20 Awesome YouTube Channel Ideas To Skyrocket You to Fame

Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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You’ve decided to become a YouTuber.

What will your content be?

That is the question.

Gear up as we’ve done enough research (binge-watching) to help you answer that.

Here, you’ll find a list of great YouTube channel ideas. And not just something random—successful ones. Based on viewership, these examples are proven to attract an army of subscribers.

Check them out!

From song covers to political talk shows, there’s a wide range of themes to wow your audience. Feel free to use these YouTube channel suggestions to get you started.

Tech Channels

We admit it—as tech enthusiasts, watching new gadget releases is our favorite pastime. The good news is it’s not just us—take, for example, Unbox Therapy and its whopping 18.2 million subscribers. We truly live in a digital age!

So if you’re tech-savvy, this would be the best content for YouTube.

You don’t need a lot to start with. You can begin by filming unboxing videos of various consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, etc. Review them based on first impressions, or break down all the specifics.

Watch your subscriber count go up!

Photography Vlog Channels

Got an eye for aesthetics? If you like capturing pretty things, then shooting photography-related videos a la Thomas Heaton could be your thing.

Go to scenic spots, camp out, and take those stunning landscape shots. Or just shoot some portraits of your favorite people. Document the whole process—from pre- to post-production. You’ll be surprised how many viewers want to learn Lightroom and Photoshop tips!

The cam junkies can also do cam gear reviews. There’s a vast audience waiting for you—just look at DPReview TV and their massive subscribers count (currently at over 350,000)!

Educational Channels

Knowledge is power, that’s why 86% of viewers regularly use YouTube to learn new things. Most of them watch videos for their homework, too!

There are lots of great informative topics to talk about on YouTube, such as:

  • School subjects
  • Astronomy
  • History
  • Mythology
  • Media literacy

And anything worth learning!

CrashCourse, for instance, helps its 13.5 million subscribers excel through easy-to-digest video courses. TED-Ed, with its 18 million subscribers, is another excellent example. That’s where we learned the dark history of zombies.

You can literally learn about anything and everything on YouTube. Why don’t you contribute your fair share?

Music Channels

Music content is among the most successful YouTube channel ideas.

No surprise there, since music videos are the most-watched ones on YouTube. Song covers, in particular, are a massive hit for music lovers. Thanks to them, we now have the likes of Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, and Shawn Mendes. They all started by doing covers on the platform.

People love to hear various artists’ take on trending hits. So if you have the gift of music, go ahead and share it with the world!

Album Review Channels

Speaking of music, doing a song or album critique is another popular content on YouTube. We have the perfect example for you—Anthony Fantano’s theneedledrop channel is dedicated to reviewing music releases. His honest, in-depth reviews are why he now has over two million active subscribers.

Fitness Vlog Channels

As we navigate through health-critical times, staying in shape is key. And for most people, YouTube has become an official workout buddy.

That’s why fitness vlogs are some of the most useful YouTube channel content ideas!

They’re the fastest-growing, too. Chloe Ting’s channel had around two million subscribers before the pandemic hit in 2020. Thanks to her free workout programs and quick exercise videos, she now has 23.9 million. Talk about progress!

Home Workout Channels

Workout-from-home suddenly became the norm amid the COVID-19 lockdown. That explains the rise of channels like Blogilates and The Fitness Marshall, with millions of viewers.

What’s their vlogging style? They combine music and exercise to make fitness a fun activity. From dancing workouts to single-song challenges, this type of content is sure to hook flocks of new fitness subscribers.

Cooking Channels

If you’re skilled in the kitchen, here are some good YouTube channel ideas that work for most cooking shows.

  • Teach people how to cook a certain dish
  • Show your version of a traditional delicacy
  • Explain your thought process on a particular recipe
  • Share common cooking mistakes

Also, most people simply want to watch great cooks prepare their food. Sam The Cooking Guy entertains his over three million subscribers through easy-to-make recipes and kitchen basics.

Food Review Channels

Food reviews are part of the best YouTube channel ideas to start. Besides the thrill and adventure of trying new things, there’s a massive audience waiting to consume those mouth-watering videos.

Take the Best Ever Food Review Show, for example. Sonny, the man in action, travels the world just to try the best food each country has to offer. The result? He now has roughly nine million subscribers!

ASMR Channels

It may seem bizarre to some, but something about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is deeply satisfying for most people. It’s that tingling sensation you get from soft sounds, like whispering, tapping, or crinkling.

If you’re into that stuff but don’t know what to make a YouTube channel about, this is your sign.

You could be the next ASMRtist!

Travel Channels

Adventure vlogs are a great source of travel inspiration. 

If you’re a backpacker, you might want to start filming your mountain hikes or sky diving experiences as travel videos. They’re easy to produce, too, that’s why they’re among the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners.

Many people turn to travel guides for safety, too. Honest Guide has a million subscribers and certainly fits this mold. Its hosts educate travelers on a specific location's positive and negative aspects.

Product Review Channels

Did you know that 79% of people prefer watching videos to reading about products? With product reviews, people get to:

  • get a good look at the item
  • see how an actual customer feels about it
  • learn more about its specs and features
  • discover its pros and cons

So if you’re running out of ideas for your YouTube channel, consider this one. Most people head straight to the platform to watch unboxing videos, first impressions, in-store experiences, etc.

