43 Must-Read Xbox Facts and Statistics for 2024

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Game lovers all over the world, this one’s for you!

It’s a well-known fact that gamers are always on the lookout for the newest and most advanced game-related equipment, news, and technology. 

You’ve come to the right place!

We have prepared a comprehensive article regarding Xbox facts and related stats, and here they are.

Let’s have a sneak peek at some interesting facts and stats first.

Fascinating Xbox Facts and Statistics

  • There will be three billion video gamers by 2023.
  • The gaming industry made a revenue of $179.7 billion in 2020.
  • Gaming consoles will make $60.8 billion in 2022.
  • Two hundred forty-four million Americans played video games in 2020.
  • Xbox Live had 90 million monthly users in 2020.
  • Xbox One’s revenue went up by 65% in 2020.
  • The Xbox Series X launch has seen a 51% revenue increase in 2021.

General Xbox Facts and Statistics

What’s gaming like in 2022? What’s new with the Xbox? What do we expect to see in 2022? See below.

1. 2020 saw a 75% increase in gaming.

(Source: Verizon & Polygon)

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people spent most of their time indoors in 2020. Therefore, gaming was on the rise in Q1 of the same year, as people looked for ways to entertain themselves.

However, according to Xbox Live facts, some users experienced an outage as of March 16th, 2020.

Maybe the problem could the millions of people logging in at once?

2. Xbox Series X and Series S have grown by half in 2021.

(Source: Windows Central) 

Microsoft entered its next console generation in Q4 of 2020 with its Xbox Series X and Series S. Well, that certainly lightened the moods of Xbox One S and Xbox One X fanatics since the products were discontinued that same year.

The Series X and S units practically flew off the shelves since their introduction into the market. Hardware and software sales earned the company $43 billion. The consoles are already experiencing a shortage in 2021, and Microsoft’s CFO states that the issue will continue until April.

3. Xbox subscriptions rose by 40% in 2021.

(Source: Windows Central)

Sign-ups for Xbox statistics subscriptions have gone up in 2021 by 40%. It was memberships for Game Pass, together with Xbox first and third-party titles, that propelled this growth.  

4. Xbox Live had 90 million users per month in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

Xbox Live reached a record of the highest users yet by 2019’s fourth quarter. It was a 25 million increase from 2016. Back then, there were only 40 million Xbox Live users. Xbox Live stats show that the Microsoft service got 90 million users every single month.   

5. Xbox One now has three voice search assistants.

(Source: Microsoft)

Community feedback is essential. We all know that.

So, Microsoft has listened to you all! They incorporated Google Assistant to help you interact with your voice commands better. Xbox voice commands usage statistics show that you now have three options to choose from, including existing voice software like Alexa and Cortana.

6. Xbox One isn’t only for gaming.

(Source: Venture Capitalists)

Most people only reserve consoles for gaming.

However, Xbox One facts show that they have become a staple for many homes for other uses as well. They’re a hub for other forms of entertainment such as watching TV shows or movies, and 35% of users are already doing this. 

You can also use your machine as a personal assistant by issuing voice commands. 

If you’re looking to make a video call, use your Xbox.

Xbox Facts and History

Here are some interesting data and facts regarding the history of the Xbox.

7. The idea of creating the Xbox began in 1998.

(Source: Digital Trends)

According to original Xbox facts, four gentlemen - Kevin Bachus, Ted Hase, Otto Berkes, and Seamus Blackley - came up with the idea of creating Microsoft’s first console game. 

The four pitched the idea to Bill Gates, and thankfully he accepted their proposal. And here we are today.

8. It took Microsoft just 20 months to launch the Xbox.

(Source: Venture Beat)

Imagine the process of launching a product. You think of years and years of feasibility studies, conceptualization, design, all the way to implementation and launch.

Well, not for Microsoft.

Everything from start to finish took under two years. Xbox game stats show that during the very first season after creation, the company sold 1.5 million units.

