23 Video Marketing Statistics You Cannot Miss in 2024

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Given the number of internet users viewing video content daily, video marketing has become prominent among marketers. A global 2020 survey revealed that over 3 billion internet users of any age streamed and downloaded video using any device. 

The growing demand for video content has encouraged 70% of non-video marketers to incorporate video marketing strategies into their plans to increase user reach and engagement. 

For marketers, videos can communicate a wealth of information and raise awareness and engagement, especially if you want to promote your brand. 

Learn more about video content's effectiveness in marketing and emerging trends through these statistics.  

Editor’s Choice

  • 80% of people remember a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days.
  • 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read about the product.
  • 55% of online users watch videos daily.
  • Videos get shared 12 times more than texts and photos combined.
  • 91% of customers rely on video to decide whether to purchase.
  • Videos lead to 49% faster revenue growth than any other marketing strategy.
  • Video marketing strategies are responsible for an average rise of 54% in brand awareness. 
  • 92% of marketers claim video gives them good ROI.
  • 3.1 billion people consume videos on the internet daily.
  • 86% of marketers use video for their marketing campaigns.

2023 Statistics Overview on Video Marketing

With the increasing demand for video content among internet users, businesses spend more and more money on video advertising. In the US, an estimated $55.34 billion was spent on digital video advertising just in 2021. 

As the attention of audiences and advertisers shifts from traditional media to visually appealing digital video content, let’s know more about user-watching behaviors through these statistics. 

1. 80% of people remember a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days.

(Stellar Digital)

80% of people remember a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days
People refrain from being reminded, even in commercials, to continue watching advertisements for around a month. 

If you need more evidence, you can name the company in an ad that features a car and two ladybugs. Or the one with the cheerful homemakers and the washing detergent. Using that specific example, you can mention more than one organization.

Even though people spend an average of 29 minutes and 37 seconds on Youtube daily watching various videos, they continue to recall those they viewed over a month ago. That's the power of video marketing.

2. Customers remember 95% of the videos they watch.

(Neal Schaffer)

Studies show people remember 10% of the information they hear and around 20% of what they see. Combining those two channels does the trick, as 80% of people remember video content more than other ads.

Most people remember information presented through video better. Even if they aren't prepared to buy right now, they will probably think of your brand afterward. Users who have watched a video     

"There is something about video marketing that helps it stay apart from the other online marketing tactics. When done correctly, all you need is one video marketing campaign to build up highly targeted traffic for a really long time." – Carey Lowe (Brainshark)

Source: https://www.brainshark.com/ideas-blog/21-quotes-on-video-marketing/

3. 79% of buyers say they prefer to watch a product video than read one.


A 3-minute video will give us far more information than a 3-minute read. A video can show valuable tips, customer reviews, and behind-the-scenes content. It would require literally zero effort from you to watch it.

Short-from videos are more popular than long articles because they are quicker to consume and demand less reading comprehension, time, and attention.

4. 91.8% of users watch videos weekly.


Surprisingly, the number is relatively low, but it doesn’t matter because 91.8% is a gigantic pool of future customers. 

Approximately 2500 videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube, one of the leading streaming platforms, including music, tutorials, gaming, and influencer videos.

5. 55% of those watch videos daily. 

(Lemon Light)

That’s more than half of the weekly users.

The internet is no small space. It houses people worldwide, making 55% a vast audience to reach. Videos are also the most widely shared content; photos and text don't come even close.

People enjoy watching videos because it entertains and allows them to learn new knowledge and skills.

6. As of 2023, over 5 billion videos were watched daily.

(Earth Web)

As of 2023, over 5 billion videos were watched daily

Just think about how many videos you see daily on social media–consider it now from a marketer's perspective. Aside from the fact that videos are easier to remember, they are also easier to access using different devices. 

There is a higher rate of online video consumption via mobile phones compared to desktops and laptops. In fact, 90% of all video views come from mobile devices

7. Watching a review impacts our emotions more than reading a review.

(Frontiers In.org) 

Videos also impact people’s emotions. Reading a customer’s review will make you feel more engaged when you see the consumer using the product and hear them laud it.

