25+ Insane Twitch Stats You Need to Know in 2024

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In recent years, live streaming has completely changed how we use computer games for entertainment. Social media made finding friends and players easier and sharing our gaming experience in real-time. This boosted the gaming industry and introduced new ways to profit.

The streaming giant Twitch.tv best illustrates the trend. The site is now home to broadcasters and viewers with a strong passion for games. Recent stats reveal Twitch has 31 million daily users, offering marketers opportunities in the vast online community.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you these fantastic Twitch statistics. They will help you navigate through the fascinating world of live online gaming.

Before we dig deep into the numbers, here are some amazing facts to get you up to speed:

Editor’s Choice

  • From 2021 to 2026, gaming will be worth about $295 billion globally
  • There are over 10 million Twitch streamers as of 2023.
  • Twitch viewing hours exceeded 22.4 billion in 2022.
  • 65% of Twitch users are male, while 35% are female.
  • Just Chatting is the most-watched category as of April 2023.
  • Twitch had an average of 2,58 million concurrent views in 2022.
  • As of 2023, KaiCenat is the leading streamer with over 215,211 concurrent subs.
  • Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is Twitch's most followed live streamer as of 2023, with 18 million followers.

Eye-Opening Stats on Twitch for 2023

Twitch is currently the leading platform for gamers to showcase their talents. Many upcoming and talented gamers start streaming on Twitch to boost their engagement on YouTube and other media. 

Twitch also helped increase the gaming industry’s worth, reaching new heights of almost $50 billion in 2022. With its interactive UI, the platform features new games, software, gaming equipment, and more.

The numbers that prove it are coming up. Get to know the latest in Twitch this 2023 with these statistics below. 

1. As of May 2023, Twitch has over 10 million streamers.

(Statista, TechCrunch)

The popularity of e-sports has swept over the entire world, allowing gaming influencers to play video games and earn a full-time income from their hobby. This platform is worth paying attention to, especially for brands, as the daily audience figure is 15 million. 

To keep up with the number of users, Twitch recently announced on May a clip editor allowing users to create short-form videos. This update is due to the effectiveness of short-form videos in marketing, by 85%.

2. Twitch currently has over 140 million monthly active users.

(Bank My Cell) 

The platform has about 140 million monthly active users as of May 2023. The average number of concurrent Twitch viewers is 2.45 million, a decrease of 300,000 viewers (13%) from 2022.

With millions of deeply engaged and loyal users, Twitch's platform is becoming more attractive for content creators, especially mobile creators.

Statistics also show it has climbed alongside other powerful social media platforms in recent years. To put that in perspective, 140 million active users are a considerable number monthly.

📈 Market Trends:

Twitch’s big numbers don’t mean competitors aren’t trying. Kick, a streaming platform launched just a few months ago, has aggressively tried to get a bite of Twitch’s market share.

Banking on Twitch streamers’ dissatisfaction with newer policies and subscription splits, the rookie platform has poached some of the most high-profile streamers on Twitch.

xQc, Twitch’s top streamer, signed a $100 million contract with the platform in June 2023. That’s a few million more than LeBron James’ two-year contract with the LA Lakers, worth $97.1 million.

3. There was a 6% decrease in the average number of concurrent live channels in 2022.

(Business of Apps) 

Twitch growth stats tell us this is a decline compared to previous years. 2017 and 2018 was the most vigorous period, with 67% growth. 

2019 things started to slow down, with only 20% growth. This year has been reasonably good regarding developing the average number of concurrent channels at a 55% increase from 2019.

4. With 29.6 million viewers in 2022, eSports will have 31.4 million viewers in America by 2023.

(Play Today)

These include the likes of the MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS. The only league with more viewers than eSports is the NFL, which is expected to have 141 million in 2021. 

If eSports reaches 1 billion views, it will attract the same number of viewers as tennis, the fourth most popular sport worldwide. Judging by eSports's $3.2 billion growth, it's on its way to do precisely that. 

5. The US is the largest Twitch market, having 20.8% Americans as its audience.

(Back Linko) 

Twitch stats by country show that next in line with the highest number of viewers is Germany (7.11%), followed by South Korea (4.53%) and Russia at 4.30%, individually. France still managed to scrape in the top 5, at 4.11%.