9. The first season following Xbox’s launch earned Microsoft $750 million.

(Source: Venture Beat)

The Xbox was such a hit with game players during its early days. Xbox facts and statistics show that by the fourth year, the company had already sold 21 million units!  

10. Microsoft only sold 123,000 units the first week after release in Japan.

(Source: Digital Trends)

The reception of the Xbox in Japan wasn’t as great as it was in the US. 

To turn things around, the company slashed the prices in half. And it worked! More and more people from the region started purchasing the units. 

Xbox Sales Statistics

Is gaming worth it revenue-wise in 2022 and beyond? Let’s find out! 

11. In 2020, video gaming made close to $180 billion.

(Source: Marketwatch)

According to Xbox statistics for 2021, the industry made proceeds worth $170 billion+. That was $70 billion more than the combined income from American sporting and movie income. 

The field had already been experiencing single-digit growth the last few years. The pandemic, however, fueled a surge in purchases.  

12. Consoles will bring in an income of $60+ billion in 2022.

(Source: Visual Capitalists)

Gaming is one industry that hasn’t felt the hit that many businesses worldwide have experienced in the last few months. According to Xbox sales statistics, the gadgets made $51 billion in 2020, a tidy sum considering many businesses are closing down. 

Forecasts for 2021 to 2022 are also very promising. They show annual growth of around $5 billion.  

13. Gaming consoles contributed about 39% of the entire gaming revenue in 2019.

(Source: Forbes)

According to Xbox game facts, almost a quarter of gaming revenue came from game consoles. Projections show that console gaming use is likely to surpass that of smartphone gaming in the coming years. 

14. The demand for Xbox One doubled in 2020.

(Source: Windows Central)

According to Xbox One sales statistics, it makes $1.3 billion per year. Xbox One stood out as one of Microsoft’s top earners, recording a 65% increase in subscriptions and game sales.

There’s more:

The hardware revenue also increased by almost 50%. The demand for the units was so high that there was nationwide scarcity.

15. Sales for Xbox One amounted to 51.51 million units in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

According to Xbox One sales statistics, the console is doing great in the market. Comparing 2020 and 2017 Xbox One sales figures, the data shows an increase of 21.11 million.

Quite impressive!

16. The worldwide sale of Xbox 360 units was 85 million in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

According to Xbox 360 facts, Microsoft launched it in 2005. Since then, the console has been showing a steady rise, with over 85 million pieces flying off the racks in 2020.

North America did exceptionally well here, accounting for nearly $50 million in sales. Europe was second with $25 million. Japan earned $1.66 million. The rest of the world collectively brought in $9 million. 

17. Xbox Live had 10 million subscribers in 2020.

(Source: Metro)

Microsoft’s 2020 financial report showed that Xbox Live is doing very well in terms of subscribers. According to Xbox Live users statistics, the Game Pass division had 10 million sign-ups.  

Xbox User Statistics

Who is buying the Xbox? Read on to see which gender and age groups like it more.

18. By 2023, the number of gamers in the world will be 3.07 billion.

(Source: Statista)

According to Xbox stats, the number of video game players will be 1.08 billion more than in 2015. The industry has been growing at an upward rate year-on-year. 

To give you the exact data, the totals were: 

  • 1.99 billion in 2015
  • 2.11 billion in 2016 
  • 2.26 in 2017 
  • 2.42 in 2018 
  • 2.55 in 2019
  • 2.69 in 2020. 

As you can see, figures show that there has been a rise every year. It’s no wonder experts believe that the trend will continue in the coming years.

19. One in every four Americans was a video game player as of 2020.

(Source: The Fountain Group)

Back in 2018, the number of people that played video games was 212 million. According to Xbox statistics, the number of players increased to 244 million in 2020. 