Imagine that everyone shares your brand's video. You can still have a significant effect even if you only reach a few people because videos typically impact consumer choices.

8. 92% of marketers claim video gives them a good ROI.


92% of marketers claim video gives them a good ROI

Statistics show that 92% of video marketers 2023 will admit that video gives them a good ROI. Marketers mostly use Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook for posting social media marketing video ads. 

Advertising statistics show that video marketing is favored because it can explain everything visually in a format users prefer. 72% of potential customers prefer to learn about products and services via videos.  

Tutorials or explainer videos are viral among end-users.

9. 91% of users want more video ads for a product or service.


Videos on tutorials, tips, and tricks can also draw people to your brand. Product videos have helped 90% of customers to decide when purchasing products and services. 

When in doubt, people mostly rely on video tutorials. It turns out that videos as a whole also lead to revenue growth. 

"Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own." – Bo Dietrick (Vidyard)

Source: https://www.vidyard.com/blog/25-quotes-inspire-video-marketing/

10. Videos lead to 49% faster revenue growth than any other marketing strategy.


Videos are easy to remember and widely shared on social media, too. This is partly because they are entertaining. People hate boredom and need constant entertainment, even when doing the simplest tasks.

As a result, video content marketing beats all other marketing strategies by about 50%.

11. There's been a 54% rise in brand awareness due to video marketing.


There's been a 54% rise in brand awareness due to video marketing

One of the primary objectives of each marketing strategy is to have a better engagement rate. They can also provide you with increased web traffic and boosted conversions. 

They assist marketers in several ways to increase brand recognition.

12. 85% of marketers who use Facebook videos say it's been successful.


Videos cater to people’s desire to hear their voices and feel like their contribution matters. Social media videos are the perfect way to make them feel included.

This implies that you may effectively execute an advertising campaign on a minimal budget and still reasonably anticipate seeing results.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing | Tips from the Pros

Choosing the Right Format

Alright, these were the general video marketing statistics. 

Here’s how different types of videos fit into your marketing plan.

13. Vlogs are mostly the domain of influencers, but you can use them too.


Vlogs are the domain where influencers spend most of their social media time. To use vlogs, you need to collaborate with an influencer and use their video content (and personal credibility) as your platform.

Given the importance of organic reach and engagement, 93% of marketers include influencer marketing in their plans and strategies

Vlogs might still work for you if you dislike the idea. You can make announcements or weekly updates on your social media pages yourself. This format is also suitable for behind-the-scenes content.

14. 91% of customers want to see more videos from their favorite brands.


91% of customers want to see more videos from their favorite brands

Recent statistics reveal that ‌businesses post up to 18 videos per month. The reception from clients is incredible, with 88% saying they can’t get enough. For that reason, 66% of advertisers plan to increase their budgets in the area.

Videos let customers see how a product works, find any defects before buying it, and learn about benefits they might need to know.

15. Live videos are a marketing tool–over 30% of marketers use Facebook Live.

(Blogging Wizard)

It is best for behind-the-scenes content. In case it's not apparent, there's no way you can edit a live stream.

Facebook video stats point out that users prefer videos. This makes them a great way to connect with your audience. 

In 2021, 75% of video marketers have utilized Facebook to post video content to increase audience reach and engagement. 

💡 Did You Know? 

Given the increasing consumption of live video content, companies are leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to get real-time feedback from the audience. In fact, 79% of viewers feel that live video content brings more authentic interaction with the audience

Almost all big social media platforms have the option of live streaming, so you already possess this power at your fingertips.

16. Reviews work best for industries like tech and cosmetics.


That’s the trademark of tech companies and the beauty industry. Technologies and makeup are often reviewed in videos by bloggers or people directly connected with the line of work.

This is also one of the best ways to encourage consumers to try your product because of the positive reviews.

17. 72% of customers admit that positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in brands.

(Siege Media)

72% of customers admit that positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in brands

Testimonials are reviews given by clients. They often take the form of an interview where someone behind the camera asks the customer a few questions about the product.

