DuckDuckGo Will Now Help You Block Trackers


Updated · Aug 26, 2022


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While browsing different websites, you must have come across cookies. These track your web usage to help tailor the most suitable ads for you. 

Federated Learning of Cohorts (FloC) by Google acts more anonymously on Chrome, therefore avoiding cookies. It uses artificial intelligence to create an algorithm either from the content or URLs of the sites you visit.  

Instead of tracking you as an individual, it puts you in a group or cohort with users with the same interests. It also places the information on the browser and only exposes the cohort. 

Sounds hunky-dory. 

That could, however, expose a user’s sensitive information. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also agrees that FloC is a significant threat to privacy. So, in that case, the technology ends up making users jump from the frying pan into the fire. 

So what do we do? Stop using Chrome?

Absolutely not.

The browser is one of the most feature-rich search tools out there. It’s compatible across different platforms and has an extensive list of add-ons.  

Thankfully, DuckDuckGo has come up with a solution to protect users from monitoring and tracking. It blocks FloC’s activity automatically and also auto-updates to ensure that you’re always safe.   

The tool will let you block trackers and use Smarter Encryptions. It will also allow you to search privately or use Global Privacy Control. 

Of course, you can protect yourself, too. One way is by using a VPN to surf anonymously. 

Another is to get a good antivirus software to help you detect threats in real-time. It will also keep your confidential information away from prying eyes. 




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