20. 18.2% of participants played video games for 4-7 hours every week in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

According to Xbox statistics user-wise, almost a ¼ of 2020 video game players played for 4 to 7 hours weekly. Only 13% played games for an hour or less. 7.8% of the respondents played for more than 20 hours every week.

21. 65% of US adults love playing video games.

(Source: ESA)

If you thought video games were only a hit with teenagers, then you’re wrong. 

According to Xbox statistics, more than half of American adults enjoy playing video games.

22. In 2020, 41% of gamers were women. 

(Source: Statista)

Women love their games! 

Almost half of all gamers in the US are women. According to Xbox One statistics, the percentage of women gamers in 2019 increased by 8%, compared to what it was in 2006. Back then, only 38% of women indulged.

23. The majority of male gamers are between the ages of 21 and 35.

(Source: Visual Capitalists)

According to Xbox facts and statistics, male game players make about 18% of the millennial age group. These days, the ladies are making a mark in the field as well.

Here’s what I mean:

When it comes to the older generation (Boomers and Gen- x), women that play video games are more than men.

Gone are the days when Super Mario was solely a young boy’s affair.

In the 35-50 age group, 15% are ladies while 14% are gentlemen. Between 51-65 years, the ladies are the majority, with 9% while males are trailing with 7%. 

24. 56% of Xbox One users are married or in a relationship.

(Source: Microsoft Central)

Gaming is a common way to spend some alone time. 

The stats show that over half of all players are married or living with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Gaming allows them to get rid of tension and thus, avoid family issues.

25. In 2020, the Asia-Pacific region was the top gaming revenue earner globally, with 1.5 billion gamers.

(Source: Statista)

According to Xbox stats for 2021, the continent generated $78 billion, which was twice that of North America. Seeing that gamers are willing to spend some big bucks, it’s no wonder the industry is growing and fast. 

26. Xbox Live Gold is available only in 42 countries.

(Source: Microsoft)

Xbox Live facts show that its Gold membership is in 40+ countries. Microsoft, however, plans to expand soon.

Xbox Games Facts and Statistics

Here are additional facts and stats just for you:

27. Xbox Live Gold pricing will remain the same in 2021.

(Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft had planned to increase its packages by $1 and $5 for its one-month and 3-month memberships, respectively. According to Xbox facts, the company is not going to change its rates as of Jan 2021. 

28. The retail value of Xbox Live Gold membership was $1080 in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

Microsoft launched Xbox Live in 2002, and it was an instant hit. 

In 2006, it was worth $930 which has steadily been going up over the years. According to Xbox Live statistics, its value was almost at $1100 by Q4 of 2020. 

29. The weekly usage for Xbox One for both online and offline gaming is 50%.

(Source: Visual Capitalists)

According to Ps4 vs. Xbox One stats, ½ the usage of the Xbox One consoles goes to gaming. That is much more than PS4 utilization for the same, which amounts to 48%. 

30. The most powerful console on the globe is the Xbox One X. 

(Source: Microsoft)

Are you looking for a powerful console? 

Worry not, we’ve got you! 

According to Xbox One X statistics, the console has 40% power compared to any other console.

31. The Xbox One X has a 6 teraflop GPU.

(Source: Microsoft)

If you like top-notch virtual reality, this might be the machine for you. According to Xbox One X stats, the console enables characters to become as real as humanly possible with 4k environments. 

32. Xbox One S weighs about 4kgs.

(Source: Quora)

If you’re looking for a lighter console, the S model might be the best option for you.  Xbox One S stats show that it weighs about 4kgs. In comparison, the 1TB models weigh about 4.2Kgs. 

33. Microsoft discontinued Xbox One S and Xbox One X in 2020.

(Source: Windows Central)

In 2020, the company announced that it would stop the unit’s production even as demand increased. According to Xbox facts for 2021, people rushed to stores to get the hardware, but it was only available in local stores. 

This was, however, in preparation for a new and better product that we’ll talk about very soon. 