There were 31.4 million Twitch users in the country in 2021, which increased to 33.2 million in 2022. As of 2023, the United States is the live-streaming site’s biggest market, bringing 36.70 million users into the Twitch population.

🎉Fun Fact: 

Although Twitch has a significant market hold, Netflix is still the leading video streaming platform with a 53% penetration rate in the US. 47% of Americans also prefer the platform to other services.

6. Users spent 22.4 billion hours watching Twitch in 2022.

(Business of App & Dexerto) 

In 2022, viewers consumed about 22.4 billion hours of Twitch, a 6% decrease in 2021. In Q3 of 2022, users spent 5.71 billion hours on the platform, a 1.7% decrease from 6.13 billion hours in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

Top Five Streamers Based on Watch Hours in 2022


227.23 million 


161.75 million


112.03 million


101.46 million


82.48 million

There’s no one size fits all formula to guarantee success on Twitch. However, a streamer’s popularity on the platform can increase through a regular schedule and a steady and consistent output.


English takes the most significant piece of the pie regarding Twitch viewership, accounting for 52.89% of content on the streaming service in January 2023.

This is unsurprising as most gamers are from euro or Western countries, as there are over 1500 million English-speaking people worldwide.

Spanish is the second most popular, with 13.23% of the total viewers and 10.2% of all channels. Germans, with 5.67% streamers, come third.

8. Twitch generated $2.8 billion in revenue in 2022.

(Market Splash)  

Twitch generated an annual revenue of about 2.8 billion in 2022, up from $2.6 billion in 2021. 

The platform earned around $33.67 million from in-app purchases worldwide in Q4 2022. Most of its revenue is from advertising, showing a 41% year-on-year increase.

9. In 2022, Ninja was Twitch's top streamer with a net worth of $50 million.

(Stream Scheme) 

Ninja or Richard Blevins left Twitch for a year to join Mixer. He then rejoined after the latter shut down. Upon returning, he made some impressive moves, nearing close to 100,000 views in just a quarter of an hour. 

As of Q1 of 2021, Ninja streams 80 hours weekly. He once got 635,000 onlookers in collaboration with Drake. In 2021, the professional streamer had 16.9 million followers. The second place is Turner Ellis (TFUE), with 10.2 million followers. 

On May 12, 2021, Ninja teased his return to Fortnite. 

(Stream Labs) 

Twitch's "Just Chatting" category is the most watched, as streamers engage with viewers before switching to an actual game, showcasing their love for chatting and engaging with viewers.


League of Legends is the #1 most popular game on Twitch based on the peak number of all-time viewers. From January to November 2022, Twitch’s most popular gaming category was League of Legends, with approximately 1.4 billion hours of content watched worldwide.

The most popular e-sports discipline title in 2022 is League of Legends, with a recorded 5.1 million concurrent viewers in 2022.

12. Ironmouse had the highest number of active subs as of June 2023, at 108,426.

(Twitch Metrics) 

According to Twitch stats for streamers, Ironmouse grabs the top position. Second place went to Fextralife, with 58,766 active subs, while Kai Cenat took third place, with 48,767 current active subs.

However, total subs stats show a different picture. As of Q2 2023, Ironmouse still takes the lead. Jynxzi and Gaules trail closely after.

General Twitch Facts

Twitch provides users with various benefits, including a share of the revenue from ads, customizable Cheermotes, and Bit Badges. 

Partners can customize their content, enjoy 60 days of broadcast storage, and receive financial support. Additionally, users can subscribe to their channels.

Let’s begin with the stats showing Twitch’s popularity with gamers and streamers.

13. On average, about 2.45 million people watch Twitch in 2023.

(Back My Cell) 

The number of people watching Twitch increased from 2 million in 2021 to 2.45 million viewers as of May 2023. Back in 2020, it attracted roughly only one million viewers. It’s also better than 2018’s figures, with about 930,000.

Twitch experienced a steady increase in viewers in the gaming industry over the past years, highlighting its significant influence.

In recent years, videos have dominated the internet. Nearly 15% of millennials spend most of their time watching videos.

