Eufy Claims That a Software “Bug” Caused a Privacy Breach

There’s a cyberattack somewhere in the world every 39 seconds. In March 2021 alone, cybercriminals tampered with 20+ million records. 

That’s scary, bearing in mind how interconnected we are in 2021. 

Attacks on home devices are becoming commonplace, the most recent one being the Eufy security camera hacking.

Imagine being able to view another user’s camera feeds instead of your own.

Bizzare, right?

That’s exactly what happened to Eufy users on 17th May 2021.

Clients began reporting unusual activity on their devices on Reddit. Eufy was allowing them access to other people’s private recorded and live videos and account information. 

The issue first started in New Zealand and Australia. Soon though, customers in Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and America started reporting it, too. 

Bryan Saxton, the company’s spokesperson, said the problem started at around 2 a.m. PT (5 a.m. ET) after a server upgrade. Eufy’s engineers began working on it as soon as they became aware of it – at 2.30 am, finalizing everything an hour later.

He also said it wasn’t widespread and only affected a few consumers without Apple’s Homekit setup. He further added that baby monitors, pet care products, alarm systems, and smart locks were safe. 

The company has advised users to:

  • Log out, then log in to their accounts
  • Disconnect and reconnect their cameras

Users feel like the organization is not being honest about what exactly transpired. They feel like the company might be hiding something. 

That’s one terrifying incident, but it doesn’t mean that we should do away with security cameras. They deter criminals, provide evidence of criminal activity, and help with benefits claims in theft or vandalism. 

So what can you do to protect yourself when using the devices?



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