France Fights To Remove Wish From Search Engines and App Stores

French authorities have asked search engines and mobile app stores operating in France to remove Wish’s website and apps.

Misleading Customers

Last year, the French Directorate General for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) noticed that sellers could easily mislead customers on Wish. For example, some were displaying incorrect images, featuring the logos of famous brands.

So, the French administration decided to see if the items were safe. They bought 40 goods from the ecommerce platform, most of which were imported from China.

95% of the toys they got didn’t comply with European regulations, with almost half of them considered to be dangerous. In addition, 95% of the electronic goods were banned in Europe, with 90% of them being dangerous.

Moreover, 62% of the ordered jewelry also posed some sort of risk to customers.

Wish removed problematic items within 24 hours, as per the regulations.

France’s Ministry of the Economy, however, claims that: “In most cases, those products remain available under a different name, and sometimes even from the same seller. The company doesn’t keep any log related to transactions of non-compliant and dangerous products.”

As a result, in July, the French authorities asked Wish to comply with the European regulation on e-commerce and product safety. They even gave the platform a two-month notice to take action.

Blocking the Platform

Nowadays, France is using the changes in the European regulation to completely block unreliable apps and sites. It is asking search engines and app stores to hide Wish from their results. This might take some time to come into action, though.

The end goal is to shadowban Wish. It will still be available to users that already have the app on their phone, but others won’t be able to find it on Google or in the App and Play Stores.



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