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A browser with a built-in VPN is an excellent option if you’re looking to hide your IP address online, without having to commit to a separate VPN service.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve looked at the 8 most popular web browsers with built-in VPN and what they have to offer.

Let’s dive in.

Web browsers with built-in VPN are a great way to protect your browsing from snoopers. 

They’re the perfect tool for users that don’t need a VPN outside of their browser or need any of the advanced perks that the best VPNs offer.

This also means that VPN web browsers don’t deliver the same level of performance and security as providers like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

But, if you’re happy with privacy basics, Internet browsers with built in VPN deserve a closer look.

1. Brave Browser

brave browser logo

image credit: brave.com

  • Free version: No
  • Paid version: $9.99/mo (7-day free trial)
  • Server locations: 10
  • No. of devices: 5
  • Available on: iOS and Android

Brave is arguably the best browser with a built in VPN

This browser was built with privacy in mind and boasts some solid security tools, but the company doesn’t own the VPN services that it offers; The VPN feature was integrated into the browser after Brave partnered with Guardian.

The VPN is the real deal; It uses the WireGuard protocol, supports speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and encrypts your traffic with AES-256. It also comes with a firewall, which helps block different types of malware threats. 

The best part? The VPN encrypts all of your online activity, including outside of the browser.

2. Opera

opera browser logo

image credit: opera.com

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: $5.99/mo
  • Server locations: 3 in the free version; 3,000 in the paid version
  • No. of devices: 6
  • Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS

Opera is one of the best web browsers of 2022, and with a good reason– it’s crammed with features, including a free VPN.

What makes it one of the most popular browsers with VPN is that Opera doesn’t require users to create an account to hide their IP address. On top of that, the browser is compatible with most platforms.

The free “VPN” version works more like a secure proxy than a true VPN

If you’re willing to spend some money on it, the Opera VPN Pro covers your entire Internet traffic and offers plenty of servers to choose from.

3. Tor Browser

tor browser logo

image credit: torproject.org

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: No
  • Server locations: N/A
  • No. of devices: N/A
  • Available on: Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows

Tor doesn’t technically come with a built-in VPN but it can provide a similar level of protection as a web browser with a free built in VPN.

The browser consists of a network of access points, called nodes, that work like proxies. When you use the Tor browser, your connection gets routed through these nodes, which means the browser can hide some of your identifying data, like your IP address and location.

That said, you can use a VPN over Tor (also known as Onion over VPN). 

This added layer of security will prevent any Tor node and your ISP from seeing your IP address and provide better security and privacy than browsers with built in VPN on their own.

4. Aloha Browser

aloha browser logo

image credit: alohabrowser.com

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: $3.50/mo
  • Server locations: 14 (one free)
  • No. of devices
  • Available on: Android and iOS

Unlike most of the competition, the Aloha Browser comes with a real VPN tool (and not just a basic proxy). The VPN doesn’t have any data limits but the free version doesn’t allow you to choose your location.

The browser also comes with a stack of privacy and media tools, including cookies, ads, and tracker blocker, a secure file manager, and a built-in player.

If you upgrade to Aloha Premium, you’ll get to select any of the VPN locations, but you still won’t be able to use it on a desktop, since it’s only available on mobile devices.

If you’re looking for a VPN that works on Mac and Windows as well, Private Internet Access costs only $2.08/month on its three-year plan.

5. Epic Browser

epic browser logo

image credit: epicbrowser.com

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: No
  • Server locations: 8 (all free)
  • No. of devices: /
  • Available on: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS

Epic Browser’s biggest selling point is that it’s permanently running in “incognito” mode.

This Chromium-based browser has all the regular tracking technologies removed and custom blocks WebRTC IP address leaks, secret crypto-mining code, and fingerprinting scripts.

The browser has a built-in ad-blocking tool and sort-of VPN, which the website describes as an “encrypted proxy.” It doesn’t require any registration, offers unlimited bandwidth, and has 8 locations to choose from.

Unlike the paid version that some of the browsers on this list offer, Epic’s proxy only protects your browser traffic, but it performs well enough for a free built in VPN browser.

6. Avast Browser Pro

avast browser logo

image credit: avast.com

  • Free version: No
  • Paid version: $4.59/mo (60-day free trial)
  • Server locations: 30
  • No. of devices: 10
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

The free Avast Browser comes with some added features that make your browsing secure and safe, but it’s the upgraded version that comes with a built-in VPN.

The built-in VPN browser is a chromium-based browser that offers a powerful ad-blocker and a VPN that can protect your traffic and data across all of your devices and help you access blocked and geo-restricted content. It also boasts a password manager, ad block, and antivirus protection. 

The VPN itself uses military-grade encryption and whether you opt for the add-on only or the browser as a whole, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. UR Browser

ur browser logo

image credit: ur-browser.com

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: $10.5/mo
  • Server locations: 16 (1 free)
  • No. of locations: /
  • Available on: Mac and Windows (PC)

UR Browser is a Chromium-powered app that boasts a long list of built-in security features– from cookie, tracker, and ad-blocking to virus scanning for downloads and anti-phishing tools. 

The built in VPN on the browser is easy to use, with no data limits and 16 locations to choose from– unless you decide to stick to the free version, which only gives you access to one location. 

UR Browser requires users to register and hand over their email and password to use the VPN, but it’s a small price to pay, considering what the service offers compared to most of the competition. 

8. Psiphon 

psiphon browser logo

image credit: psiphon.ca

  • Free version: Yes
  • Paid version: No
  • Server locations: N/A
  • No. of devices: N/A
  • Available on: iOS

Psiphon Browser is a browser with a built in VPN that’s only available on iPhones and iPads. 

The company utilizes HTTP Proxy, VPN, and SSH technology to help users bypass censorship and geo-restricted content online.

It allows users to send and receive data through a secure network, like any regular VPN, but it also disguises the traffic and hides where it’s coming from. This makes it hard for websites and snoopers to figure out whether the traffic is VPN or regular and in case it’s flagged, Psiphon will automatically connect to another protocol.

Psiphon also works on Android, Mac, and Windows users, but in the form of a regular app and not a browser.

Bottom Line

The most popular web browsers with built-in VPN are an excellent option if you’re looking for an extra layer of protection when browsing the web. They can hide your IP address and location and keep you safe from snoopers and hackers.

What’s more, most of them come with extra security features, like ad blockers and firewalls, which are just enough for a private browsing experience.


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