Alphabet Has Invested $1.5 Billion into Blockchain Since September

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Aug 17, 2022


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The tech giant tops the list of companies with stakes in the industry

Alphabet Backing Blockchain

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, owns the heaviest investment in the blockchain industry of any other firm, according to a report by Blockdata. 

The report analyzed the funding in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space from September to mid-June 2022. It found that forty corporations invested in the industry during that period. 

Of those, Alphabet top the rankings with a $1.5 billion stake. The company backed four firms, including: 

  • Digital asset custody platform Fireblocks
  • Blockchain gaming company Dapper Labs
  • Bitcoin infrastructure provider Voltage
  • Digital Currency Group, a digital currency venture capital company

According to CoinTelegraph, it invested just over $600 million in around 17 blockchain companies last year. That figure seems to have more than doubled as the global corporation focused on fewer fronts. 

Other Heavy Investors

Blockdata’s report shows that the 40 companies poured approximately $6 billion into blockchain startups during that period. 

Samsung was the most active of the lot, staking $979 million in 13 companies. UOB and Citigroup follow with seven and six investments, respectively.

After Alphabet, the heaviest investors in blockchain are Blackrock ($1.171 million), Morgan Stanley ($1.10 million), Samsung ($979 million), and Goldman Sachs ($698 million).



Daniel Attoe

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