What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

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You know what’s better than watching videos on YouTube?

Reading the comments. Some are pure gold.

You’ve probably noticed some are highlighted. Want to know what makes them so special? I’m here to explain.

Ok, so…what is a highlighted comment on Youtube?

What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

To put it simply, highlights make the comment section easier to navigate. 

Visible only to you, some are marked with a gray label and placed on top of all the others, even the pinned ones. Your attention should be drawn straight to them. More often than not, those are the new comments.

But here’s the thing:

Neither you or YouTube highlight those. It’s an automatic feature.

It’s possible for responses to be highlighted as well. 

How To Make Highlighted Comment

Whenever someone comments on your video, you get a notification or an email. When you click to see it, the platform highlights it so that you can easily find it. 

The same goes for a reply. If someone decides to interact with something you’ve written and shared their opinion under it, you’ll get notified.

If you’re watching a video on YouTube and want to highlight a comment, just click on the time stamp next to the author’s name.

Pages with such comments have unique URLs. If you want to undo the highlighting, just remove the part of the URL that starts with “&lc”. 

The same goes for a highlighted reply on YouTube.

Highlighted vs Pinned Comment

Highlighted comment vs pinned comment - what’s the difference? It’s pretty big, actually.

Highlighted comments are, as mentioned above, an automatic feature and can only be seen by you. You can’t modify them.

Pinned ones, on the other hand, are chosen by the creator of the video. Everyone can see those.

The first feature is there to make your browsing easier. The second one is meant to draw people’s attention to a specific response.

Wrap Up

So, what is a highlighted comment on YouTube? 

One that is automatically colored in gray and placed on top of the rest. It’s usually the latest. The feature makes your browsing easier. You can access such comments through your notifications or through time stamps. 

The same goes for a highlighted reply on YouTube

Great! Now that you’ve learned something new, you can go back to your fav videos. 

What are you watching?


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