What Does Rebirth Do In Elden Ring?

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 27, 2023


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If you’re wondering “what does rebirth do in Elden Ring?” it’s exactly what it sounds like; It gives your character a chance to respec, which means to reset their character stats and start from square one.

But, what is the price for being reborn in Elden Ring, how many times can you do it, and where can you get a chance at rebirth in the game?

Let’s find out.

What Does Rebirth Do In Elden Ring?

Rebirth in Elden Ring, one of the most anticipated games of 2022, is a respec mechanic that allows players to reset their character stats and reallocate their attribute points to what they were at the start of the game.

Respeccing in the game is often used to swap a player's build, change their playstyle, and meet the stat requirements of new armaments.

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How To Rebirth Your Character in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring being reborn is possible after defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Upon winning the fight, players can interact with her and are given the option to choose “Rebirth” in exchange for a precious item called Larval Tear.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get to Rennala and get an Elden Ring rebirth:

Step 1: Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes

an elden rign character looking over liurnia of the lakes on their mount

image credit: dotesport.com | an Elden Rign character looking over Liurnia of the Lakes on their mount

To be reborn in Elden Ring, you’ll need to travel to Liurnia of the Lakes.

You can get there by defeating Godrick the Grafted or by traversing across the cliffside path around the east edge of the castle in Northern Stormhill.

Step 2: Get the Academy Glintstone Key

the Glintstone Dragon Smarag forming a blast attack while guarding the Academy ring

image credit: playerassist.com | the Glintstone Dragon Smarag guarding the key to the Academy

Once you’re in Liurnia of Lakes, you’ll need to reach the Temple Quarter Site of Grace. From there continue straight towards the floating scarabs. 

Here, you’ll see Glintstone Dragon Smarag, a large sleeping dragon, behind which is the Glintstone Dragon Key

You can grab the key by sneaking past the dragon or by fighting him.

Step 3: Enter Raya Lucaria Academy

raya lucaria academy in elden ring

image credit: eip.gg | outside the Raya Lucaria Academy

After you get the key, you’ll need to return to the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is a Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring.

To reach Queen Rennala, you’ll have to go inside the academy and complete the dungeon.

Step 4: Defeat Queen Rennala

queen rennala standing on a lake in front of the moon pointing her staff

image credit: eldenring.fandom.com | second phase of the Queen Rennala boss fight

In Elden Ring only a Rennala defeat allows for rebirth.

To defeat Queen Rennala:

  1. Strike the children emitting a gold aura to break the barrier that is protecting her.
  2. This will cause her to fall to the ground where you can start attacking her. 
  3. After a while, she will summon spirits to help her in her battle. Note that at this point in the fight, Queen Rennala will become more aggressive in her attacks. If you can keep up with the pace, you will eventually defeat her.

Upon defeating her, Rennala will drop a Great Rune that allows you to request a rebirth. Unlike other Great Runes, you can’t equip or activate this one with a Rune Arc, and there’s no need to restore its power at the Divine Tower.

Step 5: Rebirth

an elden ring character interacting with queen rennala

image credit: eip.gg | interacting with Queen Rennala in the Raya Lucaria library

In Elden Ring, you can choose a rebirth during your interaction with Rennala in the library.

After you select “Rebirth” during the conversation with her, you’ll see a prompt asking you whether you want to exchange a Larval Tear for a rebirth. Moving forward means you’ll need to reassign all levels until you reach your current level. Note that your attributes can only go as low as their initial level.

Once that’s done, you can confirm your decision, by responding “Yes” to the prompt.

The good news is you can cancel the respeccing by pressing “Back” in the bottom-left corner of the rebirth menu. If you do, your Larval Tear will be sent back to your inventory.

Tip: It’s best to have an extra Larval Tear on hand before you perform a rebirth in case the rebuild doesn't turn out the way you expected.

Where To Find Larval Tears In Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, some Larval Tears are located in hard-to-reach places, most you can pick up after defeating enemies, and others you can purchase from merchants.

