21 Impressive Slack Statistics You Must Know About in 2023

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Updated · Jan 26, 2023

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There was a time when heading into the office was mandatory and an essential part of any job. Now, thanks to great platforms like Slack, more of us can now work from home.

Similar tools and apps even have their place in office-based organizations, transforming the way teams communicate and work together.

So, how popular is Slack with businesses? We’ve looked through relevant Slack statistics to try and answer this question ourselves.

Incredible Slack Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

Think you know a lot about Slack? Think again:

  • The number of people using Slack daily exceeds 10 million.
  • 43% of Fortune 100 businesses pay to use Slack.
  • Valued at $13.2 billion as of September 2019.
  • 9 hours is the time period an average user of Slack is signed in for.
  • 3 million people pay to use Slack.
  • Slack’s total revenue was over $630 million in 2020.

General Slack Statistics

Slack has come a long way since its inception back in 2009. The Slack number of employees stands at 1,664 people worldwide, and the platform is compatible with 4,000 different apps. Plus, more than 1.5 billion messages per month are sent using Slack.

1. It started life as ‘Tiny Speck’ in 2009 until it was re-named Slack in 2015.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Interestingly, the first product developed by Tiny Speck was the ‘Glitch’ computer game. It bore some resemblance to Slack in its current format. Particularly, the gameplay, which was based on discovering and growing resources, and building a community.

2. Every weekday, Slack surpasses one billion usage minutes.

(Source: SiliconAngle)

As of March 2020, Slack usage stats showed that the company had more than 110,000 paying users. Slack’s usage skyrocketed to over a billion usage minutes per weekday due to an influx of new customers.

Since the start of the pandemic, the company has added even more customers, so we expect that it experiences more impressive usage numbers.

3. 4,000 apps have been developed for use with Slack.

(Source: The Motley Fool)

Slack statistics tell us that there are 4,000 apps available that work alongside it. This makes it incredibly convenient to use. In fact, it is this number which is believed to be a reason why Slack competes so well alongside Microsoft Teams.

4. 600,000+ organizations around the world use Slack.

(Source: Tech Crunch)

Although Slack’s headquarters is based in San Francisco, California, it has offices all around the world. This means it is set up well to deal with a global customer base. Slack statistics in 2021 tell us that out of the 600,000+ organizations using Slack, 88,000 pay to use it, whereas 550,000 use the free version.

5. The name ‘Slack’ is an acronym.

(Source: Business Insider)

The meaning behind the company’s name is ‘Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.’

Many people find this rather humorous, considering that the conversational use of the word slack means lazy and inactive.

Slack User Base

The total Slack number of users indicates the popularity of this platform within businesses. The number of Slack daily active users stands at more than 10 million people, spending on average 9 hours signed in. The paid version appears to be popular as well, with 3 million subscribers and 43% of Fortune 100 businesses using it according to Slack user stats.

6. The number of people using Slack daily exceeds 10 million.

(Source: Slack)

This significant Slack user base is down to a couple of reasons. It is easier to use than email because information can be searched. Also, there are lots of apps available as a result of integration partnerships with key players like Salesforce and Google.

7. 43% of Fortune 100 businesses pay to use Slack.

(Source: DMR)

A list of companies using the Slack paid version isn’t available. However, if you’re wondering how many companies use Slack, specifically Fortune 100, this is currently 65. Due to the lack of Slack usage stats in this area, we can’t say exactly which companies use it, although the likes of Wal-Mart, Apple, and General Motors are part of Fortune 100.

8. 3 million people pay to use Slack.

(Source: Statistica)

If you’re wondering how many people use Slack paid versions, Slack statistics give us a figure of 3 million. There are three different tiers of subscriptions depending on the size of the organization. When you reach the section ‘how much is Slack worth’, we will reveal what an organization might pay for each tier.

9. 9 hours is the time period an average user of Slack is signed in for.

(Source: DMR)

Slack usage statistics suggest that the majority of users leave Slack open in the background throughout their entire working day. Obviously, users don’t spend all day just using Slack. Its active use is around an hour and a half per day on average.

Slack Growth Statistics

Apart from its main American headquarters, Slack has offices all over the world. In fact, Slack stats in 2022 tell us that the company employs around 2,045 people. Being a truly accessible product, it is available from virtually anywhere, as long as a browser or app can be accessed.

10. Slack employs 1,664 people in its many offices around the world.

(Source: Wikipedia)

In April 2009, Slack employed 1,664 people. Now, Slack statistics tell us that the company has around 2,045 staff on its books. The majority of employees are based at its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

11. Aside from its American headquarters, Slack also has 11 other offices worldwide.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The majority of Slack’s team is based at its San Francisco headquarters in California. However, Slack’s employees are spread around the world in offices based in Dublin, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Denver, London, Tokyo, Pune, Paris, Istanbul, and Melbourne. Perhaps indicating the impressive rate of Slack growth since 2009.

