What is Looting in Minecraft? [All You Need To Know]

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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Minecraft is a video game that has become incredibly popular over recent years. And not knowing what is looting in Minecraft can cause players a significant disadvantage. So let us explore this game concept to help advance players' capabilities when on an adventure.

What Is Looting In Minecraft?

In its simplest terms, looting is an enchantment that players can use against monsters - known simply as mobs - that results in loot drop benefits. For example, an increase in the rate a mob drops rare items. However, it doesn't give any additional experience. Any item dropped when a player kills a mob is considered loot in Minecraft.

How To Get The Looting Enchantment?

In Minecraft, you can place a looting enchantment on your sword by using one of these methods:

  • Use an enchanting table - you can only use an unenchanted sword for this method
  • Use an anvil by combining the sword with a book.
  • Use a game command.
  • Villagers may occasionally trade enchanted items, such as swords with Minecraft looting enchantments.
  • If a mob has an enchanted item, there is an 8.5% chance of them dropping it.
  • You may find enchanted items in treasure chests.

Once you have your sword equipped with its looting enchantment in Minecraft, you will likely want to get out there and use it!

How To Use It?

With your Minecraft enchanted sword in hand, you just need to strike down a mob to increase its drop rate. You don't necessarily have to kill the mob using the blade - for example, you can launch a projectile and switch to the enchanted sword before it hits the mob and destroys it, and the looting enchantment in Minecraft still works.

This allows you to receive the enchantment benefits while using ranged weapons like arrows and tridents. 

Like all sorcery, sword enchantments have different levels. The increase in loot drops varies by the enchantment level you have used. For each level, the drops are increased by one percentage point. For example, level III looting enchantment in Minecraft will give a 3% boost to your drop rate.

There are many occasions when the Minecraft looting enchantment has no effect, like mobs with no loot - bats, bees, or endermites. Also, mobs that usually drop but are not affected by the looting enchantment include withers, iron golems, and snow golems.

Other instances where there is no effect from this enchantment include:

  • Amount of fish dropped by fish mobs,
  • Drop quantities on foxes - however, it does increase the chance of getting a drop,
  • Quantity of wool dropped from sheep,
  • Totems of undying drops from evokers,
  • Sponge drops from elder guardians,
  • Skulls dropped from wither skeletons - it will not affect quantity dropped but will affect chances of obtaining a drop.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the above points have answered the question, what is looting in Minecraft? The looting enchantment is a beneficial sword enhancement that will improve your game experience and help you bag more Minecraft loot when out on your adventures.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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