Finder Predicts Ethereum Will Reach $5,114 This Year

Teodora Dobrilova
Teodora Dobrilova

Updated · Feb 24, 2022


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On October 25, Finder made changes to its “Ethereum Price Predictions Report” - ETH is now expected to reach $5,114 by the end of 2021, and over $50K by 2030.

The Forecast

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain, that developers can use to build decentralized applications (dApps). Ether (ETH) is its native cryptocurrency. It currently sits at $4,228.89.

Finder is an independent comparison and information platform. It has published many panel forecasts and surveys about the growth of the crypto economy.

Recently, the platform updated its Ethereum report, which now shows that its cryptocurrency is expected to be $5,114 by the end of 2021. Furthermore, Finders’ panel predicts that the price will reach $15,364 per unit.

In addition, the experts believe that a single Ether might cost around $50,788 by the end of 2030.

As a result, a huge percent of said experts - 63% - claim that now is a good moment to invest in the currency.

On the other hand, some think that in 2022, alternative layer-1 (L1) networks will take 30% of ETH’s market share. 

Daniel Polotsky, Coinflip’s founder, speculates that ETH will only reach $4,500 this year. He does believe, however, that Ethereum might someday surpass Bitcoin (BTC), the leading crypto asset.

ETH has been taking over quietly. Just in Q4 of 2020, it marked one million daily transactions. More and more places are accepting the cryptocurrency, including casinos.


Teodora Dobrilova

Teodora Dobrilova

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