Audi and Verizon Partner to Bring 5G to Car Lineup

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 02, 2022


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The automaker’s collaboration with Verizon will add 5G connectivity to select models starting from 2024.

Audi x Verizon Team Up

Audi became the latest carmaker to offer 5G connectivity in its vehicle lineup starting from 2024.  Both companies unveiled on Tuesday a team-up with Verizon to bring the technology to select models in the lineup.

“The collaboration brings embedded 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity into Audi vehicles and provides the speed and telecommunication architecture necessary for highly personalized and augmented mobile services, new driver-assistance features, and connectivity-enabled innovations for the automated future of driving,” disclosed the statement.

Audi of America aims to be among the first automakers to deploy the technology in vehicles. The company recalled that it was the first to bring in both in-vehicle Wi-Fi and 4G LTE in the United States.

5G deployment in the US has been rife with glitches and issues so far. It has been underlined by the FAA’s disagreement with Verizon and AT&T on its effects on airplanes.

What to Expect From 2024

5G is one of the major tech trends driving innovations in this era. Audi owners can expect access to much higher speeds and quality for streaming and downloads. 

Verizon promises other features like:

  • Vehicles will receive firmware and software upgrades OTA
  • HD/3D mapping and video enhancements for infotainment and navigation systems
  • Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology

The latter is a cellular Internet-of-Things (IoT) standard. It will allow vehicles to communicate with the ones and the infrastructure around them. 



Daniel Attoe

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