Here is a list of the locations where you can get your hands on a Larval Tear:


  • Dropped by a Lesser Runebear located east of the Agheel Lake South site of grace. The Runebear is disguised as a Wandering Noble.

Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Found at the Village of the Albinaurics,  in the graveyard.
  • Dropped by a Grafted Scion (disguised as a Giant Crayfish) in the gazebo between Boilprawn Shack and Rose Church. 
  • Dropped by a ghost in the graveyard east of Caria Manor after obtaining the Resurrection Painting. The ghost will disappear as soon as you touch him and drop a Larval Tear, alongside a Juvenile Scholar Robe and a Juvenile Scholar Cap.
  • Purchased from Pidia, Carian Servant in the Three Sisters area (3,000 Runes).
Worth noting: Liurnia of the Lakes is very rich in Memory Stones, and you're gonna need Memory Slots if you're looking to respec for a Magic-based build.


  • Dropped by a Troll in Caelid that’s disguised as a Wandering Noble. You’ll find it on the cliff south of the Caelid Highway South site of grace.

Altus Plateau

  • Dropped by a Lion Guardian in the ruins southeast of Windmill Village. The Lion Guardian is  disguised as a Wandering Noble.


  • Dropped by a Wormface that’s disguised as a flaming Putrid Corpse and located east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace.

Consecrated Snowfield

  • Dropped by a Lesser Runebear disguised as a Wandering Noble, in southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace.
  • Siofra River.
  • Purchased from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River (3,000 Runes).

Nokron, Eternal City

  • Found on a corpse inside the stone building southeast of the site of grace. 
  • Found on a corpse in a gazebo. 
  • Dropped by Night's Sacred Ground (by a Silver Sphere).
  • Dropped by Mimic Tear when defeated (two in total).

Nokstella, Eternal City 

  • Dropped on the bridge by a Silver Sphere.
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere that’s hanging from the ceiling in the northeast building after the bridge.
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere located in the building (up the stairs, after the bridge).
Please note: when Boc the Seamster asks for a Larval Tear, it might not be the best idea to give it to him since you will lose his services of altering armor for free.

When Should You Respec?

Finding the right time for rebirth can be tricky.

On the plus side, there are a dozen guaranteed Larval Tears in Elden Ring –which essentially means you can try out several different builds as you make your way through the Lands Between.

Here are some situations when rebirth in Elden Ring could be a good idea:

  • You need a fresh start: If halfway through the game you realize that you’ve made mistakes that have led to a less-than-ideal character, it may be time for a do-over.
  • You want to change your playstyle: If you’ve played as a sorcerer and are looking to transition to another role, where you need more points in Intelligence for Sorceries or Faith for Incantations, you can do that by respeccing your character. 
  • You want to see different aspects of the game: A respec will allow you to expand your inventory and try different shields and armor sets.
  • You found a weapon you aren’t specced for: In Elden Ring, some weapons come with certain requirements. For example, you just beat a boss that dropped a Remembrance, but turns out, you do not meet the attribute requirements for the weapon you can trade it for.

If you’re new to Elden Ring and still finding your way in the Lands Between, here are several helpful guides:

Bottom Line 

A rebirth in Elden Ring allows you to reset your character stats and make changes to your playstyle, build, and the type of weapons you can wield in the game.

An Elden Ring rebirth will cost you one Larva Tear and you will have to defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, to be able to respec.


How many times can I Respec in Elden Ring?

As long as you have Larval Tears to spend, you can rebirth as many times as you want in Elden Ring.

Does rebirth give your runes back?

You won’t lose any of the Runes you earned by respeccing in Elden Ring.

Does canceling rebirth consume Larval Tear?

No, it doesn’t. Backing out of the respec will not spend a Larval Tear.

What is the perfect rebirth Elden Ring?

An Elden Ring perfect rebirth is a reference to the description of the Great Rune of the Unborn, which Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, drops once defeated. It’s the item that grants you the ability to choose to be reborn– provided that you have a Larval Tear to spare.

What does rebirth do in Elden Ring?

Rebirth in Elden Ring is a mechanic that lets you reset your character’s stats to start anew, change your playstyle, or expand your inventory.


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