What Was the First Game on Roblox?

Dilyan Dimitrov
Dilyan Dimitrov

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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In just a few short years, Roblox has taken over the gaming world. A platform that seemingly came out of nowhere, it currently has over 40 million active daily users. It’s also home to almost 10 million developers. 

Looking at those numbers, one can’t help but wonder. Where did all this come from? How did it start, and what was the first game on Roblox? 

In this article, I’ll go over the history of Roblox. I’ll also take you through its evolution to the product we know today. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is Roblox

One thing we need to get out of the way – Roblox itself is not a game. It’s more like a gaming metaverse – an app that hosts various games and lets people connect and play with strangers. It also has a storefront. Its in-app currency, Robux, can be used to obtain various goods and services in games on the platform. 

The official Roblox creation date is September 1st, 2006. Despite that, it didn’t really hit mainstream popularity until the late 2010s. And it really exploded during the Covid lockdowns. 

The reason for that likely lies in the social experience it offers. After signup, the first thing you do is create your personal avatar. Then you use it to head out into the digital world and create, imagine, play, and socialize with millions of others. It’s easy to see why that was appealing for a world starved for social contact. 

What really makes the platform unique, though, is its user-generated library. The app is home to 50 million games of all genres – survival, simulation, action, adventure, etc. And the vast majority of them were made by regular users. 

And to top it off, Roblox is completely free and available on most platforms and operating systems. The gaming industry is enormous, and people play on all kinds of devices. Roblox manages to hit most major notes – it’s available on Windows, Mac, Xbox, and even Android and iOS

It’s a massive project – and we’ll go back to its roots. Let’s take a look at the first Roblox game ever

What Was The First Game On Roblox? 

The experience the first Roblox player had was pretty different from the one we know today. There were a lot fewer games to choose from. There was no Robux yet, and many QoL features (such as chat) were still missing. 

The first Roblox game ever was Classic: Rocket Arena. It dates back to January 2006, when the platform was still in its Beta phase. 

Rocket Arena was a free-for-all Brickbattle game with a destructible environment. Gameplay was built around shooting a rocket launcher at your opponents. You could also use it to blow up surroundings – such as bring down bridges to cut off other players. Finally, you had a pair of Jet Boots to give you some mobility.

The title was wildly popular and even inspired many other similar games. In 2015, however, an update caused the Jet Boots to stop working. With the main gameplay mechanic gone, the game slowly fell into obscurity. In 2017, Roblox uncopyblocked it so users could try and recreate the experience. 

Still, as of today, the first Roblox game in its original form isn’t playable. 

Other Old Games On Roblox

When talking about old Roblox titles, we shouldn’t just focus on the first one. There are many other titles that deserve recognition. Most of them were made by the Roblox team themselves, and many are no longer available. 

Here’s a list of the top 9 classic Roblox games from the platform’s early days: 

Experience Gravity

Amanda’s Experience Gravity has an interesting bit of misinformation going on regarding its release date. What better candidate to start with, right?  

You’ll find some sources claiming it’s the oldest Roblox game still available on the platform. And if you visit its Roblox page, that checks out. The title is listed as created on 11/21/2006. 

When I dug a little deeper, though, it turned out the game was actually created on 10/09/2018. The creator, Amanda, made a Reddit post explaining how she used a starter creator slot from years back, accidentally skewing the release date. 

Experience Gravity has a simple and relaxing premise. You start on a baseplate, and if you jump off in the right way, you’re launched into outer space. You get to hang out and rotate around planets –  well, until you make a mistake and crash into the Sun. 

The game’s known for its large number of badges, many of which are rather hilarious. Most are related to the number of times you die.

Chaos Canyon

Another one of the classics, Chaos Canyon, appeared in 2007. It was a Brickbattle shooter with no real objectives – you’d usually end up in a free-for-all around the map.

After its release, the title was visited more than 1.5 million times. Unfortunately, much like other older games, it became unavailable in 2017.

Base Wars FPS

This one’s a little different. As the name suggests, Base Wars FPS is the first official first-person shooter in the history of Roblox. 

The game featured different playable classes:

  • Trooper
  • Tank
  • Assault
  • Sniper
  • Healer

The FPS was created on April 24th, 2007, and has amassed more than 770 000 visits since then. 

It’s also still playable! However, it hasn’t been updated since 2014, so don’t get your hopes up. Still, it’s uncopyblocked and available for anyone to copy and improve upon. 

Classic: Crossroads

Crossroads is probably the most popular among the old Roblox games. It was created back in 2006 and has been played a whopping 7 million times since then. 

It’s also the only classic that survived the 2017 cleanse of older titles. It was removed for a bit, but came back with improved graphics and is still playable today. 

Santa’s Winter Stronghold

Santa’s Winter Stronghold was the first Roblox game with a holiday theme. It aired a week before Christmas 2006. 

In terms of gameplay, you could play as Santa or one of his elves. You’d get points by either collecting presents or defeating your opponents (cheerful, isn’t it?). 

Like most games from that time, the Winter Stronghold is now unplayable. 

Air Base Sector 128A

This one was more of a showcase than an actual game. 

Air Base Sector 128A featured a military airbase. It contained two cannon towers, a watchtower, and barracks sleeping quarters. It was pretty small, which is actually in line with most old Roblox maps

The experience was mentioned in a blog post in December 2006, which led to most of its 20k visits. 

Sunset Plain

This was one of the first Brickbattle experiences – a very popular genre among classic Roblox games

Sunset Plain was created in November 2006. It was featured in an edition of the platform’s online Developer’s Journal, giving it a glorious moment of fame.

Although the game itself hasn’t been updated since, you might be able to play it. CloneTrooper1019’s Super Nostalgia Zone has made some older titles playable again, and this is one of them. 

Yorick’s Resting Place

Another holiday addition, Yorick’s was a celebration of Halloween. Even though it was created in 2006, the special event itself took place on Halloween 2008.

The game required players to beat 4 riddles, rewarding you with a special Riddling Skull hat. 

Today, the game is no longer playable. It’s been uncopyblocked, which means there might be other versions out there – but the Riddling Skull Hat itself has been deactivated. If you want it, you’ll need to trade with another user for it. 

Forest of Desolation (Abyss’s Place)

Yet another example of a showcase more than a game, the Forest features a crumbling tower with autumn trees surrounding it. 

Like most old Roblox titles, it hasn’t been updated in a while and is no longer playable.  What’s interesting about it is that it was the first experience created by a player rather than the Roblox team. After its creator – Abyss – got banned from the platform, the game’s name changed to Abyss’s Place. 

Wrap Up 

As you can see, Roblox has really changed throughout the years. If you were wondering what the first game on Roblox was – you have your answer. Hopefully, you also liked a few of the other classic titles I mentioned. 

Unfortunately, most of those games are no longer available – but some are still there for you to enjoy. If you’re wondering what to play while waiting for this year’s awesome releases, Roblox has you covered! 


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