Facebook Is Now Meta

On Thursday, during Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major rebrand – Facebook’s parent company is now called Meta.

Enter the Metaverse

Facebook is a household name – currently, 71%o f Americans have accounts. 93% of businesses use the platform for marketing.

But the company behind it is now looking to broaden its horizons, by creating an online world.

The metaverse is an online world, which people will be able to enter via VR headsets. Users will be able to game, work, communicate, etc. entirely within the virtual realm.

As a way to mark the change of direction, Facebook – the company, not the platform – is changing its corporate name to Meta. The work is Greek and means “beyond”.

The individual social media platforms – Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. won’t be seeing the same changes soon, however.

In an open letter, Mark Zuckerberg explained: We’re now looking at and reporting on our business as two different segments: one for our family of apps and one for our work on future platforms. Our work on the metaverse is not just one of these segments. The metaverse encompasses both the social experiences and future technology. As we broaden our vision, it’s time for us to adopt a new brand. To reflect who we are and the future we hope to build, I’m proud to share that our company is now Meta.”

The company is also changing its logo. The infamous thumbs-up button is now replaced with a blue infinity symbol.

In addition, Meta is releasing new tools to prepare users for the metaverse. One of them is the Presence Platform, which will bring mixed reality experiences to Quest 2. Furthermore, the company will be investing $150-million in immersive learning for the new generation of creators.

The rebranding comes amid the whistleblower scandal.



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