25 Curious Yelp Statistics To Show How Big It Is in 2023

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Updated · Jan 30, 2023

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You’re looking for your next favorite restaurant, bar, or hairdresser salon? Where do you go?

Yelp, of course! The platform provides reliable information about all kinds of businesses and services based on user-written reviews.

The two former PayPal employees, Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman established Yelp in 2004. But is it still relevant today?

In this article, we’ve gathered all the essential and exciting Yelp statistics you need!

Let’s answer all the burning questions:

Must-Know Yelp Stats and Facts for 2023

  • Yelp has more than 178 million visitors every month across its platforms.
  • Among them, 90 million monthly users come from mobile: 33 million from mobile apps and 57 million from mobile web browsers.
  • 70% of Yelp users are over 35 years old.
  • 53% of Yelp users are women, and 47% are men.
  • Over 244 million reviews were posted on Yelp in 2021.
  • Yelp revenue reached $1.15 billion in 2022.
  • There are more than 5 million businesses on Yelp.
  • Home & Local services are the #1 reviewed business on Yelp.
  • 63.6% of consumers will likely check Google reviews before visiting a location. 45.18% will first turn to Yelp.
  • 82% of the people who visit Yelp do that with the intention of purchasing.
  • Yelp takes 1st place in its niche in the US.
  • 78% of Yelp users use social media daily.
  • Only 12% of Yelp users use the platform multiple times a week.

How Many People Use Yelp in 2023?

1. Over 178 million people visit Yelp each month across desktop, mobile, and app versions.

(Source: ReviewTrackers, Statista)

There are 33 million unique monthly mobile app visitors each month. The platform might be almost 20 years old, but it’s still trendy, filling an important niche. 

Number of Average Yelp Monthly Active Users by Device (2019-2021)

  2019 2020 2021
App Unique Devices, in millions 36.25 31.13 33.09
Desktop Unique Devices, in millions 60.25 43.69 45.99
Mobile Web Unique Visitors, in millions 73.72 52.79 56.67

How Many Yelp Total Reviews Are There?

2. In total, 244 million reviews were submitted to Yelp in 2021. 

(Source: Yelp-Press, Statista)

This is a 9% increase from the 224 million reviews in 2020. Yelp had 205 million reviews in 2019, up 16% from 177 million reviews in 2018.

Yelp Total Reviews

Yelp Total Reviews (2009-2021)

Years Yelp Total Reviews, in millions
2009 8.83
2010 15.12
2011 24.82
2012 36
2013 52.76
2014 71.23
2015 95.21
2016 121.02
2017 148.3
2018 177
2019 205
2020 224
2021 244

Key Yelp Statistics for 2023

From details about its current user base to important data about its system, this is where you’ll find curious facts about the platform. Let’s start with the basics:

3. Nearly 90 million people visit Yelp on their mobile phones each month.

(Source: Statista)

57 million customers choose to use their mobile web browser, 33 million prefer the mobile app, and 46 million use their desktop browser. Thus, contributing to the overall 178 million monthly visits through all platforms.

Now that you know how just many monthly active app users Yelp possesses, it’s time to move on to another pressing subject:

4. Home and Local services is the #1 reviewed business category on Yelp.

(Source: Yelp-Press)

The platform has a massive range, meaning you can leave a review for practically any kind of business you can imagine. Still, Home and Local services lead the categories with 19%. Next on the list are Restaurants with 17%, followed by Shopping with 16%.

5. 97% of Yelp users visit the platform to make a purchase.

(Source: Blog.Yelp)

So 97% of all visitors declare the platform reliable. They open it to check if something is worth spending their money on.

Time for the next portion of useful Yelp fast facts:

6. 45.18% of people prefer to check reviews on Yelp.

(Source: ReviewTrackers)

So, 63.6% of users will first check in with Google reviews (through Google Maps and Search) before deciding what service to use. However, Yelp isn’t that far behind—over 45% of customers favor the platform as their source of where to eat, shop, or who to trust.

Not that big of a difference with the tech behemoth. Apparently, the efforts of Yelp’s team are not in vain.

7. Yelp is the top website in its niche in the US.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

The platform undeniably ranks first in its niche in America. But who follows? The top three are completed by WhitePages and YellowPages.

Yelp User Demographics

You can find a review for almost anything on the platform. You can also find almost anything worth knowing about it here. So, what group of people makes up the majority of its users? Let’s see:

Yelp User Demographics

8. 53% of people who use Yelp are women, and 47% are men.

(Source: Earthweb)

So women are bigger fans of Yelp than men. According to the latest data, Women use Yelp more than men. Even though the difference is slight, the female part of the population still takes the leading position.

9. 70% of Yelp users are over 35 years old.

(Source: Yelp-Press)

Apparently, US users are split almost evenly into age categories.

  • People aged 35–54 take first place with 34%.
  • 36% of the platform’s users are 55 years old or more.
  • 29% are aged between 18 and 34 years.

10. 57% of  Yelp users have an income of more than $100,000. 

(Source: Yelp-Press)

22% of users earn between $60,000 and $90,000 and 21% bring home $59,000 or less.

11. More than half of Yelp visitors have gone to college.

(Source: Yelp-Press)

Apparently, the majority of its users are educated. Stats report that 63% of them went to college, while 20% hadn’t. Additionally, 17% only went to graduate school.

12. Yelp is available in 35 countries.

(Source: SearchEngineJournal)

Although most of its user base is from the US, people from all over the world use the platform. What’s more, they can choose between 42 languages and a variety of features.

