Apple Wants to Put On Hold Court Orders

Teodora Dobrilova
Teodora Dobrilova

Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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On Friday, Apple tried to appeal the court’s ruling amid its legal dispute with Epic Games.

Postponing the Changes

The court declared that Apple must let developers add buttons, links, etc. about alternative payment methods within their apps. That comes after Fortnite launched in-app payment system to avoid Apple’s 30% commission on in-app purchases. 

The maker of the mobile phone game - Epic Games, sued Apple for maintaining a monopoly. In response, the tech giant banned Fortnite from the Apple Store

Apple, however, wants to postpone the changes to the App Store, ruled by US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. Apparently, the ruling could harm both the company and its customers. It asked to continue its business as usual, during the appeal.

According to the filing: "The requested stay will allow Apple to protect consumers and safeguard its platform while the company works through the complex and rapidly evolving legal, technological, economic issues." 

Loosening the Rules

Recently, Apple has agreed to allow more freedom in communication between developers and users. This is part of the settlements with Japan's antitrust regulator and other developers, that are suing the company.

Apple is trying to maneuver between its desire to keep collecting commissions and the court’s rule. It is seeking a hearing with the US District Judge at the beginning of November. Epic’s hearing is due on the 12th of December.

The company said it has already begun discussing solutions that both satisfy Gonzalez Rogers' request for consumers to be more informed and its desires to keep them protected from scams and continue collecting commissions.

Up until then, Fortnite won’t be available on the app store.


Teodora Dobrilova

Teodora Dobrilova

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