12. Slack is available in over 150 countries worldwide.

(Source: Slack)

Slack stats haven’t specified countries which it is available in. This suggests that Slack is a universal platform and can be accessed virtually anywhere through an app or web browser. 

13. The city with most Slack users worldwide is New York with 420,000 users.

(Source: DMR)

This is unsurprising considering that Slacks actual headquarters are based in nearby San Francisco, and considering the population and industries based in New York itself. Tokyo follows on from New York with 330,000 users, followed by London (196,000 users) and finally Berlin (82,000 users) based on the latest Slack stats.

How Much Is Slack Worth

Slack has experienced substantial growth since 2017, or so the statistics on Slack tell us. It’s latest revenue figure was $400 million. A far cry from $105.2 million back in 2017. The company is actually worth a whopping $13.2 billion in 2019 according to Slack statistics.

14. In the UK, the standard Slack subscription for small to medium-sized businesses is £5.25 a month.

(Source: Slack)

For larger businesses, it costs £9.75 a month per user and the number of features begins to increase. The most expensive plan is ‘Enterprise Grid’ which is aimed at very large businesses or ‘highly regulated’ industries.

15. Slack was valued at $27.7 billion as of December 2020.

(Source: CNBC)

If you’ve ever wondered how much Slack is worth, its most recent valuation is $27.7 billion.

This value was announced after Salesforce acquired the messaging and collaboration company in December of 2020.

16. Slack’s total revenue was over $630 million in 2020.

(Source: Slack)

$630.4 million, to be exact. An increase of 57% year-over-year.

Slack statistics show that the company has seen impressive growth over the years, especially when considering that its revenue back in 2019 was $400 million.

17. Slack has a market share of 22.50%.

(Source: Enlyft)

Slack market stats tell us that its market share is much greater than its main competitor, Microsoft Sharepoint (22.75%) when it comes to the businesses' collaboration software of choice.

18. Microsoft Teams is Slack’s biggest competitor.

(Source: Business of Apps)

Microsoft announced Teams shortly after Slack was launched, and it has remained its biggest competitor ever since.

Slack stats showed that the company had 12 million daily active users in 2020. Teams, on the other hand, had 75 million.

Experts even speculate that Teams is relentlessly committed to killing off Slack.

Slack Chat Statistics

Those Slack chat statistics prove that Slack is fulfilling its mission of bringing ‘people, applications, and data’ together. While unlimited messaging is only available on the paid version, Slack features hundreds of emojis for use in its messages unlike its competitor Microsoft Teams.

19. The number of channels that can be created on Slack is unlimited.

(Source: Quora)

However, Slack channel statistics tell us that there is currently a limitation on the free plan. This means that you won’t be able to see your chat history or the channels you’ve created once you’ve exceeded the free limit of 10,000 messages. You’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan to do this.

20. You can use hundreds of emojis in your messages on Slack.

(Source: Business Insider)

One Slack emoji stat listed on Business Insider is that there are hundreds of emojis to choose from that can be included in messages to your colleagues. This was the only Slack emoji statistic available.

21. 87% of Slack users say it improves communication and organization in business.

(Source: Securities and Exchange Commission) 

Slack workplace statistics published by SEC tell us that the majority of business users agree it improves their collaboration and communication at work with their colleagues. Slack themselves also say that their platform brings together, ‘people, applications and data’, and based on this figure, this is certainly true. 

Wrap Up

Slack has come a long way since its inception back in 2009. Now, over 600,000 companies around the world make use of it and it is used in excess of ten million people per day. 

It is a highly valued business tool with many businesses opting to even pay for an unlimited version of the platform. 

Slack’s success can be seen by its strong global presence and financial position as backed up by many of the Slack statistics. It now employs more than 2045 staff across 11 offices worldwide, generating more than $400 million in revenue last year. Slack is now worth a massive $13.2 billion with a market share of 2.26%.

So why has it been so successful? Employees and businesses seem to value its mission of bringing together communication, organization, and data sharing. In fact, 87% of users agree that Slack has helped improve their whole work process.

Do you use Slack?


Jacquelyn Bulao

Jacquelyn Bulao

I am a natural-born connector, known for long-standing and effective business partnerships. I am fuelled by my passion for human resources and my genuine love of connecting with others. To date, my knowledge & determination to transform information into action & initiatives have contributed to my successful career. HR is something that I live and breathe, and I know the impact it has in transforming businesses; and the lives of those who work inside it.

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