Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup: How Does it Work?

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Yellow Pages are the traditional telephone directory containing the phone numbers of businesses and other commercial listings within an area. Due to the increased dependence on the Internet, printed Yellow Pages became an online directory.

Today, the online Yellow Pages phone directory contains contact details of businesses. It also has a reverse phone lookup service that can help you determine who owns an unknown number that’s been calling you.

You may wonder how to look up a phone number on Yellow Pages. In this article, you will discover more about Yellow Pages, how it works, and its alternatives. 

 🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Yellow Pages have evolved with technology, from producing a traditional printed telephone directory to uploading the latest directory online.
  • You can use Yellow Pages as a free reverse phone lookup service.
  • There are paid alternatives to Yellow Pages reverse phone lookup which produce more accurate and extensive results.
  • The accuracy of conducting a reverse phone lookup on Yellow Pages depends on the public information provided by individuals or businesses. 

What is Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup?

This service used to be a yellow book with millions of phone numbers broken down into individual business units. Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup is a service that can help you identify an unknown caller and find company numbers online. 

In A Nutshell:

Yellow Pages is a common name for people looking for services some companies offer. It also allows you to look up phone numbers that have been calling you.

Moreover, the Yellow Pages directory works like a free reverse phone look service. However, it still has limitations, unlike paid reverse phone lookup services.

How Does 'Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup' Work?

Using the Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup is simple. Simply enter a number, and it will search through its system. 

You can follow the steps below:

A screenshot of Yellow Pages’s landing page

Step 1: Go to the Yellow Pages website

Step 2: Click "Find People"

Step 3: Choose "BY PHONE NUMBER"

Step 4: Enter the phone number. 

Step 5: Click the magnifying glass icon to begin the search.

A screenshot of Yellow Pages’s search results

The result may show the person who owns the number or the business which the number is associated with.

There are names along with addresses and phone numbers. If you want more information about the initial search results, click "VIEW FULL PROFILE.”

A screenshot of Intelius age verification requirement

The website will direct you to Intelius, another reverse search lookup tool. 

Confirm your age and click "VIEW REPORT." 

You’ll have to sign in to see the rest of the report, or you can do this within the Yellow Pages website. 

If the results on the Yellow Pages website are not enough, there are other alternatives you can use. 

Alternatives for Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup

Infographics on Yellow Pages alternatives

Exact results may not appear on the Yellow Pages website. It depends on whether the number's owner published a current number publicly.

If they did, you would still need to go through huge amounts of data to find their exact information.

In the end, relying on a credible reverse phone lookup service is most helpful. There are plentiful options if the Yellow Pages website doesn’t give you much information. Below are some of the best alternatives in the market:


Screenshot of Intelius landing page

Regarded as the US’s number 1 information broker, Intelius has access to over 20 billion public records. Then, it provides comprehensive reports based on the data you have at hand.

Intelius does in-depth searches on a person. They gather data from federal, state, and local public and commercial entities. 

To use this website as a reverse phone lookup service, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Click on "Phone."

Step 2: Enter the phone number you're looking for the owner.

Step 3: Click "SEARCH" to prompt the website to begin the search.

Step 4: Verify your age.

Step 5: Click on "VIEW REPORT."

A screenshot of Intelius notice of a report preview

To view the report, you'll have to provide your details so the website can give you the rest.

📝 Note:

Concerns regarding online privacy are understandable. However, Intelius guarantees their customers’ protection. The website only asks for email addresses to help users save reports.


A screenshot of BeenVerified’s landing page

BeenVerified is one of the known people search sites on the internet. It is possible to use any type of browser for this website.

You can search for phone numbers and other data you may have. Your search result may include the following:

  • Close contacts
  • Criminal records
  • Property information

To use this website to find the owner of a number, simply follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on "Phone Lookup."

Step 2: Enter the phone number of which you want to find who's the owner.

Step 3: Click "SEARCH." 

Step 4: When your search results are ready, the website will prompt you to an agreement. Click "I Agree" and "Continue."

A screenshot of “Results are Ready” notice on BeenVerified.

📝 Note: Depending on your chosen package, the website will prompt you to a subscription. You can also do this before starting to search.

Accuracy of Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup 

Yellow Pages and its alternatives can differ in their search results. This difference may be because of these reasons:

  • Reverse search lookup websites may use Yellow Pages as public records sources and vice versa.
  • Some businesses or individuals may have updated their public information. Reverse search lookup tools still need to pick up these updates, which they do at their own pace.

That said, Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup may take time to show results, indicating that the website has databases to search from. 

Unlike paid reverse lookup tools like Intelius and BeenVerified, Yellow Pages may only view results from public records and digital footprints Internet users leave behind. 

Moreover, paid alternative tools may give users other than public information since they have legitimate access to private records. 

Final Thoughts

Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup is free and accessible to all. However, its results may be limited compared to other paid, credible reverse phone lookup services. Intelius and BeenVerified are great alternatives to Yellow Pages Reverse Lookup.

Either way, these tools have legitimate access to public and private databases that can help you with your search.  `

However, there are many people with whom the number may be associated. Therefore, it is important to check if you have the right person.

If you suspect that the unknown number is a scammer or a robocall spamming you, report the number to the FCC or the US government.


How can I find out who this phone number belongs to?

There are a few methods to find out the number's owner. One of these methods is using reverse phone lookup tools like Yellow Pages, White Pages, Intelius, and BeenVerified. 


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