Amazon Unveils New Gadgets

Teodora Dobrilova
Teodora Dobrilova

Updated · Aug 26, 2022


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On Tuesday, Amazon held an event and introduced a lot of new tech.


Astro is a Wall-E look-a-like robot. It uses advanced technology to navigate around a flat to check on rooms, people, etc. For those purposes, it has a periscope camera.

Thanks to Alexa, the robot can take calls, send messages, set alarms, etc. It’s also meant to help the elderly, but it cannot replace a medical alert system.

It will ship later this year, at a starting price of $999 for “Day One” users. The set price will be $1,449.

Echo Show 15

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets Echo Show 15(Image Credits: Amazon)

The newest addition to the Echo Show family has a 15-inch screen and doubles as a digital picture frame. 

It uses facial recognition technology to offer people custom-tailored content. Its customizable home screen can be used to control the Alexa system.

Users can also integrate it with the most popular video streaming platforms and even TikTok.

The price is $250.

Smart Thermostat

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets Smart Thermostat(Image Credits: Amazon)

The device is a collaboration with Honeywell and will cost $60.

It works with Alexa and has a “Hunch” feature, which means it can adjust the temperature accordingly. For example, lower it, if there is no one in the house.

The thermostat will be compatible with most24V HVAC systems.

Amazon Glow

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets Amazon Glow(Image Credits: Amazon)

Amazon Glow is a mix between a tablet and an interactive projector. It’s mostly aimed at kids.

Via an 8″ screen, children can connect with family members. The projector can create a touch-sensitive space in front of the display. That way, all of the people in the call can interact with the game.

Amazon will be collaborating with big names like Disney and Nickelodeon for the games.

Initially, the price will be $250, but that’s only for “early access” users. The set price is $299.

Halo View

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets Halo View(Image Credits: Amazon)

Amazon is also entering the smart wristband market, with its own take - the Halo View. 

The design is pretty similar to Fitbit’s. The device itself is waterproof, boasts a one-week battery, and tracks sleep, blood oxygen, and workouts.

Amazon will also launch complementary services - Halo Fitness, a new for interactive video workouts, and Halo Nutrition, a meal planner.

Halo View will cost $80. 

Ring Security Systems

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets Ring Security systems(Image Credits: Ring)

Ring introduced its take on a modern home security system.

First, we have the Always Home Cam. This is not your typical camera, because it flies around the house, while everyone is away.

The drone can be set to follow certain routes, set by the owner. It can’t, however, be manually flown and it only records once it’s in the air.

It will start shipping this year. The price is $249.

The Virtual Security Guard is a monitoring service, that reacts to various factors. It can trigger alarms, call emergency services, or tune into the live feed to communicate with people.

It costs $99 per month.

Amazon Unveils New Gadgets blink upgrades(Image Credits: Amazon)

Blink is Ring’s more affordable cousin. Amazon will now include a smart doorbell with video options and two-year battery life, a floodlight for its outdoor security camera, and a solar panel.

The prices are $50, $40, and again $50 respectively.


Teodora Dobrilova

Teodora Dobrilova

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