British Army Confirms Twitter and YouTube Accounts Hacked in Cyberattack

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Jul 04, 2022


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The Army says it has launched an investigation after cryptocurrency, NFT, and Elon Musk media appeared on its official pages.

Investigations Underway

The British Army has confirmed that its official YouTube and Twitter pages fell victim to hackers over the weekend. While the accounts are now restored, officials say a probe is underway to reveal those behind the cyberattack.

On Sunday afternoon, followers noticed that the military body’s Twitter account had the name “BAPESCAN” instead of its usual username. The profile picture was also changed to a cartoonish ape in clown-like make-up. 

Furthermore, the account went on to promote a fake mint of The Possessed, an NFT collection. It posted a phishing link that could potentially drain funds from the wallets of crypto users who clicked it. Tom Watson, a co-creator of the collection, denounced the link for being fake and urged users to report the account. 

Soon, the page returned to its proper name, profile picture, and description. Still, the retweets of shady NFT posts persisted until around 8:30 pm British Time. 

Over on YouTube, the Army’s channel underwent a complete rebrand to resemble that of investment firm Ark Invest. Livestreams showing supposed interviews with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk soon racked up thousands of views.

However, the videos were a front for the scammers to present QR codes to viewers, with offers of doubling received cryptocurrency. 

Late Sunday evening, the Ministry of Defence said it was aware of the breach and confirmed an immediate investigation. 

Last month, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosed that more than $1 billion was lost to crypto scammers since 2021. According to the agency, most of the victims fell for scams posted on social media platforms. 




Daniel Attoe

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