10 Pokemon Go Usage and Revenue Statistics Worth Knowing in 2024

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Since its summer 2016 release, Pokemon Go has been the talk of the town. It initially had 232 million users in its first year but dropped to 71 million in 2021. Although it still has millions of daily users, it is not as popular as before. 

While the initial hype might have died down, Pokemon Go is still enjoyed by many because of its nostalgia and interactive game dynamics. Discover the ups and downs of this game over the years by reading this article. 

Editor’s Choice

  • Pokemon Go had 71 million active users in 2021, down from 232 million in 2016.
  • Around 9 million people play Pokemon Go every day.
  • Pokemon Go has over 1 billion total downloads.
  • Pokemon Go generated an annual revenue of $1.21 billion in 2021.
  • The app purchases revenue was valued at  $703.74  million in 2022.
  • There are currently 827,205 active daily Pokemon Go users in the US.

Pokemon Go Usage and Revenue Statistics

As of July 2, 2023, around 79.27 million people are actively playing Pokemon Go, according to ActivePlayer. The free game encourages active participation, making it very popular. 

Here are some facts that support its popularity:

Pokemon Go Usage Facts

Lots of data shows that many people want to play the popular game Pokémon Go. The game uses cool technology like augmented reality and geolocation. 

What makes Pokemon Go special isn't just the tech but how well it fits the game's design.

Pro Tip:

If you're curious about playing Pokemon on an iPhone, the simplest method is to get the latest Pokemon games from the App Store. f you like the older games, you can download their files and then use Pokemon emulators for iPhones to enjoy those games you love.

1. There were 71 million Pokemon Go users worldwide in 2021, down from 113 million in 2019.

(Business of Apps)

Pokemon Go’s popularity gradually decreased over the years. From its peak of 232 million active users in 2016, it decreased by 74%, amounting to 133 million active users in 2018. 

Number of Pokemon Go Active Players (2016-2021)


Number of Players, in millions













2. The total number of Pokemon Go downloads has exceeded 1 billion.

(Statista, Business of Apps)

Pokemon Go took the smartphone gaming world by storm. In 2016, 250 million game downloads were recorded. The app reached nearly 43 million downloads in 2022, almost 10 million fewer than in 2021. 

3. There are about 9 million Pokemon Go daily active users.

(Active Player)

Since 2021, there are over 8 million daily active Pokemon Go users. Daily users exceeded 9 million for the first time in November 2022. 

Pokemon Go Revenue Statistics

Following its launch, Pokemon Go achieved record-breaking revenue for a mobile game. The game app continues to generate revenue, with the US being its most profitable market.

Dig deeper into Pokemon Go’s financial success with the stats below:

4. Pokemon Go annual revenue reached $1.21 billion in 2021, up 45% from $0.83 billion in 2016.

(Business of Apps)

The game generated $0.58 billion in revenue in 2017 and grew by 40% in 2018. Pokemon Go revenue was estimated at $1.23 billion in 2020, up from $0.89 in 2019.


Revenue, in $US billions













5. Pokémon Go revenue from app purchases reached $703.74 million in 2022, down from $877.66 million in 2021.


In 2020, the app generated $909.11 million in revenue, up 65% from 2016.


In-app Purchase Revenue, in $US millions















6. Player spending estimates continue to exceed $4 million per day.


As of 2019, expenditures among Pokemon Go active players reached around $4 million daily. This led to about $641 million in in-game spending during the first half of 2021. 

7. The US is the most profitable Pokemon Go market.

(Come to Play)

With 36.3% of the in-app player spending market, the US is the most profitable country for Pokemon Go, followed by Japan at 31.3% and Germany at 5.7%. 

Pokemon Go Demographics

Pokemon Go's popularity varies significantly by location. Recent statistics indicate that its usage is soaring in the US and is expected to remain strong. 

Below are the user profile figures for Pokemon Go:

8. The US accounts for 19% of all Pokemon Go downloads.

(Business of Apps)

Pokemon Go usage shows that 19% of current downloads occur in the US, making it the largest market. The rest of the players are from:

  • Brazil (10%)
  • India (6%)

9. There are 827,205 daily active Pokemon Go players in the US.


Infographics about daily active users in the Pokemon Go market

With 827,205 daily active users, the US is the most prevalent market for Pokemon Go, followed by the UK at just 272,015. 

Pokemon Go Usage Stats

Pokemon Go consistently updates its game app to encourage players to return. Although its number of players is decreasing, there is still a steady stream of usage for Pokemon Go.

Learn more about Pokemon Go usage through the following statistics:

💡 Did You Know?

Pokemon Go has been banned in countries like Iran, China, and Thailand due to safety concerns. The game's immersive nature can make players lose awareness of their surroundings, potentially leading to accidents, especially near traffic.

10. Pokemon Go players walked roughly 4.3 billion miles in 2021.

(For the Win)

Health benefits are a prime selling point of Pokemon Go. Stats show that users walked 4.3 billion miles in 2021 and are still making the most of it.

11. The average player spends up to half an hour in-app daily.

(Come to Play)

While it might not be the same hours of daily play seen back in 2016, statistics show that players spend an average of 33 minutes in-app daily. This suggests a steady and ongoing stream of usage. 

Wrap Up

Pokemon Go’s popularity might decrease, but it’s still steady and available in the market. As the statistics suggest, the game is still thriving. 

The survival of Pokemon Go can also be attributed to its players who continuously support the app. In return, this support challenges the company to improve its game dynamics, making the game more fun and engaging.


Do adults still play Pokemon?

The average age of a Pokemon Go player is 24 years old, meaning that adults continue to play the game.

What age group plays Pokemon the most?

38% of Pokemon Go players are millennials, making this the most prevalent demographic group.

How many Pokemon Go players are there worldwide?

Pokemon Go usage statistics show more than 150 million players worldwide, 827,205 of which are from the US. 


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