13. More than 90% of its users come from the US.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

Once again, Yelp’s consumer fact sheet comes to our aid when in need of valuable info…

This time it’s only to confirm something we know or suspect: Yelp is available and being used worldwide, but almost its entire audience is US-based. No surprise there, right?

Yelp App Stats

The app might be the least preferred way to access the platform, but still, there are some exciting facts about it. Let’s hear them:

14. People who use the app generate more activity.

(Source: PRNewsWire)

Did you know that? Consumers who visit the app go through 10 times more pages than those who use the desktop version. Fascinating, right?

Keep reading for the next piece of amusing Yelp info:

15. People prefer to publish reviews through a mobile phone.

(Source: WordStream)

Well, that’s a nice change of pace… though, it’s still quite logical—you’ve just visited this restaurant/beauty salon/gym/auto repair shop/even landmarks, etc., and want to share your experience, be it good or bad.

So it’s no surprise to report that 60% of reviews and photos came from smartphones.

16. The app boasts more than 50 million downloads.

(Source: Google Play)

And that’s counting only Google Play Store downloads. The app has 516,000 reviews leading to an overall 4.8 stars rating.

17. Over 46 million users visit the desktop site every month.

(Source: Statista)

Although Yelp’s users prefer using the mobile web version, many still visit the good old-fashioned desktop site. By “many,” we mean millions… to be more precise, more than 46 million people!

How Many Businesses Are on Yelp?

18. There are over 5 million business listing pages on Yelp.

(Source: Review42)

This number shows that Yelp still has a great impact on local businesses.

19. On average, 16% of all businesses boast five-star reviews.

(Source: Yelp-Press)

What about the others?

  • 38% have four stars
  • 26% must be content with three
  • 15% must work on their service quality, as they have two stars
  • 5% have received the lowest rating available—just one star

Yelp Revenue Statistics

You’re still wondering how massive and influential Yelp’s platform is? Check out these stats to learn all you need to know about it:

20. Yelp revenue was estimated at $1.15 billion in 2022, up 12% from 2021.

(Source: Companiesmarketcap, Statista)

Yelp reached $1.03 billion in revenue in 2021, up 18% from $872.9 million in revenue in 2020.

Yelp Revenue

Yelp Annual Revenue (2007-2022)

Year Revenue, in $US millions
2022 1150
2021 1031.84
2020 872.93
2019 1014.19
2018 942.77
2017 850.85
2016 716
2015 549.71
2014 377.5
2013 233
2012 137.6
2011 83.29
2010 47.73
2009 25.81
2008 12.14
2007 3.75

21. “Home and Local Services” bring the highest advertising revenue.

(Source: Yelp-Press)

When it comes to business segments, the Yelp stat sheet is certain: “Home and Local Services” is crowned the winner, with 61% of the ad revenue in Q2 2022. Interestingly, restaurants claim the remaining 39%.

22. Yelp earned $16.08 million in net income in the first nine months of 2022.

(Source: Statista, Yelp)

Company profit was $39.7 million in 2021.  Yelp lost -$19.4 million in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Yelp Profit

Yelp Profit (Loss) from 2017 to 2022

Year Profit (Loss), in $US millions 
Q1 2017 -4
Q2 2017 7.9
Q3 2017 8
Q4 2017 141.1
Q1 2018 -2.3
Q2 2018 10.7
Q3 2018 15
Q4 2018 31.95
Q1 2019 1.37
Q2 2019 12.3
Q3 2019 10.06
Q4 2019 17.15
Q1 2020 -15.5
Q2 2020 -23.99
Q3 2020 -1.02
Q4 2020 20.09
Q1 2021 -6
Q2 2021 4
Q3 2021 18.07
Q4 2021 23.19
Q1 2022 -0.92
Q2 2022 8
Q3 2022 9

Yelp Fast Facts

Here comes the cherry on top:

Here come some interesting tidbits about the platform. Enjoy!

23. “Open now” is the most used filter in customers’ searches of all categories.

(Source: SearchEngineLand)

Let’s take for example Yelp’s most famous category—Home and Local Services. “Open now” indeed tops the list. It’s followed by the “Request a quote” filter. People also want to know if companies accept credit card payments and whether they give out fast and informative responses.

24. In 2004, Jon B. wrote the first Yelp review.

(Source: Blog.Yelp)

The very first review appeared in October 2004. Jon B. gave their contribution by reviewing the Kabuki Springs & Spa in San Francisco.

25. Bottega Louie is the most reviewed business on Yelp.

(Source: Blog.Yelp)

The establishment boasts over 17,000 reviews. So there you have it—now you know what the most reviewed restaurant on Yelp is. But do you want to know what’s the top three? Second place goes to Phil’s BBQ (over 15,000 contributions), and the third is claimed by Founding Farmers, with almost the same number.

Wrap Up

Our collection of Yelp facts has come to an end. We hope these prove to you that the platform’s still relevant in 2022.

It’s the perfect place to check your options and get inspired by finding your next favorite business or place, all based on unbiased customer reviews.


Simona Yaramova

Simona Yaramova

Simona’s desire to be a content writer came pretty randomly. But now, she’s dedicated to learning everything about technology and becoming the best at her job. Her favorite gadget is her iPhone, so she has all the know-how about it. She’s currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology. She is a dog person and dreams of having a Corgi (don’t we all?). She likes to cook, read books, and spend time with her family and friends.

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