Dragon Ball Coming to Fortnite

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Aug 15, 2022


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Epic Games has confirmed the popular anime franchise is arriving in Fortnite on August 16th.

Goku May Be Getting a Gun

The endless cavalcade of Fortnite crossovers continues as a handful of characters from the beloved Dragon Ball will find themselves in the game’s item shop.

With numerous heroes and villains from other franchises already appearing in the popular battle royale game, Dragon Ball fans have long awaited to see their favorite characters arrive as well. In less than a week, players may be able to have Goku land at Tilted Towers or strap Vegeta with a Chug Cannon.

However, which characters and items from the series will appear in the game is still unclear. 

The Fortnite Twitter account only posted an image of Shenron, a magical being from Dragon Ball, with the “Speak. Name Your Wish.” tagline.

With Gohan and Piccolo taking center stage in the upcoming Dragon Ball: Super Hero animated movie, chances are the pair will be making an appearance.

As for whether they will be able to use the Kamehameha Wave or summon the dragon, players are still completely in the dark.

Millions in Revenue

The game’s franchise crossovers have proven to be a real money-making machine. 

Fortnite was already one of the top earners among free-to-play games when it first arrived on the scene, having initially made its creators $2.4 billion. Including skins from well-known franchises such as MCU and Star Wars in its item shop helped it increase revenue even more.

Epic Games said the game had made $50 million with a set of NFL skins alone. The craze of getting all the jerseys overshadowed the absence of real-life football players.

With the inclusion of fictional characters, celebrities, and in-game live concerts, Fortnite is slowly reaching its metaverse status.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

Dejan Cvetnarevic

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