What Streaming Service Has WE tv in 2024? The Top 5 Choices!

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With reality series like Beyond the Pole, Love After Lockup, and Mama June, WE tv is a haven for the most exciting lifestyle and entertainment shows.

Thankfully, modern internet TV platforms allow you to cut the cord and enjoy WE tv’s programming on all your devices with a screen.

Keep on reading as we tell you what Streaming service has WE tv in 2023!

How to Watch WE tv Without Cable?

Below, we list five of the best internet TV providers available today that include WE tv’s content within their standard plans. Keep on reading to see how they differ in pricing, device support, and the number of channels they offer.

1. fuboTV

While fuboTV dedicates a third of its channels to sports programming, it is still an excellent general streaming service.

In addition to showing you what your favorite WE tv celebrities stars are up to, fuboTV includes hundreds of additional channels covering everything from ABC’s to STARZ’s and SHOWTIME’s entire catalogs.

All in all, you can expect to see up to 300 live channels if you subscribe to fuboTV’s Premier plan at $94.99/mo and get all the extra add-ons. But, with your subscription, you also get 1000 hours of Cloud DVR and 10 simultaneous home streams.

  • Pricing: $74.99/mo (Pro), $84.99/mo (Elite), $94.99/mo (Premier)
  • Free trial: 7-day trial
  • Number of channels: up to around 300 channels on the top plan
  • Device support: Mobile phones (Android & iOS), computers (macOS & Windows), consoles (Xbox & PS), streaming devices (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku), smart TVs (Vizio TV, LG, Samsung, Hisense)

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2. YouTube TV


YouTube TV is another superb streaming service that comes with over 100 top channels covering everything from news and sports to your favorite WE tv shows.

The base plan currently costs $54.99/mo for the first three months and reverts to $64.99/mo after that. However, that price increases further if you add extra premium networks such as AMC+, Cinemax, HBO Max, and STARZ.

Nonetheless, your basic package includes unlimited DVR space, 6 shareable accounts, 3 simultaneous streams, and no hidden fees whatsoever.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase at any point, you can easily pause or cancel your YouTube TV subscription.

  • Pricing: $64.99 per month (Base)
  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Number of channels: Over 100 channels
  • Device support: Computer browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), mobile devices (Android & iOS), streaming devices (Roku, Xfinity Flex, Fire TV Stick, etc.), game consoles (Xbox & PS), smart TVs


Directv Streaming

Even with its basic Entertainment package, DIRECTV STREAM offers a vast number of 75+ channels covering everything you need, from news and sports to your favorite reality show channels like Bravo and WE tv.

If you bump up your subscription plan to Premier, you will get access to over 150 channels, including all the top premium programming and sports channels.

That said, $74.99/mo plus tax is currently the cheapest subscription offered by DIRECTV STREAM, but it comes with several amenities, such as streaming on all of your home devices and unlimited Cloud DVR storage.

  • Pricing: $74.99/mo + tax (Entertainment), $99.99/mo + tax (Choice), $109.99/mo + tax  (Ultimate), $154.99/mo. + tax (Premier)
  • Free trial: 5-day trial
  • Number of channels: Over 150 channels on the top plan
  • Device support: Android and iOS phones & tablets, streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, etc.), personal computers, smart TVs, Google devices, etc.

4. Sling TV


As one of the most popular internet TV providers in the U.S., Sling lives up to its reputation with a varied channel selection and a ton of features at very low prices.

However, to access WE tv’s best unscripted shows, you must get the ‘Lifestyle Extra’ add-on at $6/mo on top of your basic Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscription. However, even with this extra purchase, Sling’s offer is still the best in price.

In the bargain, you also get 50 hours of DVR storage, which can be increased to 200, up to four simultaneous streams, and the widest platform support you can imagine.

    • Pricing: $40/mo (Orange), $40/mo (Blue), $55/mo (Orange + Blue)
    • Free trial: 7-day trial
  • Number of channels: 47 base channels in Orange + Blue and numerous add-on channel collections
  • Device support: Phones & computers (Android, iOS, web browsers), gaming consoles, TVs & streaming devices (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Google Nest, Samsung, LG, Roku, etc.)

5. Philo


Last but not least, Philo is a top-notch streaming service that includes all the best WE tv reality shows in its offering of over 70 quality channels at only $25 per month.

On top of that, you can also add additional premium channels to your plan, such as STARZ, MGM, and Sony Movies. And if that’s not enough, your monthly payment also gets you unlimited DVR, up to 10 profiles per account, and 3 concurrent streams.

You can get started, cancel, and restart your service at any time without any hassles since Philo does not require you to sign any contracts.

  • Pricing: $25 per month (Base)
  • Free trial: 7-day trial
  • Number of channels: Over 70 channels
  • Device support: Phones and tablets (Android & iOS), web browsers, smart TVs, and various streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.)

Bottom Line

Now that you know what streaming service has WE tv, you can cut the cord and start enjoying your favorite reality shows anywhere and from any device. Also, since all of the above TV streaming companies include WE tv in their offering, look at their other features to ensure you pick the service that meets your exact needs.


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