What Is a Snapshot in Pokémon GO and How to Take a Good One!

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Updated · Apr 28, 2023

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So what is a snapshot in Pokémon GO, and how do you take one?

Both are important questions since you might want to commemorate capturing a hard-to-get Pokémon or simply take a picture with your buddy on the couch.

Well, Pokémon GO Snapshot is the game’s thrilling photo mode that you can use after summoning your Pokémon in your AR camera environment.

Below we tell you all about it!

What Is a Snapshot in Pokémon GO?

One of the biggest additions to Pokémon GO is definitely the ‘Snapshot’ feature, as it allows players to summon their Pokémon and take an AR photograph of them.

However, unlike New Pokémon Snap—an on-rails photo-taking game—the Pokémon GO snapshot system relies on the freedom offered by AR technology, thus allowing you to place any Pokémon you own in the real world and photograph them in the wild.

Moreover, the device requirements to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO are minimal as you only need a mobile device with a camera and a newer operating system.

Pokemon GO is often credited as the single most-effective use of AR technology that launched AR into the mainstream in 2016.

How to Take a Snapshot in Pokémon GO?

Taking a snapshot in Pokémon GO varies to a degree depending on whether you are photographing your own Pokémon, those in the wild, or the buddy Pokémon following you around. In any case, we outline all three methods below.

1. How to Take Snapshots of Your Own Pokémon?

You can take a picture of any Pokémon you’ve caught whenever you want. You just have to complete a few straightforward steps:

  1. Tap the Poké Ball icon at the bottom of the screen;
  2. Click on the Pokémon icon to see all your Pokémon;
  3. Browse through your collection and click on a Pokémon;
  4. Tap on the camera icon in the top-right corner.

How to Take Snapshots of Your Own Pokémon

source: tomsguide.com

Once the AR camera environment opens up, simply place your Pokémon anywhere around you and click on the camera button at the bottom of the screen to take the picture. Before doing so, you can tap on your Pokémon to get them to emote and strike a pose.

If your camera supports Pokémon GO’s AR+ feature, you’ll also see yellow footprints on the ground to which your Pokémon will be anchored more realistically.

To see the pictures you’ve taken, simply click on the door icon at the top-left of the screen, after which you’ll be able to share them with your friends. However, they will be saved on your phone only if you have granted the app the necessary permissions beforehand.

Did you know: There are many other Pokemon games for your phone, and you can even emulate older titles on an iPhone.

2. How to Take Snapshots of Wild Pokémon?

Photoshooting a wild Pokémon is a tad different since you must find it in the game world before getting it to smile for the camera. Luckily, the process is rather simple:

  1. Walk around until you encounter a random Pokémon;
  2. Click on the Pokémon as if trying to catch it;
  3. Tap on the camera icon at the top-center of the screen;

random Pokémon

source: thegamer.com

  1. Press the camera button at the bottom to take a picture;
  2. Tap on the trash can or the checkmark to delete or save it;
  3. Press on the back arrow to exit the photo mode.

How to Take Snapshots of Wild Pokémon

source: thegamer.com

Once you are done photographing the wild Pokémon, you can start throwing Poké Balls and berries at it in an attempt to catch it, or you can simply walk away. 

Also, if you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to create a photo album with almost any Pokémon ever created, as the game includes most of them.

3. How to Take Snapshots With Your Buddy in Pokémon Go?

Did you know you can take snapshots with your buddy Pokémon GO? Simply follow these three steps to access the AR photo mode:

  1. Tap on your Trainer icon in the bottom left of the screen;
  2. In the Buddy Pokémon menu, tap on your current buddy;
  3. Click on ‘Play’ to enter the AR photo mode.

How to Take Snapshots With Your Buddy in Pokémon Go

source: youtube.com

Once you open the AR mode, place your Pokémon anywhere you like and take your photos, just as you do while photographing the Pokémon you own.

4. Shared AR Snapshot

Pokemon GO’s Shared AR Experience allows you to play together with your friends and their buddies and take a group photo together:

  1. Access the Buddy Pokémon menu (as you did before);
  2. Tap the ‘Shared AR Experience’ button next to the ‘Play’ icon;

3.1. Click on ‘Create Group QR Code’ if hosting your group;

3.2. Click on ‘Scan a Group QR Code’ if you are joining another host;

  1. Scan the host’s QR code to join the game;
  2. a) Up to 3 players can share the AR experience.
  3. Point at and walk around an object to sync your devices;
  4. Place all your Pokémon once the AR+ yellow footprints appear;
  5. Take a group photo by pressing the ‘Camera’ button.

Note: You cannot share an AR snapshot if your device does not support AR+.

What Are Photobombs in Pokémon GO?

Now and then, a wild Pokémon will creep into your snapshots, and the game will save two versions of the photo, one with the surprise intruder and one without.

You should be thrilled if that ever happens to you since the Pokémon that appeared in your photo will also pop up on the map, which is an opportunity to catch it!

What Are Photobombs in Pokémon GO

source: thegamer.com—pictured above is a Smeargle appearing on the map after photobombing your snapshot.

While Smeargle is the most common intruder in your photoshoots, other Pokémon will also make an appearance during community events that highlight them.

Bottom Line

Everyone can become a Pokémon GO snapshot expert, as they only need a functioning camera phone and some esthetic sense. At the end of the day, there are over 150 million Pokémon GO trainers working to grab the most elusive Pokémon in the wild, and they should be able to take a picture whenever they catch an elusive one!


How to take a snapshot with your buddy in Pokémon GO?

To take a picture of your buddy Pokémon, summon it from your Trainer menu. Once it appears in your AR view, tap the camera bottom at the bottom.

How to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO in the wild?

Definitely, you just have to find one and tap on it. Once the Poké Ball appears, you can open the camera and tap the camera icon to take and save your picture.

Where are Pokémon GO snapshots stored?

Now that you know what is a snapshot in Pokémon GO note that once you take one, it will be stored in a Pokémon GO folder in your Gallery.


Aditya Rayaprolu

Aditya Rayaprolu

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