14. Twitch has over 11 million unique streaming channels as of May 2023.


Although Twitch has over 11 million unique streaming channels, all the channels are not equal. The most prominent channels can attract millions of subscribers, while the reality for many streamers is battling to hit landmarks like 100 followers.

15. Twitch had 5.28 billion hours of watch time in the Q1 of 2023.

(Stream Charts) 

Twitch had 5.28 billion hours of watch time in the Q1 of 2023

In the first quarter of 2023 (January-March), Twitch garnered 5.28 billion hours of watch time, almost the same as in Q4 2022.

The Amazon-owned platform showed a slight increase due to the start of new esports seasons in Dota 2, Valorant, League of Legends, and several game releases. 

In February, Hogwarts Legacy briefly became the most popular game on the platform. Other new releases that enjoyed success included Sons of the Forest, Resident Evil 4, and the beta test for Diablo IV.

It is also worth noting that the first quarter includes the shortest month of the year (February), which means it had two fewer days than the fourth quarter of 2022.

16. Ninja has the highest number of followers as of May 2023, 18 million.


Ninja is the most followed Twitch streamer, with over 18 million followers on his channel. He ended his exclusive partnership with Twitch when he moved to Mixer but returned after the platform dissolved.

Closely following Ninja’s follower count, Auronplay and Rubius are on track to overtake him.

17. Fextralife has an A++ grade as of March 2021.

(Sociable Blade)

Fextralife ranks at the top position with 1.3 billion. The streamer has only 583,486 followers, less than Ninja’s 16M. Therefore, the performance is impressive, given that Ninja takes the 5th position. 

Nevertheless, Ninja has managed to get an A++ accreditation. Riot Games takes the second position with 1.2 billion followers, while ShadbaseMurderTV emerges as number three with 179 million followers.

18. There are over 30 million daily active users on the platform.

(Earth Web) 

For 66% of people, videos are their main source of information. Consequently, more platforms are veering towards focusing on videos to keep their users hooked and drive traffic to their websites. In recent years, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have pushed for live streaming on their site.

On Twitch, streams drive in the highest traffic, with the most active day being Sunday. Saturday is the second busiest day, while Monday brings the least action.

Twitch has over 30 million daily active users, comprising viewers and gamers. The platform further boasts 3 million monthly broadcasters with almost 2 billion minutes of videos watched daily.

Twitch’s closest rival for video content, YouTube, logs in 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute.

👍 Helpful Articles:

Twitch can be a stepping stone to stardom for many. Check out our helpful articles for Twitch to start your streaming career.

Twitch Growth Stats

In May 2023, Twitch had approximately 7.25 million active streamers, down from a peak of 9.89 million in January 202. However, Twitch is expected to reach 40 million monthly active users in 2023, and streaming games on platforms like Twitch will be worth approximately $295 billion globally.

Alright, we covered the scope of the platform. Now let’s see the numbers behind the site’s success.

19. The Twitch peak as of January 2021 was about 6.5 million.

(Earth Web) 

The Twitch peak as of January 2021 was about 6.5 million

January 2021’s record was 6,577,002, averaging 2,919,533. February and March’s peak figures averaged five million. Twitch has an average of 2,709,745 viewers per day.

Their peak viewership sits at 6.5 Million views, more than Super Bowl 51's number last year. January of 2021 was a hectic month for streamers on Twitch as the viewership stats skyrocketed like never before.

20. As of May 2023, Just Chatting has 2.9 billion hours of content watched worldwide.


The interaction platform for streamers allows them to share tips, hacks, and related gaming info. Coming in second are games on Twitch, such as League of Legends (1,400 billion hours) and Grand Theft Auto (1,300 billion hours).

21. XQC, a Canadian streamer, had the highest watch hours in April 2023.

(Streams Charts) 

As of April 2023, a Canadian streamer xQc (Felix Lengyel)  became the list's leader with 15.1 million HW, a 17% increase over March. 

Coming second is Gaules, a Brazilian CS:GO streamer. Japanese streamer fps_shaka moved up to number three with 9.46 million HW.

Primarily an Overwatch streamer, xQc streams various other games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA V, and more recently, Among Us and Cyberpunk 2077. 

Currently, xQc has around 11.6 million followers on Twitch and 2.22 million subscribers on YouTube.

What’s in Store for the Future?