Reaction Video Channels

Many content creators simply film themselves reacting to a viral video—be it a live performance, comedic skit, or a sad commercial. And people love it!

There’s something about watching someone’s genuine and spontaneous reaction that’s so satisfying and entertaining. That pretty much explains the rise of such content. Literally, anyone can do it, that’s why we crown it as the “best type of YouTube channel to start.”

No Life Shaq is a perfect example of a success story—he now has 3.75 million subscribers just by being “a guy who makes videos and talks trash.” The Normies, with 675k subscribers, is another great reaction channel that takes on TV shows, movies, anime, vlogs, etc.

Political Commentary/Satire Channels

If you like talking about politics, then you certainly won’t run out of YouTube channel topics. You could:

  • share your thoughts about specific policies
  • react to news or speeches
  • address problematic and unjust situations
  • raise social awareness in general

You could take a more news-oriented approach, like Secular Talk, which does political commentary from the populist left perspective. They also do satire/debunking videos on the side.

The Young Turks is another excellent example. They talk about politics with a bit of entertainment, sports, and pop culture. Originally a radio talk show, TYT now has five million subscribers.

Yoga Channels

Yoga is among the most popular YouTube channel themes now that at-home exercises are a thing.

The truth is that many people aren’t ready to take an in-person class right away. So they turn to YouTube Yoga to achieve that body harmony. It’s free, and they can do it conveniently within their living spaces!

Yoga With Adriene is just one of the many channels that took off. Her 11.2 million subscribers benefit from her series of helpful videos, such as:

  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Foundations of Yoga
  • Under 10 Minute Yoga Practices
  • 30-Day Yoga Journey

And more!

Fashion Channels

Into fashion? 

You’ll be surprised by the number of people looking for style inspiration. Outfit ideas, clothing hauls, and designer collaborations are some of the most popular YouTube topics today!

Song of Style, one of the OG fashion vloggers, is famous for her stylish outfits and journeys to major fashion events. She also sprinkles some DIY and interior design into her content that her 365k subscribers love to see.

Tim Dessaint is another channel to look at. He gives great fashion advice, styling tips, and snappy outfit videos for the lads.

Movie Review Channels

If you’re a movie buff, consider this the best category for a YouTube channel. People are always on the search for reviews and discussions about a film they’ve recently watched. Your content might just be the one they’re looking for!

Movie reviews are also a great way for viewers to know whether a film is worth the ticket or not. You could be like CinemaSins, enlightening nine million spectators that no movie is without sin.

From the acting and screenplay to the cinematography, you can discuss your critiques in greater detail.

Gaming Channels

Gaming isn’t just for kids. It’s for everyone regardless of age, gender, or background. With such a massive following, it’s undoubtedly among the best YouTube channel ideas to start your content journey.

For instance, you could emulate Markiplier’s style. In this case, you can document your playthroughs with straightforward, unfiltered, and larger-than-life commentary.

If you’d like to be more interactive, be like VanossGaming and play with other gamers. Apart from the actual playthrough, it’s the in-game chats and jokes that viewers find entertaining.

Tutorial Channels

93% of millennials go to YouTube to learn how to do something. 

That’s just one reason why tutorials are among the most successful YouTube channel ideas!

So if you’re good at something, start making videos of yourself teaching people how to perform or perfect it.

Here are some popular tutorial topics:

  • makeup
  • games
  • gadgets
  • software and applications
  • academics

Common Sense Education, for example, teaches students and mentors how to use technology to make learning more engaging.

You don’t need fancy equipment to create such videos, too. All you need is your skills, which is why they are the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners.

Beauty Routine Channels

If you know your way around skincare, an army of viewers is waiting to see your routine. Hyram, a skincare specialist, now has 4.5 million subscribers. That’s how in-demand beauty channels are these days.

If that’s your tribe, then here are some good topics for your YouTube channel

  • skincare tips and tricks
  • product reviews and recommendations
  • makeup advice
  • expert opinion on different skin types

Anything beauty-related is well-received in this category!

Wrap Up

Over 2 billion people use YouTube—about one-third of all internet users!

No wonder more and more people are transforming into content creators. 

With the different types of YouTube channels we’ve presented above, it’ll be easier for you to find one that fits your skills and interests.

Feel free to use them as inspiration to launch your vlogging adventure! Or just find your own niche and style—YouTube provides enough space for everybody!


What topics are most popular on YouTube?

The most popular YouTube topics are:

  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education

What are the most profitable YouTube topics?

Based on viewership and sponsorships, these channels typically make the most money:

  • Tech videos
  • Product reviews
  • Gaming playthroughs
  • Tutorials
  • Fashion and style tips
  • Travel vlogs 

What kind of YouTube channel should I start?

Beginners usually go with these YouTube channel ideas:

  • Reaction videos
  • Tutorials 
  • Gaming videos 
  • Travel vlogs

They are relatively easier to produce since they don’t require that many resources or expensive equipment.


Nero Peña

Nero Peña

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