What is Double VPN?: Pros and Cons to Consider

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The present hybrid working statistics show that almost 60% of companies are shifting to a remote setup. Employees are now working both remotely and in the office.

Using a VPN allows users to access various IT resources remotely. It enables users to securely access business information systems and services outside the office.

However, while accessing email, bank accounts, or other financial information, 87% of consumers revealed their personal information.

Read more to learn what a double VPN is, how it works, and its added user security.

🔑Key Takeaways

  Double VPNs are an excellent choice for added protection when browsing data at the cost of speed.

  Using Double VPNs isn’t recommended for everyday use. However, it can be helpful for those users who need to be extra careful with their online activities.

  Not all VPN services have the double VPN feature.

Double VPNs: What They Are and How They Work

Double VPN routes the user’s traffic through two VPN servers rather than one. This advanced feature of VPN security encrypts the users’ data twice, protecting it from hackers.

Using a double layer VPN guarantees the security and privacy of user activity.

Continue reading to learn more about it

How a Double VPN Works

A double VPN is also known as a double-hop VPN or multi-hop VPN. It is a method of VPN chaining two or more servers to provide users with an extra layer of protection.

The data is encrypted twice before it reaches its destination. This is a diagram of the data flow of a simple double VPN process.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Users can start navigating to a website in the browser after selecting the Double VPN server.
  2. The VPN Client encrypts the connection request to hide it from the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  3. The encrypted data is sent to the first VPN. Two things may happen during this process:
  • An additional layer of encryption is added before passing the data.
  • It directly forwards to the next server after the VPN server processes the data.
  1. Once received by the second VPN server, where only the IP address of the first VPN server is known, the encryption is removed.
  2. The second VPN server then communicates with the destination website, where the registered IP address is from the second server.
  3. This process will reverse until the website information appears decrypted in the browser.

Use Cases of Double VPN

Using a Double VPN gives you more security compared to the usual VPN. However, it is not recommended for casual VPN users.

Here are the use cases for this VPN strategy:

1. Bypass Website Restrictions

Controlling access to content on the internet is known as internet censorship. Censorship differs across countries; some countries implement strict controls and regulations on online content.

Watch the video below to learn how countries like China implement Internet censorship.

 A Double VPN can bypass this censorship by initially routing the user's traffic to a VPN server in an accessible country, then transferring the second VPN server to a blocked country.

China implements strict web censorship, and for users to access banned websites or content, a  Double VPN is used. It first connects to a Singapore server to access America's website, then connects to a second server in the US.

Instead of seeing an American IP address, China's government will only see the user's connection to a Singaporean server.

2. Protection Against Advanced Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks can compromise users' sensitive data when using regular VPN connections. Recent data shows that 91% of online attacks start with a phishing email.

Double VPN can obscure one end of the transmission channel by passing your data through two servers in two different locations and protect you against these attacks.

Even if the first server is compromised, it hides the users' data's endpoint behind the second VPN server.

✅Pro Tip: 

Users should not use a Double VPN when streaming in non-restricted regions or using high-bandwidth applications like gaming. Using a Double VPN delays the Internet, which results in low-quality videos and impacts video games' performance. 

Pros and Cons of a Double VPN

Using a Double VPN is an effective way of securing IP protection and increasing the privacy of the users’ web activities.

However, it has its drawbacks, as it benefits the users.



It provides double encryption: The advantage of using a double VPN is that it gives users an extra layer of encryption that protects their data. It makes it harder for cyber attackers to decipher the data.

It makes the process slower: Since the data goes through two servers and encryption processes, it slows down the internet speed.

It enhances IP protection: Double VPN uses two IP addresses that ensure the anonymity of the user's actual IP address.

It decreases the server options: One of the disadvantages of using Double VPN is that it limits the server options availability.

It provides better privacy:

ISPs can’t detect users' destinations on the web. They will only know that a VPN service is used.

It is too slow for other applications: Double VPN can slow down internet connections, so gaming and streaming are not recommended.

Best Double VPN Services

Double VPN functions are not available with all VPN providers. There are various things to consider while selecting a Double VPN provider, like:

  • Strong encryption protocols
  • Fast and reliable internet connections
  • Number of server locations offered
  • Easy to use
  • Price

Here’s a list of VPN services that offer double VPNs:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a popular VPN service that offers a Double VPN service. With a network of 5,600 servers in 85 locations across 60 countries. No wonder it attracts a total of 14 million customers globally.

This advanced VPN security feature allows users to connect to two VPN servers instead of one and encrypts the data twice.

Users’ online activities can hide behind two servers rather than one-known as VPN server chaining.

2. Surfshark VPN

Double VPN is referred to as Dynamic Multihop in Surfshark. This feature enables users to connect to two different servers. 

The two servers are pre-determined and located in two other countries.

👍Helpful Article:

With many VPN services available, choosing the right one might take time and effort. Check out the Surkshark review to learn more about this VPN service and to guide you in deciding if it can satisfy your needs.

3. Proton VPN

This VPN service is one of the few that offers Wireguard compatibility with Double VPN servers. 

It provides a total of 60 different server locations and 96 servers. It is one of the best Double VPN servers of any VPN service.

Check out the table comparing the 3 VPNs for Double VPN Service:

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A VPN builds an encrypted tunnel between your computer and its servers to route your internet traffic. If you want to learn more about it, check out this article:


VPN services can provide security services to users. However, a Double VPN can be an excellent choice for adding security features and avoiding government censorship.

The legality of VPNs is almost universal, but it is not a simple black-and-white issue. Some nations have shown that regulation is optional to limit the usefulness of VPNs.

✅Pro Tip:

If you are a traveler or a user accessing sensitive information, trying one of these VPN services is ideal.


Is a double VPN untraceable?

Double VPN is a great security tool as it can encrypt a connection twice. With the added encryption and additional IP address, it makes the user completely untraceable online.

How many VPNs should I have?

The number of VPNs users should have depends on their web activities and specific needs. In these cases, multiple VPNs can be beneficial to users.

Is a double VPN overkill?

Using one VPN can be enough for standard use. However, using a Double VPN is not overkill, depending on the potential threats.

Is a double VPN better than a regular VPN?

In general, a Double VPN provides added security for users. If a double VPN is better than the standard, it depends on the user's demands, as this service has limits, such as slower internet speed.


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