What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook?

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Facebook has over 2.98 billion monthly users as of 2023. The figure shows Facebook has become vital in today's digital communication. 

While communicating or chatting with someone on Facebook, you notice the green dot beside their profile picture. You might wonder what this is for. The green dot indicates if their account is online. 

This feature can apply to others’ and your Facebook account. Learn more about what does the green dot mean on Facebook in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • The green dot on Facebook indicates that the user is online. This also applies to Facebook Messenger.
  • Letting people know that a user is online through Facebook’s green dot may cause some privacy and social implications.
  • Users can turn off the green dot to hide their online status on the Facebook website and app.

Understanding the Green Dot on Facebook

Facebook introduced the green dot feature to improve its users' experience. The users will see if the person or organization they’re trying to contact is currently using their account. 

The green dot can mean differently in various parts of the social media platform. As you continue reading, you’ll discover more about the green dot on Facebook profiles, Messenger, and pages. 

Green Dot on the Facebook Profile Picture 

The green dot beside someone's profile picture on a personal account or page indicates they are active.

This  Facebook feature lets users see if their friends, colleagues, or page administrators are online. This feature can also tell if the user can communicate in real time.

Green Dot on Facebook Website

Pro Tip: There could be two reasons if there is no green dot. They are either offline or have set their account not to show a green dot if they’re online. 

Messenger’s Green Dot 

Messenger's green dot is the same as on profiles and pages. It means they are online. 

However, Facebook has separated Messenger from the Facebook app. This separation means someone might be online on Messenger but not on the other app. 

The green dot confusion can happen on vice versa too. Someone might be scrolling on the Facebook timeline and inactive on Messenger. 

Green Dot on Messenger (Facebook Website)

Green Dot on Messenger Website

Facebook clarifies that the green dot means the user is logged in on the platform. However, it does not specify which one they’re using:

  • The Facebook website or app
  • Messenger through the website, phone app, or desktop app

You can also visit their profile to see a green dot to verify if they are online on Facebook. 

Green Dot Beside Video Icon on Messenger

When there is a green dot beside the video icon, the person you’re chatting with is:

  • Online or active 
  • Capable of a video call 

Green Dot Beside Video Icon on Messenger App

For instance, there is a green dot on the profile and none besides the video icon. They must be using a device that doesn’t allow them to have a video call. 

Disadvantages of the Green Dot on Facebook

Facebook's green dot feature lets you know if your friends can communicate in real-time. However, it also comes with a few possible downsides:

  • Privacy Concerns

Some users value personal space and would rather keep their online status private. If their friends or colleagues know they're active, the green dot can invade the users' privacy. 

  • Social Pressure

The green dot feature can cause social pressure to reply to messages or comments immediately.

When followers or friends see the user online, they may expect an instant response. This assumption can lead to a sense of obligation to be available. 

  • Reduced Focus

Knowing that others can see if you're online can distract you and lessen productivity. Focusing on responsibilities can be hard when you feel others may be observing your active status. 

  • Misinterpretation

Facebook friends may misinterpret the user's availability based on the green dot. If there is a green dot on someone's profile or Messenger, it doesn't automatically mean they're actively using Facebook. 

The user could have an open Facebook tab while busy on something else. This scenario can lead to misunderstandings about someone's intentions and accessibility. 

  • Reduced Offline Interaction

Users might get discouraged from offline interaction because people can connect virtually rather than communicate face-to-face.

This situation can happen when they see the green dot's hint of someone's active status. The feature can imply an invitation to chat online. 

  • Stalking or Harassment

Individuals with bad intentions can abuse the green dot to monitor someone's online behavior. Safety issues arise because this feature can inform stalkers or harassers if their target is online.

  • Limited Control

While Facebook allows users to turn off the green dot, people may not be aware of it or know how to use it properly. Some users may have limited control over their online presence as a result. 

Facebook and Messenger users must know these possible disadvantages to effectively manage their online privacy and settings.

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How to Turn off the Green Dot

If you want to hide your active status or green dot on Facebook, follow the steps in this section. 

Facebook Website

Here are the steps in turning off Active Status or the green dot on Facebook Website: 

1. Click on the Messenger icon on the top right of the website. 

2. Tap on the three dots (...) below the Messenger icon. 

3. Select Active Status: ON.

Steps to turn off the green dot on Facebook Website

4. Toggle the blue switch to turn off Active Status. 

Turn off the Active Status on Facebook Website

5. Click on Save.

 Save changes on Active Status for Facebook Website

6. You will see a notification on the screen's bottom left corner that you updated your Active Status.

 Prompt of a successful update on Active Status

Facebook and Messenger App 

Changing your Active Status or hiding the green dot is also possible with the Facebook and Messenger apps. Here’s how you do it: 

1. On Facebook App, click on the Messenger icon on the top right. Also, you can directly go to the Messenger app instead. 

2. Now, you’re in the Messenger app. Click on the triple line icon on the top left. 

3. Click on the Settings icon. 

How to turn off the green dot on Facebook and Messenger app

4. Tap on the Active Status

5. Select your preferred settings and click PAUSE

6. Turn on or off the settings according to your preference. 

How to turn off the green dot on Facebook and Messenger app

Messenger Website 

Hiding your green dot or turning off your Active Status is possible using the Messenger website. Follow the guide below: 

1. Open your account on the Messenger website. Click on the profile picture on the lower left. 

2. Tap on Preferences

Steps to turn off the green dot on the Messenger website

3. Click on Active Status: ON.

Steps to turn off the green dot on the Messenger website

4. Toggle the blue switch to turn off the Active Status and hide the green dot.

Steps to turn off the green dot on the Messenger website

5. Click on Save

Steps to turn off the green dot on Messenger website


The green dot on Facebook and Facebook Messenger indicates the person is online. It comes with benefits for the users but so as disadvantages. 

It may step on the user’s boundaries, and friends might misinterpret someone’s availability.  Fortunately, Facebook allows users to hide the green dot or change their Active Status.


How long does the green dot stay on Facebook chat?

The green dot or Active Now will disappear around three minutes after the user goes offline. The green dot stays when the user is online, and the Active Status is ON. 

How do I know if someone saw or read my message?

A smaller version of their profile picture appears next to your message if they have read it. However, your friend can mark the message as Unread.

How do you secretly message someone on Messenger?

To secretly message a person on Messenger, click on the lock icon. Locked or secret conversations on Messenger are encrypted. Even Facebook doesn’t have access to this conversation. 


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