Fastly Fixes a Massive Outage


Updated · Aug 26, 2022


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He On 8th June 2021, at around 09:58 UTC, high-profile sites such as The Washington Post, Amazon, PayPal, CNN, etc. were inaccessible for about an hour. The issue spread across multiple continents such as Asia, Australia, Africa, the US, and the UK.

In a statement at  12:41 UTC Fastly, the hit US cloud service provider, notified its customers that the issue has been resolved.

What Happened?

A Fastly spokesman shared that a service configuration triggered the glitch across its Point of Service (POPs). POPs is the global server network that the company operates.

As more people began to notice that they couldn’t log into various sites, they began painting social media sites like Twitter with the “Internet Outage” hashtag. 

The Fastly Connection

Fastly runs an edge cloud that protects sites from Denial of Service Attacks (DOS). It also uses the Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology, to help web pages load faster.


Dell Technologies senior director Stephen Gilderdale warns that this isn’t the last Internet glitch the world will experience. Adam Smith, the Chartered Institute for IT software testing expert, points out that outages like Fastly’s are on the rise. They affect multiple sites. He advised businesses to enlist the services of multiple providers. 

Fastly, Cloudflare, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Azure are among the top CDN options




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