Where to Get Apples in Minecraft? [3 Main Methods]

Selma Citakovic
Selma Citakovic

Updated · Mar 08, 2023


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From satisfying your hunger to curing zombie villagers, apples are the quintessential Minecraft item, and you should obtain some as soon as you can.

Where to get apples in Minecraft, then? Basically, there are three main methods to get your hands on some delicious apples: looting them from oak trees, finding them in chests, or getting them from farmer villagers!

Below, we look at all of them in detail!

How to Get Apples in Minecraft?

You can utilize three different methods to get apples in Minecraft, and below, we rank them in terms of the convenience of stocking up on apples.

1. Harvesting Them from Trees

The best way to get apples in Minecraft is to harvest them from trees. However, the game has no apple trees, so you’ll have to look for oak and dark oak ones.

To get this sweet red loot, you only have to complete a few steps:

  1. Locate an oak or a dark oak tree;
  2. Equip an axe to speed up the process;
  3. Aim the axe at the tree and start swinging;
  4. a) Hold the corresponding button to do so.
  5. Wait for the leaves to decay after chopping down the tree;
  6. Cross your fingers for an apple to appear;
  7. Pick up the apple before it disappears.

Taller trees have a better chance of dropping apples. That said, oak and dark oak leaves have a 0.5% chance of giving you an apple, and if you equip a Fortune-enchanted tool, you boost those chances up to 0.833% with Fortune III.

2. Trading for Them With Farmers

Another somewhat consistent, albeit unfruitful (excuse the pun!) method is trading apples with apprentice or higher-level farmer villagers.

You just approach any of them, right-click to open their trading interface and look for some apples. However, they have a 50% or a 66.7% chance of offering you four apples, depending on the Minecraft edition you are playing.

3. Finding Them in Chests

Lastly, you can also find apples in Minecraft in the various chests strewn across the in-game world, from standard chests to Altar and Storeroom chests:


Type of chest

Drop quantity

Drop chance (Java)

Drop chance (Bedrock)







Altar chest

Storeroom chest








Weaponsmith’s chest

Plains house chest







Note: There’s also a very high probability (83.8% in Java and 100% in Bedrock) that you will find 1–2 apples in the Bonus chest, should you choose that option.

How to Get Golden Apples in Minecraft?

Once you have your apples, you can use them to craft golden apples:

  1. Open your crafting table and bring up the 3x3 grid;
  2. Place an apple in the center and eight gold ingots around it;

source: in-game screenshot

  1. Drag the golden apple to your inventory once it spawns.

You may also be able to find one golden apple in specific chests across the world:

  • Dungeon—chest with 21.5% (Java) or 21.5% (Bedrock) drop chance;
  • Mineshaft—chest with 28.2% drop chance;
  • Bastion remnant—generic and Hoglin stable chest with 10.1% and 11.4%;
  • Desert temple—chest with 23.5% drop chance;
  • Igloo—chest with 100% drop chance;
  • Ruined portal—chest with 20.5% drop chance;
  • Stronghold—Altar chest with 2.5% (Java) or 2.4% (Bedrock) drop chance;
  • Underwater ruins—Big ruins chest with 4.3% drop chance;
  • Woodland mansion—chest with 21.8% (Java) or 21.5% (Bedrock) drop chance.

In addition to refilling your hunger bar, golden apples apply the Absorption I (4 points of absorption health) and Regeneration II (restores health over time) effects on you and even transform zombie villagers into regular villagers.

Note: There are rare enchanted golden apples as well (an upgraded version) that also provide you with standard damage resistance and fire resistance.

What Can You Do With Apples in Minecraft?

The primary purpose of apples is to refill your hunger bar, and a single apple restores 4 hunger bars and provides 2.4 saturation, which reduces the need to eat. On the other hand, golden and enchanted golden apples refill 4 bars and provide 9.6 hunger saturation.

To use apples, you only have to place them in your inventory, click the corresponding action bar number to equip them, then press the ‘Use Item’ shortcut to eat them.

Alternative Uses for Apples in Minecraft

If you are not planning on eating them, you can use apples for other purposes:

  • To increase the compost level by 1 (65% chance);
  • To craft golden apples;
    • Cure zombie villagers;
    • Improve your horse taming chances by 10%;
    • Help in horse breeding and growth;
    • To attract Piglins.

Bottom Line

Now that you are familiar with all three ways to get apples in Minecraft, pick the method that best works for you and go and get some as soon as possible since they are essential for surviving in Minecraft’s often harsh world. Once you do, you can also craft some golden apples for additional unique benefits!


What is the easiest way to get apples in Minecraft?

The quickest method to obtaining apples is to chop down oak and dark oak trees (0.5% drop chance), especially with a tool enchanted with the Fortune enchantment that increases your chances of obtaining loot from enemies and the environment.

Can you grow apple trees in Minecraft?

No, unfortunately, you cannot grow apple trees in Minecraft as of yet.

How do you get apple seeds in Minecraft?

There’s no such thing as an apple seed in Minecraft yet.

Do all farmers sell apples in Minecraft?

Only certain apprentice-level farmers will have four apples in their trade inventory.

Can you get apples with shears?

No, apples cannot be obtained by shearing in Minecraft yet.


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