Where to Get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring? [All Locations]

Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Mar 02, 2023


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It took FromSoftware five long years to develop Elden Ring—arguably one of the best games of the last decade, as proven by its slew of accolades!

However, the wait was worth it since we got a vibrant game with excellent gameplay mechanics and profound lore. For example, did you know that the Elden Ring Celestial Dew item can be used to make amends to anyone you’ve wronged?

Keep reading as we tell you where to get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring

Spoiler alert: there are quite a few locations where you can find some!

What Is Celestial Dew in Elden Ring?

Celestial Dew is an essential in-game item that grants the user a unique effect when consumed, and as such, it cannot be crafted or farmed consistently. 

This specific consumable comes with the following lore:

A hidden Tear found in the Eternal City.

Also known as a Night Tear.

Allows one to carry out an Absolution at the Church of Vows, reversing all antagonizations.

Once upon a time, the stars of the night sky guided fate, and this is a recollection of those times. 

If you are still trying to figure out what it does, we understand! 

In effect, Celestial Dew is a type of currency that redeems past transgressions, thus restoring your relations with friendly NPCs and their questlines.

As you can see, as long as you complete the absolution ritual, friendly NPCs you have angered will stop acting aggressively and resume regular interactions.

Note: Celestial Dew does not revive dead merchants!

How to Use Celestial Dew in Elden Ring?

If you have to use your Celestial Dew, you only have to complete a few steps:

  1. Visit the Church of Vows in Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes;
  2. Talk to Miriel, Pastor of Vows, a giant amicable turtle;
  3. Go to the nearby statue in the middle of a basin;
  4. Select the Celestial Dew and press the prompts to Atone;

You’d only use up one Celestial Dew charge if you had wronged an NPC. Otherwise, you will receive a message saying you don’t need absolution. Also, you don't have to choose who you atone to since all your mistakes will be forgiven with a single bottle.

Note that you can acquire up to 10 Celestial Dew bottles per playthrough, which cannot be traded with other players but can be sold for 100 Runes each.

Where Can You Get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring?

Whenever you need one, look for Celestial Dew in these locations in Elden Ring:

You can also buy one from the Hermit Merchant in Ainsel River for 7,500 Runes or from Pidia, Carian Servant at Caria Manor for 5,000 Runes.

Bottom Line

Figuring out where to get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring early is crucial to avoid any delays or issues in your playthrough. If you have some handy, you can always correct a past mistake you made with any in-game NPC. That way, you can continue their storylines and experience everything Elden Ring has to offer.


Jacquelyn Bulao

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