Twitch has announced changes to its revenue system that will kick in this year, with this new update affecting some of its biggest streamers. 

The current revenue model works on a 50/50 split between partnered streamers and the platform when dealing with paid subscriptions. In comparison, more prominent streamers get a more generous 70/30 split.

This changes in June 2023, as streamers will get to keep 70% of the subscription revenue on the first $100,000 earned, and the share will then revert to a 50/50 split. 

According to a blog post from Twitch president Dan Clancy, the new threshold will impact Twitch's top 10% of streamers. One of the reasons for the policy change is the increased cost of video hosting.

22. Users spend an average of 95 minutes watching live gaming daily.

(Demand Sage) 

In addition, half of the daily active users spend 20 hours or more on the platform weekly. The Twitch audience is among the most engaged when talking about live streaming. Live streaming and audience views provide an excellent opportunity for marketers as well. 

23. 82% of Twitch users say sponsorships suit the gaming industry.

(Hashtag Paid) 

About 82% of Twitch users say sponsorships suit the gaming industry. In comparison, about 80% of users are open to brands sponsoring a specific gamer or team. With 78% saying they want to see more charity in gaming.

Twitch sponsorships can come as sponsored gift subs, allowing brands to buy and gift subscriptions in Chat to viewers at scale. 

Sub Codes let brands pay for subs ahead of time; these subcodes can be shared with the brand's customers off-Twitch and redeemed on Twitch for subscriptions.

📈 Market Trends:

Twitch streamers stream for hours on end. However, did you know that short-form videos are 2.5 times more likely to get users' engagement than long-form videos?

If you’ve seen more Facebook and IG reels, YouTube shorts, and Tiktok in the past few months, this results from marketers and content creators veering towards quicker videos.

24. Twitch had 61,276 partners in 2023. 

(Stream Charts) 

Twitch's program allows its members to earn through ads and paid subscriptions. As of 2023, the platform has increased to 61,276, up from 40,100 partners in 2020. After all, 79% of consumers would rather watch videos of a product than about read it.

Brands also see the importance of ads and subscription services on Twitch, as 49% see increased income through videos, and 81% use videos and partners as marketing tools.

Since its inception, it has grown yearly, and the trend is likely to continue in the coming years. 

25. The Compound Annual Growth Revenue (CAGR) for gaming worldwide will be 13.20% between 2021 to 2028.

(Globe Newswire) 

According to Twitch stats, the global gaming market will grow at a CAGR of over 13.20% during the forecast period. By 2028, its value will be close to $545.98 billion. 

The main driver for the growth will be the emerging markets. Developers are constantly writing new code or tweaking old ones for giants like Xbox, Playstation, and Windows PC.

26. About 65% of Twitch users are male as of 2023.


The remaining 35% are female viewers. This shouldn't be a surprise, as men are the dominating gender in the sports and gaming world.

When looking at channels in the same category and with the same concurrent viewership, female streamers typically have more followers than male streamers.

A male-dominant user base isn’t exclusive to Twitch either. YouTube’s viewers are primarily men, making up 62% of their total users.


The gaming industry is undeniably in its Golden Age. By 2026, the worldwide gaming market will reach $256 billion. The gaming community is also growing, and people seek ways to share their experiences.

Twitch has played a vital role in this process. By connecting gaming with live streaming, it struck gold. The vast and highly-engaged audience it attracts is every marketer’s dream - it explains the platform’s financial success well. 

This also makes Twitch’s future bright as well.


Who has the most subs on Twitch?

Gaules had 74,190 active subs in 2022. Second place went to Kai Cenat, with 71,756 active subs, while XQC took third place, with 68,549 current active subs. 

How much does a Twitch streamer make per sub?

A Twitch subscription ranges from roughly $5–$25 per month. Twitch statistics tell us it's between 50% and 70% of the subscription fee, depending on their tier. Streamers earn anywhere from $2.50–$12.50 per subscription per month.

Why did Ninja leave Twitch?

Ninja left Twitch for a more lucrative deal with Mixer, but unfortunately, it closed down in July 2020. However, there’s some good news - he’s now back on Twitch full-time. 

How many Twitch streamers are there?

According to Twitch stats, there are 10 million streamers as of March 2023.


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