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Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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In a June 22nd blog post, Facebook announced that it would be launching three new products.  The social media giant will add Instagram Visual Search, Shops Ads, and Shops on WhatsApp and Marketplace. 

Shaping Tomorrow’s Shopping Experiences

73% of shoppers agree that positive experiences are likely to influence their decision to make a purchase. Additionally, businesses that focus on improving client satisfaction get an 80% increase in revenue. 

FB’s move will provide more convenience through its fresh innovations. That will translate into more income for sellers.

More Shops for the Masses

“Shops” already has a traffic of about 300 million.

With this new feature, more brands will also display their Shops on WhatsApp in certain countries. Businesses in the United States will showcase products already on the Marketplace. That will help them reach the site’s user base of about 2.5 billion

In the future, Instagram Shops will have ratings and reviews to help clients make informed decisions.

Personalized Ads

Facebook is experimenting with curating products that are unique to a buyer. Therefore, ads will only be relevant to users’ preferences and habits, just like News Feeds. Select shoppers will also benefit from offers and promotions from time to time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)

In the coming months, shoppers will be able to immerse themselves in visual discovery tools on Instagram.

The introduction of AI will help them find suitable products or related ones by tapping on their images. In addition, brands will take advantage of API integrations from Perfect Corp and Modiface to assist customers in visualizing how they’ll look in them.

Additionally, potential buyers will discover products on IG by taking a photo using their phone camera then uploading it. Businesses will also include product catalogs in their advertisements using AR and display these depending on user interests.

Physical stores are slowly starting to reopen. Meanwhile, more consumers prefer to make purchases and try out goods online, not only on social media but also on other ecommerce platforms. Annual online sales in the US alone amount to $340 billion which shows great potential for ecommerce businesses




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