Apple Loses Bid to Dismiss Cydia Developer’s Antitrust Lawsuit

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · May 31, 2022


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A district judge in California gave the company 21 days to respond to Cydia’s amended complaint.

Case Will Go On

Apple has failed in its attempt to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by competing store Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman. It is a popular tool that works as an alternative App Store for jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

Oakland California district Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed Apple’s claims that Cydia’s allegations were “time-barred”.

Early in 2020, Freeman hit the Big Tech company with an antitrust lawsuit. It alleged that it “wrongfully acquired and maintained monopoly power” with regard to the distribution of iOS apps and their payment systems. He claimed that Apple’s monopoly rendered third-party developers incapable of competing with the official App Store. 

Judge Rodgers turned down that case due to the statute of limitations for such cases. However, she allowed Cydia to file a new one, submitted in January. It tanked Apple for “more aggressive” policies that barred secondary app stores.

Despite the iPhone maker’s arguments, Judge Rodgers ruled that “to the extent plaintiff’s claims rely on Apple’s technological updates to exclude Cydia from being able to operate altogether, those claims are timely”.

Epic vs Apple

Rogers is the same judge who made a ruling in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple. In 2020, the Fortnite developer sued the tech company for the game’s removal from the App Store. Apple claimed that the metaverse-esque game used a payment system that deprived it of the 30% commission it got from in-app purchases.

The ensuing legal battle led to a crescendo when Rogers issued a permanent injunction in the case. She ruled that Apple can no longer restrict app developers from making third-party payment solutions available.



Daniel Attoe

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