Coinbase to Discontinue Coinbase Pro Later This Year

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Jun 23, 2022


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The platform means to consolidate its trading services in one place, it disclosed on Wednesday.

Coinbase will phase out its Coinbase Pro service. The cryptocurrency exchange would discontinue the trader-focused offering by the end of the year. Read More!

Pro Sunset

Coinbase has announced that it will phase out its more advanced service Coinbase Pro. The cryptocurrency exchange announced that it would discontinue the trader-focused offering by the end of the year. 

Instead, an alternative called Advanced Trade will take its place within the central platform. 

“Later this year, we’ll begin sunsetting Coinbase Pro to migrate all advanced trading into one unified Coinbase account, bringing customers access to popular features like staking, Borrow, dapp wallet, and Coinbase Card from a single platform balance,” the company said in a blog post.

Coinbase Pro launched in 2018. It provides a means for more technically advanced crypto traders to analyze and place trades. These users get lower fees and interact directly with the Coinbase Exchange order book.

The crypto exchange has not set any specific date to bring the curtain down on Coinbase Pro.

What to Expect?

The newer Advanced Trade provides all the features that users could access on Coinbase Pro but is upgraded with extras. It is already available globally on the app and website.

“Advanced Trade offers more in-depth technical analysis, advanced real-time order books, and charting powered by TradingView to help customers research and analyze crypto markets before making investment decisions,” the company said.

What’s more, it will mirror the volume-based fees on the discontinued platform.


Daniel Attoe

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