The most important thing about testimonials is that they need to sound genuine. For best results, you can combine them with live videos.

Pro Tip: 

More than 70% of businesses use social media platforms to introduce new products, services, and trends. If you want to research specific brands, visit their social media pages. 

18. US television advertising revenue is set to reach $81 billion by 2025.


Ads are the oldest and most common form of video marketing. These are short clips focused solely on your brand or service. 

You can think of ads as short presentations, best for raising brand awareness and annoying TV viewers in the middle of their Game of Thrones episode.  

Even though advertisers are switching to online video, TV advertising is still growing. 

19. Emailing videos can increase the click rate by up to 300%.

(Neal Schaffer).

Emailing videos can increase the click rate by up to 300%

Video marketing statistics show that emails also benefit from videos. On average, an email with video content leads to a better ROI. It would be best if you integrated them into your email marketing plan so you’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

B2B marketers prefer email marketing because it has higher click-through rates. 79% of these marketers revealed that email is an ideal method for distributing content

Users are consuming video content in large numbers. With our attention span getting shorter and shorter, videos will soon be the only way to satisfy people’s unending desire for entertainment. 

But beware: popularity means tough competition, so making your content stand out in the sea of videos should be a priority.

💡Did You Know? 

Companies are maximizing the potential of social media for B2B marketing. In 2022, US B2B marketers reported that 7.78% of the company revenue went to marketing efforts

Unexpected Video Marketing Stats for 2023

Videos are slowly becoming vital to marketing strategies. More and more marketers and agencies are getting aware of their power. Its popularity is expected to increase dramatically next year.

After all those video marketing stats, it’s time for relaxation and fun facts.

20. YouTube is the third largest search engine.

(Earth Web)

YouTube is the third largest search engine

With 6.9 billion queries daily in 2020, Google remains a market leader in the Internet search industry, and Google Images comes in second. YouTube is the third-largest search engine globally. 

Many use it to look for reviews or explainer videos, like how to do your makeup like Adriana Lima, or how to fix toilet tanks.

21. Gangnam Style was the first video to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube.


The Oppa Gangnam Style video was published on July 15, 2012. According to YouTube video statistics, it became the first video on the platform to attract more than one billion views–no wonder this video is included in the list of the most-watched YouTube videos in 2023.

People got hooked instantly for obvious reasons; the video is entertaining, and the music is engaging. These are two of the top reasons why people watch videos repeatedly.


22. Google is placing video snippets in 26% of search results.

(Marketing Insider Group)

According to video marketing facts and stats, clips can help with first-page placements by up to 53 times compared to traditional SEO tactics. 

But there’s a catch: If you want to take advantage of better ranking using videos, give special attention to consistency, relevance, and back-end optimization.

23. 85% of Facebookers don’t turn the sound of videos on.

(Marketing Insider Group)

85% of Facebookers don’t turn the sound of videos on

Based on video marketing statistics for 2022, 85% of Facebook users watch videos with no sound. It makes sense since most individuals complete it while on the road.

People often play videos in public places, so turning the sounds on might be awkward without their headsets. Videos with captions are quite an advantage in this regard.


Video marketing is one of the best approaches a marketer can include in their marketing plans. If you're a marketer or a small business owner, this is a must-try choice to see for yourself. 

Highly entertaining and engaging videos provide information and establish a long-lasting connection to your target market.

Remember that your videos must be genuine, pertinent, and relatable to your intended audience to make them effective on various platforms.


Are videos an effective marketing tool?

Yes, videos are an extremely effective marketing strategy because they boost conversion and click-through rates. They can be shared virally online and are very interesting and simple to consume. Videos showcase a product and tell a complex story while keeping the audience glued to the screen. 

Do videos increase sales?

Yes, including it on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. 

Does video increase engagement?

Videos get more engagements and views than average social media posts, generating over 1200% more shares than texts. Viewers also retain about 95% of the message passed across, compared to 10% retention when reading a text.

Which is the second-most-consumed video marketing channel?

With 89% global usage, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. Coming in second is Facebook, with 70%. 8 of 10 consumers have downloaded apps or software after watching a brand's video advertisement.  


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