Where to Find Sticks in Minecraft and What to Make With Them?

Iva Marinova
Iva Marinova

Updated · Feb 21, 2023


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Sticks in Minecraft serve several purposes, but the most important one is as a key ingredient in many of the game’s crafting recipes.

Therefore, new players often ask: “Where to find sticks in Minecraft, and what to make with them?” In short, while you can loot them from sources like fishing, bushes, leaves, chests, and enemies, it’s much easier to craft them!

Below, we list the items required to make sticks in Minecraft and tell you what to do with them once you have them!

Where Can You Get Sticks in Minecraft?

Since sticks are a crucial building block in Minecraft (pun intended!), they can be easily obtained and stockpiled from various sources:

  1. You can catch them as junk items while fishing;
  2. You can destroy Dead Bushes to get 0–2 sticks;
  3. You can break leaves to get 1–2 sticks (2% chance);
  4. a) Using a tool with Fortune increases your chances.
  5. You can kill witches to get 0–6 sticks per enemy;
  6. a) Increased by 3 per every Looting level for up to 15.
  7. You can loot sticks from chests;
  8. a) Most chests contain up to 3, while bonus chests have up to 12 sticks.
  9. You can get a stick by brushing suspicious sand in desert wells;
  10. a) Chances of getting a stick by brushing are 15%.
  11. You can get sticks from trees in Minecraft via the crafting menu.
  12. a) You first need to convert the tree logs into planks.

Once you collect enough sticks, you can carry on with your adventure without worrying whether or not you have enough for all your tools, weapons, and structures. If you got any leftovers, you can also trade 32 sticks for one emerald with fletcher villagers.

How to Craft Sticks in Minecraft?

The crafting items required to make sticks in Minecraft are two planks (of any kind) or two bamboo items. While you can get planks from any type of tree (oak, spruce, birch, etc.), bamboo can only be obtained from the in-game jungle plant.

Once you have the needed materials, follow these steps:

  1. Open your crafting grid (2x2) or your crafting table (3x3);
  2. Add the necessary planks or bamboo ingredients;
  3. a) Stack the materials in two vertically adjacent squares.
  4. Wait for the sticks to appear in the box on the right;
  5. Drag and drop the sticks into your inventory.

Note: Bamboo is not as efficient in making sticks as you only get one stick for two bamboo items, whereas two planks produce four sticks.

What Can You Make With Sticks in Minecraft?

So why are sticks so important in Minecraft

They are the game’s most versatile crafting item, as you can use them to make anything from ammunition to weapons, tools, and various home additions. 

To understand why you need sticks to survive and thrive in Minecraft, check out the following crafting recipes that all include sticks as a key ingredient:

Crafted Item

Materials Needed


Any 3 Planks/Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond + 2 Sticks


Coal/Charcoal + 1 Stick


Any Plank/Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond + 2 Sticks

Wood Fence

4 Matching Planks + 2 Sticks


6 Matching Planks + 1 Stick

Fishing Rod

2 Strings + 3 Sticks

Armor Stand

1 Smooth Stone Slab + 6 Sticks


6 Matching Wool + 1 Stick


2 Wood Slab + 6 Sticks


3 Strings + 3 Sticks


Any 2 Planks/Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond + 2 Sticks


7 Sticks


Chloride + Magnesium + 1 Stick


Any 2 Planks/Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond + 1 Stick

Wood Fence Gate

2 Matching Planks + 4 Sticks

This is not an exhaustive list of all recipes that require sticks for new items. Also, apart from using them as a crafting material, sticks are also useful as furnace fuel, even though they aren’t as effective as fuel items like coal and lava buckets.

Bottom Line

To sum up, sticks are essential to any Minecraft playthrough as they are used to make most of the game’s items needed to build and experience the world around you. You can either loot them from the environment or craft them using simple components. When you do, you can start creating anything from armor stands to ladders, arrows, and swords.


What is the fastest way to get sticks in Minecraft?

The fastest method to get sticks in Minecraft is by crafting them from planks or bamboo. While you can also loot them in the wild, their drop rate is inconsistent.

Can you get sticks from trees in Minecraft?

Yes, but not directly. You can destroy trees to get wood logs that you can use to make planks, which in turn are used to create sticks.


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