they liked so much that they went out and bought the clothing items they were missing to complete it.

Pinterest Advertising Statistics

Pinterest might be a success in terms of user growth, but how attractive is it for advertisers?

48. 67% of Pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand from business content on Pinterest.

(Source: aqQuadrant)

This stat supports the statement that Pinterest users generally find ads on this platform useful. More importantly, they’ve started using and trusting the brand they’ve discovered.

49. 77% of weekly users discover new products on Pinterest.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Even though most Pinterest searches are unbranded (97%), 77% of users discover new relevant products through the platform. This statistic shows again why Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool.

50. 93% of active Pinners said they use Pinterest to plan a purchase.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest is one of the best ways to plan the next shopping spree. For purchases ranging from a new scarf to a house, Pinterest is the best source of inspiration.

51. 1 of 2 Pinners makes a purchase after seeing a promoted Pin.

(Source: Sproutsocial)

After seeing a promoted Pin, half of Pinterest users decide to make a purchase. No wonder Pinterest is the preferred marketing method for thousands of brands!

52. 78% of users say it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest.

(Source: Pinterest)

Close to 80% of Pinners find the content they see from brands useful and relevant to them. According to the Pinterest statistics for business, we see an unmatched advertisement satisfaction rate among users.

53. 72% of users say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren't actually looking for anything.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest has the same effects on those who aren’t looking to make a purchase as on those who are browsing the boards with a buying intent. According to data, 72% of Pinterest users who weren’t looking to buy anything were persuaded to spend their money after seeing an item they liked.

54. 66% of users buy something after seeing a brand's Pins.

(Source: Pinterest)

Another one on the list of important Pinterest stats shows that two-thirds of Pinterest users make a purchase after seeing a Pin they liked from a brand.

55. 41% of people who shop in-store use Pinterest while shopping.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest can be useful for other things besides fueling our shopping mania. The platform can also be used to help us decide which item to get when we’re in a store, as we can see examples and uses of the item posted by other users. This is the reason why 41% of people who shop in stores use Pinterest as a personal shopping assistant.

56. 59% of users use Pinterest to find more info about their purchases.

(Source: Pinterest)

59% of Pinterest users use the app after they’ve made a purchase. Finding out how to incorporate their new boots into an outfit, or what to do with the flowers they have just bought can be an easy task with Pinterest, as there are millions of examples available.

57. 39% of users are more likely to be active retail shoppers.

(Source: Pinterest)

Nearly 40% of Pinterest users are more likely to be active retail shoppers than those who don’t use the app, according to recent Pinterest trends analytics. This is a precious bit of data for those looking to advertise their business, as it suggests that 40% of those seeing the ad are likely to purchase the item or the service advertised.

58. As of 2020, over 56 million pinners engage actively with home content.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Home decor is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest, with excellent user engagement. Pins include tips and inspiration for decorating, landscaping and renovating.

59. 40% of users have bought home decor in the last 6 months.

(Source: Pinterest)

Home decor items are the most common purchase among Pinterest users, with 40% of them buying at least one item in the last 6 months.

60. Pinterest delivers $2 in profit per $1 spent on advertising.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)

Those wondering about Pinterest ROI will be pleased to hear that, on average, those advertising on the platform see a double return on their investment. Pinterest ad revenue statistics optimistically claim that every dollar put into advertising on this platform delivers $2 in profit for the average advertiser.

61. Pinterest users claim to spend less time using traditional media than others, meaning they pay more attention to advertising through Pinterest.

(Source: Blue Corona)

Pinterest users, on average, don’t spend that much time on traditional media such as TV. What this means for advertisers is that ads on Pinterest are more likely to be noticed by consumers than ads on traditional media.

62. Pinterest drives 25% of all retail website referral traffic.

(Source: Social Pilot)

A quarter of all retail website referral traffic is driven by Pinterest. In case there’s an advertiser still wondering whether they should include Pinterest in their marketing campaign, this info should be more than enough to persuade them. The algorithm behind the effectiveness of Pinterest in persuading users to buy what they see advertised is a well-kept secret that every other social network would love to get a hold of.

63. In 2020, Pinterest placed number four for the best social media platforms for business.

(Source: WebFX)

The all-encompassing nature of Pinterest makes it possible for any brand to find its niche audience. The fact that women make up a considerable part of the platform’s demographics contributes to its success. It is surpassed only by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

64. Best day to get an audience on Pinterest is Saturday and the best times are 2 p.m.—4 p.m. and 8 p.m.—1 a.m.

(Source: Social marketing writing)

The best day to post on Pinterest seems to be Saturday, as there are the most users online then. There are also specific hours that seem to attract most traffic on Pinterest, so your posts should go up on Saturday between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.

(Source: Social marketing writing)

Those looking to increase their click-through rate need to pay attention to other things apart from the times they’re posting. Data points out that trending topics and posts that relate to them have 94% higher CTR than the posts that are not related to trending topics.

66. A Pin including a specific call to action increases engagement by 80%.

(Source: Social marketing writing)

Pinterest advertising statistics show that users seem to like engaging with those advertisers who call to action, as the posts including a call to action have an 80% higher engagement rate than those that don’t.

67. Pinterest has experienced a 50% year-over-year increase in small business advertisers since 2017.

(Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest experienced its first 50% year-over-year increase for small business ads in 2017, and the number still hasn’t dropped. The projections for the years ahead are keeping the same rate of a 50% year-over-year increase, as the small business owners recognize the benefits of Pinterest advertising offers.

68. Businesses using Pinterest Propel see up to 3x more clicks on their ads than businesses not included in the program.

(Source: Marketing Land)

Businesses that opt into using Pinterest Propel receive up to 3 times more clicks on their ads than they did before joining the program and their cost per click decreased by 38% on average. Official Pinterest statistics for business are praising the Propel service, and the praise seems to be justified by results.

(Source: Social Media Perth)

Companies from the fashion industry looking to advertise on Pinterest, as well as those who want to draw traffic to their website related to this topic, should post on Thursdays, as this day of the week seems to be the most popular for the category. Saturdays are reserved for travel Pins.

70. Descriptions that are 100-200 characters in length gain more popularity.

(Source: Social Media Perth)

According to the latest Pinterest statistics, posts that contain a short text description tend to do better than posts containing only images. Even though we are drawn in by the image, the texts seem to be what gets the Pinterest traction.

71. Online advertising is forecast to grow by 20% in 2021, with Pinterest among those leading the pack.

(Source: CNBC)

2020 was a good year for Pinterest, and its good fortune will continue into 2021. With online advertising expected to grow by 20% in 2021, Pinterest ranks among the top three social networks to benefit from it. The two other platforms are Facebook and Google.

Wrapping It Up

The social network that has digitalized out bulletin boards and scrape books has grown to become one of the most important shopping platforms. Today, Pinterest is much more than just a place where people hopelessly create wish lists—it is the starting point for shoppers which, if used wisely, can bring fantastic value for your business. Take these Pinterest statistics into consideration and start pinning your way to success!


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