Facebook to Extend Remote Working Options


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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In a June 9th, 2021 internal memo, the social media giant’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, said the company would give its staff a choice to work from home or on-site. They will also be able to split their time between the two. 


In 2020, Facebook allowed those in senior positions to work from home until the summer of 2021. They also had to have displayed high-performance levels recently to qualify. 

As from yesterday, entry-level employees will also be eligible so long as their jobs don’t require them to be at the office. Content reviewers that lookout for things like self-harming, bullying, or terrorist posts, for example, are ineligible. Hardware developers also won’t have the option for remote working.

Going Forward

The organization plans to open its United States offices in September, but only partially. Full office operations will resume in October. 

A Facebook spokesperson shared that in a few days, digital nomads will be able to work in other company locations internationally for 20 days. The organization is also working on allowing its staff to request permanent moves to work in seven European nations by 2022.

Why the Change?

Zuckerburg said that over time, the company has realized that staff can perform from anywhere and that remote working is scalable. He further stated that advancements in virtual reality and video software have also made this possible. 

Statistics show that remote working has been gaining momentum lately. Due to the pandemic, more leading companies have incorporated it.

For instance, Google is now allowing a hybrid model. Twitter has also let its staff permanently work from home. 

Time management and productivity apps have also been a tremendous help to remote workers. 




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