8 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Download

Quick Heal recently found the Joker spyware in eight Android applications. Google has since pulled out the problematic software.

How Joker Trojan Affects Users 

The malware is present in scanning, messaging, and wallpaper applications and affects Android devices.

It steals data and subscribes unsuspecting users to premium packages without their authorization. It also downloads different malicious payloads without the owners’ permission. 

Affected apps include:

  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Travel Wallpapers
  • Element Scanner
  • Auxiliary Message
  • Super SMS
  • Super Message
  • Free CamScanner
  • Go Messages

Going Forward

Although the apps are no longer available on Google Play Store, they can be downloaded from other places. Quick Heal offers helpful information for the affected parties on its website

The malware’s victims should uninstall the programs in question. They should also avoid clicking on links they find on social media or receive through text messages or email. In addition, they are advised to check for oddities such as misspelled words or grammatical errors in descriptions.  

Cybercrime has gone up by 400%. Luckily, the market has lots of antivirus software for an extra layer of security.


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