What Does PNP Mean? [All Definitions Explained]

Velina Nenova
Velina Nenova

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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When you don’t know a specific term, the first thing you do is Google it.

But what happens when it has multiple meanings?

It can get confusing.

One such term is the ambiguous PNP acronym.

So what does PNP mean exactly?

Continue reading to find out.

What Does PNP Mean

Depending on the context, it can stand for different things. 

The most common PNP definition is “Party and Play” and “Plug and Play.”

In addition to the two above, the PNP abbreviation has other meanings to make things even more complicated. 

Below I will explain a few in detail to keep you up-to-date on using PNP.

Plug and Play

To define Plug and Play is easy. 

In computer terms, it refers to a device that you can use after plugging it in.

A USB drive, external keyboard or mouse, webcams, headphones, and joysticks are perfect examples of plug and play devices.

Now that the common meanings of PNP are out of the way - let's look at some of the lesser-known ones.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

In the medical field, this is a respectable job. It refers to people who care for infants and children.

Obviously, this PNP acronym has nothing to do with sex on drugs.

While, Party and Play may have resulted in the making of many children.

Positive Negative Positive

In engineering, this is a type of transistor.

Saying “I am going out to find some PNP” can put you in an awkward situation. 

This is especially true if you don’t know all its uses and provide context.

Paper and Pencil

Have you ever heard about Dungeons and Dragons?

Have you played hangman or tic-tac-toe?

In this case, PNP means games that you play using paper and pencil.

If you get invited to a PNP session or party, ask questions first.

It might not mean what you think it means.

Party And Play

What is Party and Play? This refers to having sex while high on drugs. Serious drugs. The poison of choice is usually either crystal meth, cocaine, or ecstasy. This is also known as chemsex.

In the past, the use of this term was limited to chatrooms and dating sites. However, you can now find it on Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook.

Wrap Up 

What does PNP mean?

It means various things, from playing nerd games to having wild sex parties.

It all depends on context.

When using PNP, you should know your audience and provide additional information if you don’t want misunderstandings.

Use it wisely and accurately.


Velina Nenova

Velina Nenova

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