Why Is TikTok Saying I Have No Videos? 6 Causes & Solutions

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If you are a regular TikTok contributor, let alone a serious content provider, you understand the importance of uploading your videos regularly.

That said, “Why is TikTok saying I have no videos?” has become a common question recently since some users have noticed their videos are invisible to their followers.

Well, there are several reasons and solutions, from server issues to using an outdated app version. Keep on reading as we explore all of them!

Why Is TikTok Saying I Have No Videos?

As with any social media platform, TikTok regularly experiences its fair share of troubles, which is hardly surprising when 90% of TikTokers use the app more than once daily.

The latest annoying issue you may encounter is your videos being hidden from other users. Therefore, we’ve collected the reasons and solutions for this problem below.

1. The App’s Data or Cache Got Corrupted

Any app that has its main app data or cache corrupted will stop running properly and exhibit all sorts of issues. For that reason, you should clear your data and cache now and then to keep things running smoothly.

What’s the fix?

The solution is simple: clear the app’s cache and data. For instance, the Android process includes a few simple steps:

  1. Press and hold the TikTok icon until you see the ‘App info’ popup;
  2. a) You can also find the app via ‘Settings’ → ‘Apps’.
  3. Select ‘Storage & cache’;
  4. Tap on both ‘Clear Storage/Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’;

Note: If you clear your app’s data as well, you will have to log back in!

2. Your TikTok Is Outdated

Another reason TikTok might misbehave is using an older bug-ridden version. An outdated app may also prevent you from uploading your videos in the first place. That said, keeping your apps up to date is a sensible measure.

What’s the fix?

You should uninstall your existing TikTok and install the newest version via official channels. To do so, you only have to follow a few steps on both iPhone and Android:

  1. Touch and hold the app icon;
  2. Tap on ‘Delete App’ or ‘Uninstall’;
  3. Open the App Store or Google Play;
  4. Find TikTok and press ‘Install’.

After completing this procedure, simply log back in and see if the issue persists.

3. Some of Your Videos Are Set to Private

On TikTok, you can set different privacy settings for each video you post. Therefore, if some of your content is invisible to your friends or the general TikTok public, you should check whether or not you accidentally set its privacy options to ‘Only me’.

What’s the fix?

Check the privacy settings of only the affected videos:

  1. Find and tap on the video in question;
  2. Tap on ‘Privacy settings’ in the bottom-right corner;
  3. Click on ‘Who can watch this video’;
  4. Set the privacy to ‘Everyone’.

Once you are done, the video will appear on your main timeline again.

4. Check TikTok permissions

Every phone app requires certain permissions to run properly, including Storage, Camera, Microphone, Notifications, and more. Therefore, if you failed to grant the proper permissions while installing TikTok, you may encounter certain issues while using the app.

What’s the fix?

You simply have to allow all the necessary permissions again. Android users can do that via the ‘Permissions’ menu under TikTok’s specific ‘App info’ section.

On the other hand, iOS users must navigate to the ‘Privacy’ section of the main ‘Settings’ menu, which includes all permission options for all installed apps.

5. You’re Using a Bad Connection

Being a video-based social platform, TikTok relies on a fast and stable connection as you upload and view high-quality content. So, if you have an unstable internet connection, you may lose access to your TikTok account during drops in the network. 

What’s the fix?

You must ensure you have fast and stable internet by restarting your modem and router and running a speed test via services such as Ookla. On the other hand, if you are using your mobile data, try changing your location to get out of potential network dead zones.

6. TikTok’s Servers May Be Down

Last but not least, your inability to upload or view videos may be due to server disruptions on TikTok’s side. In such cases, the app will take too long to respond or will stop working entirely. At least, you can check whether TikTok is down via Downdetector.com.

What’s the fix?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do under these circumstances, and you have no other choice than wait for the platform to bring its service back online.

Fixing the ‘Video Is Being Processed’ TikTok Bug

If you keep seeing the “Video is being processed” error message when trying to post new content, you may find the reason for that among those outlined above.

However, apart from video format and connection-related issues, your video might actually be violating TikTok’s community guidelines.

In such cases, there’s nothing you can do, and you have to wait for TikTok’s review process to complete, which may take up to several days. If the platform declines to post your video, you can state your case by lodging an appeal. 

To do that, click on the post violating TikTok’s guidelines, tap on ‘See details’, and follow the on-screen prompts to express your disagreement with the platform’s decision.

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Why Can’t I See Other Users’ TikTok Videos?

If you are unable to view other users’ videos, there may be nothing you can do about it in most cases since the reasons for that are either platform or user-imposed restrictions:

1. The User Has Been Shadowbanned

TikTok reserves the right to silently ban any user that repeatedly violates the platform’s guidelines with adult content, bullying, harassment, or other types of unacceptable behavior. In such cases, affected users become invisible to other community members.

2. You Are Viewing a Private Account

Like most social media platforms, TikTok allows its userbase to adjust the privacy settings on their accounts as they see fit. For instance, on TikTok, users can toggle the ‘Private account’ option, which means their content will only be visible to their approved followers.

3. The User Has Hidden Some Videos

As explained above, users can manually hide individual TikTok videos instead of making their entire account private. Under such circumstances, you will see the videos in question again only when the user reverts the video’s privacy settings.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, your video might not be visible to others for reasons such as server issues, unstable connection, corrupted or outdated files, and missing permissions or storage space. Thankfully, as long as the service is up and running, there’s something you can do to fix the issue and continue sharing your beautifully crafted videos.


How do I get the new TikTok update?

Updating your TikTok experience is a fairly simple procedure, as you only have to navigate to your respective app stores, such as Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Microsoft Store for Windows, and click on ‘Update’ or ‘Install’.

Why is TikTok saying nobody has any videos?

There are several reasons why you may be unable to see somebody’s videos, ranging from server issues to shadow banning and specific user settings.

Why is my TikTok not showing my videos?

The answer to “Why is TikTok saying I have no videos?” varies depending on the specific cause of the issue, which varies from server problems to an outdated app.


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