Xbox Series X Price, Specs, and Release Date

We’ve all been waiting and speculation about the Xbox X Series. Which gamer hasn’t? 

We’re always hunting for the latest gaming information! So, we’ve researched the price, release date, and specifications to share the latest data about the new Xbox. 

34. The Xbox Series X release date was 10th November 2020.

(Source: TechRadar)

In 2019, Microsoft had announced that the official date for the launch would be November 26th, 2020. However, like many plans, that changed to the 10th of the same month.

There was a good reason, though:

The company wanted a head start against the PS5, which launched two days later.

35. Xbox Series X also goes by the name Xbox Project Scarlet.

(Source: TechRadar)

The next time you hear someone mention Xbox Project Scarlet, don’t be confused. That’s just another name for the Xbox Series X.

36. Xbox Series X is the same price as Xbox One was at launch.

(Source: TechRadar)

The Xbox Series X price matches the Xbox One X’s. To be precise, the rate is $499 / £449 / AU$749. 

The pricing isn’t exactly pocket change, but snatching up a subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will make it worth your while. 


It will give you access to countless games. 

37. Microsoft’s next generation of consoles is a force to reckon with going by the Xbox Series X spec.

(Source: TechRadar)

The console game lovers have been waiting for this. And Microsoft does not disappoint!

Here are some Xbox Series X specs:

  • 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.8GHz in CPU
  • 52 CUs at Custom RDNA 2, 1.825GHz (GPU)
  • 16 GB GDDR6 memory
  • 8K resolution
  • 1TB custom NVMe SSD in storage space
  • 120 fps support
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive
  • Xbox One accessories compatibility

38. Xbox Series X’s controller has a refined shape and size.

(Source: TechRadar)

It looks like Microsoft isn’t playing this time around.

Xbox Series X controller will allow you to share screenshots with your friends and family. The wireless controller will also be more responsive and accurate.

39. The Xbox Series X design does not look like the earlier consoles.

(Source: TechRadar)

The new Xbox console features an upright tower design. 

Is there more?

Players will be able to place the console either vertically or horizontally. Also, the console comes with a small disc drive.

Xbox Fun Facts

Here is some fun news about the Xbox.

40. Megan Fox and Mila Kunis are top celebrity gamers.

(Source: Ranker)

Who thought these two Hollywood beauty queens have such an unexpected hobby? 

Well, according to Xbox facts, Aisha Tyler and Olivia Munn are also avid girl gamers.

What about the men?

Justin Theroux, Jerry O’Connell, and Jason Bateman are just a few of the male celebrities that play video games during their spare time.

41. With the 2020 launch, the Xbox Series X is already competing with PS5 in 2021.

(Source: GamesRadar)

When giants compete, then you know that they’re likely to produce the absolute best. Xbox facts for 2021 show that this console war is one that you’ll love. 

The new Xbox Series X promises the best functionality and capabilities, as we covered earlier in the specs section.

42. There were about 12 games that came with the new Microsoft console.

(Source: GamesRadar)

Xbox statistics for 2022 show that the Xbox Series X came out with a lot to offer game lovers.

Some examples here include, but not limited to:

  • Halo Infinite
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Battlefield 6
  • Gears 5
  • Death loop.

43. Free-to-play games earned a revenue of about $67 billion in 2020.

(Source: Statista)

You might imagine that pay-to-play gaming might bring you no money.

But Imma let you in on the secret. 

You can make a significant amount of money from them. 

According to Xbox stats for 2021, the free-to-play sector’s revenue increased by $9 billion in 2020 compared to 2018 data. 

Wrapping Up

People have always loved transporting themselves into different worlds. Books, movies, you name it.

Games have uncovered a whole new world for us. And it shows!

Xbox facts show that the gaming arena is more in demand now than ever before. Companies like Microsoft are at the forefront of creating more interactive games using innovative technologies, and we expect to see more masterpieces in the future. 

So. What’s your fav game?


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