Development of a Decentralized Internet Underway to Give You More Data Control

Can you imagine a world where you can share a photo with family and friends without first uploading it on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook? 

Well, that will be your reality soon, once the Blockstack development is complete. It will run on the open-source blockchain network that will use a self-governing community to give you net neutrality.

That means that Internet users will have more control of their data since they will run it on their browsers. In other words, they will own every single text, video, file, or image they input on network sites.

The decentralized apps will run locally, giving big corporations like Google or Microsoft a run for their money regarding data storage and management. 

Here’s how it will work:

You will get a digital key that will create a profile on the new internet platform. From there, you will either link to a hosting company of your choice or store your data locally. 

That will limit the chances of misuse, selling, unethical monitoring, and recording your personal information. 

In addition, it will support cryptocurrency use. Charging for downloads or subscriptions will also be peer-to-peer, which will bring costs down.

As you may know, there are billions of data breaches every year. The system will encrypt everything that you share. 

As good as it sounds, the technology might have a few hitches, such as misuse for unlawful purposes – think human trafficking or selling of drugs. Also, too many solutions might crop up, making it hard to gather users on one platform to communicate.

We can only hope that the development team finds workable solutions for the above issues. 

In the meantime, if you don’t want big corporations, the government, or central authorities, monitoring everything that you do on the Internet, you can use a VPN. That way, you’ll have leak protection, kill switch, white list options, etc. to keep your data secured. 


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