Adobe Announces Major Photoshop Updates


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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US software giant Adobe has released new features to boost its Photoshop app, the company has said. The improvements are part of Adobe’s push to enhance the app’s iPad version. 

“Highly Requested” Features 

Adobe announced in a blog post on August 17, 2021, that it had released new features for its Photoshop app. Most notably, the improvements include the app’s Healing Brush capabilities on the iPad as on the desktop. The company has further added the Magic Wand tool which it dubbed “a highly requested Photoshop feature”. 

Adobe went on to explain that the Magic Wand is useful for:

  • Quickly extracting objects from a flat background,
  • Selecting an irregularly shaped area, or a distinctly colored element.

This particular Adobe Photoshop feature had previously been missing from the iPad version since 2019 when the software firm first launched the app for Apple’s tablet. 

It’s not just Photoshop for iPad that gets the revamp this time around, however. Adobe further announced Sky Replacement enhancements, among other improvements for the desktop version, giving users the option to import up to 5,000 skies at once. 

iPad Push 

Adobe’s latest updates come after in June 2021, the company released custom brushes in Photoshop on iPad. The improvements are part of Adobe’s push to bring Photoshop for iPad closer to the desktop version amid competition with other graphic design platforms




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